Are Dual Subwoofers Worth It

Are Dual Subwoofers Worth It

You’ll still get more benefits by adding another subwoofer to your sound system. No matter if you are using a home theater system or a stereo setup, the additional subwoofer would prove useful and more importantly improve the overall bass performance. And so, are dual subwoofers worth it? We would say is a definite yes.

Let us share with you more information on why going for dual subwoofers is a good idea, and this is not just for home theater enthusiasts but also for audiophiles who want to enjoy high sound quality while listening to their favorite tunes.

Get Stereo Bass When Using Dual Subwoofers

Audiophiles who are using a 2.1 channel stereo sound system can further improve the bass quality by adding another powered sub and making it a 2.2 setup. This will help to provide more accurate stereo bass cues and adds realism to the music presentation. We highly suggest going with sealed cabinet subwoofers as they are made for music playbacks due to their agility and articulation. The faster bass response allows the sealed subs to keep pace with your speakers and also music of all genres.

Get Stereo Bass When Using Dual Subwoofers

Covering More Listening Positions with Optimal Bass Quality

You may have calibrated or found the sweet spot for your single subwoofer but that doesn’t mean it could deliver optimal bass quality to all the listening positions inside your room. Using a single subwoofer, you will notice certain areas have more pronounced bass outputs which may sound bloated. And some areas in your listening room where the bass sounds lighter or have less slam. The uneven bass performance will affect the listening experience of some of your guests or loved ones.

To ensure everyone in the listening room is getting similar bass quality and energy, setting up dual subwoofers and placing them at optimal positions will do the trick. You can go for more subwoofers if your room size is large so as to cover more listening positions and provide them with smoother frequency response.

It’s More Difficult to Localize

Using a single subwoofer, it is easier to localize and this may affect your listening experience negatively knowing where the deep bass responses are originating from. These bass frequencies should sound like they are coming from your speakers and not from your sub as it would break your immersion. Having dual subwoofers set up in your listening room will make it more difficult to detect and localize thus giving you a more immersive listening experience.

Higher Headroom

The dual subwoofers setup is great for listeners who crank up the volume and love higher bass output when watching their favorite action movies. By adding 1 more subwoofer, you will increase your sound system headroom, allowing you to push for more bass slams and impacts without worrying about overdriving them. This will also give you cleaner sounding bass frequencies with lesser distortion when listening at reference level.

Dual Subwoofers Have Higher Headroom

Can Be Budget Friendly

If you require a big and powerful subwoofer for your large room, this can be costly to own especially when you are having budget constraints. Getting two decent entry-level subwoofers might be more affordable and may be able to compete with a single large subwoofer. We do recommend getting entry-level subwoofers from reputable companies such as SVS, Rythmik Audio, HSU Research, etc. They specialize in making high-performance subs and are well regarded by both HT enthusiasts and audiophiles.

Can Be Space Efficient

This is ideal for listeners who want to integrate a subwoofer into smaller rooms. It may be easier to fit two smaller subwoofers than one single large subwoofer. A large subwoofer usually has a bulky cabinet that will stick out in your room like a sore thumb and might ruin your home decor aesthetics. It is easier to hide a more compact-sized subwoofer and to place them near your main speakers if you are using a stereo setup. You can choose a more visually pleasing finish such as piano gloss black to improve the aesthetic of the subwoofer.

More Presence and Feel

Having dual subwoofers would help widen the soundstage, and the even bass distribution would also provide a more realistic music presence. This makes listening to live concert playbacks more atmospheric as you can feel more of the energy. Watching horror movies would feel more intense as well.

More Presence and Feel with Dual Subwoofers

Easier to Calibrate

Even when it comes to calibration so as to optimize the sonic performance in a given room, dual subwoofers setup still has its advantages. With two subwoofers, it is easier to use room correction technology such as Audyssey to automatically equalize the LFE channel when compared to having a single sub.

To Conclude

Everyone has their own expectations when it comes to subwoofer performance and it will be wise to audition the potential subwoofers first before making the final decision. For home theater enthusiasts, you might want to check out our blog post about the best movies to test subwoofers with. If you are more into music playbacks then please take a look at our best songs to test subwoofers.

With so many benefits to gain, going with dual subwoofers is certainly a great idea. More is better for this case, and if you are a bass fanatic, you definitely wouldn’t mind the higher bass output and quality. Stereo purists who are using stand-mounters as their stereo speakers might want to consider adding subwoofers into the mix. You wouldn’t know you might like it as they enhance your music listening experience.

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