Best Amp for PMC Twenty5 22

Best Amp for PMC Twenty5 22

The PMC Twenty5 22 is no doubt one of the finest bookshelf speakers in its price range. It is highly praised by the critics as well as the users, so much so the company decided to release a newer version of this model.

Today we will stick to talking about the older model, PMC Twenty5 22, and find out which amp will best match this amazing pair of bookshelf speakers.

The Merits of PMC Twenty5 22

Like the rest of the speaker models in this series, it has a slanted cabinet design that makes the PMC Twenty5 22 look premium and unique. The Twenty5 22 does come with a hefty price tag though. For a stand-mounter, it has a very impressive frequency response, from 39Hz to 25kHz to be exact. This means the PMC Twenty5 22 can dig deeper into the bass extension than quite a number of bookshelf speakers.

They are not even bulky, the speaker cabinet looks just nice to be able to accommodate the 6.5″ (170mm) long-throw g-weave cone. The iconic ATL bass port takes up most of the bottom section of the PMC Twenty5 22 speaker front. It has a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms, a sensitivity of 89dB, and requires a recommended amplifier power of 30 Watts to 200 Watts. These specs show they are not hard-to-drive type of bookshelf speakers.

As the PMC Twenty5 22 starts singing, you will notice the bass performance is really incredible. The low-end delivery is tight and could dig out plenty of deep bass without overwhelming the higher frequencies. The bass reproduction has a nice weight for a bookshelf speaker too. As mentioned, the low end doesn’t cloud the upper registers leading to a high-resolution music presentation with pristine clarity.

The PMC Twenty5 22 plays out the music with enthusiasm, allowing the listeners to enjoy and feel the energy of their favorite songs. You will more than likely be tapping on your toes and forget about being analytical. Their speedy and energetic sonic performances may not be ideal for some listeners though. We have listed out the best amps that you can consider and match with your beloved PMC Twenty5 22 speakers. Please take a look at them below.

The Best Amplifiers for PMC Twenty5 22

The Cambridge Audio CXA 81 is an ideal choice for PMC Twenty5 22 speaker owners who don’t wish to spend too much on an amp. This may be an integrated amplifier with a more affordable price point than the PMC Twenty5 22 stand-mounters but like the speaker, the CXA 81 also has award-winning sonic performance for the money. Cambridge Audio CXA 81 is an enthusiastic performer as well, the bold music presentation will go well with the magnificent PMC Twenty5 22 bookshelf speakers.

Learn more about the Cambridge Audio CXA 81 at Amazon

For PMC Twenty5 22 speaker owners who prefer a more musically refined sonic performance then the Marantz PM-10 should be under your radar. This is one of the top amplifier models built with premium-quality audio components. Not to mention, the PM-10 amp has the power to fully drive the PMC Twenty5 22 stand-mounters without breaking a sweat. The added warmth provided by the Marantz PM-10 helps to make the music presentation sound fuller and warmer.

Learn more about the Marantz PM-10 amp at Amazon

The Yamaha A-S2200 will be one of the best amps to go with your PMC Twenty5 22 speakers if you prefer a more neutral approach to your music listening. The Twenty5 22 is an agile performer and has exceptional speed. With the Yamaha A-S2200 amp powering them, this will help provide a bit more clarity, providing the listeners with an even higher-resolution music presentation. Yamaha A-S2200 hardly adds its own sound signature and will try to stick as close to the source as possible.

Learn more about the Yamaha A-S2200 amp at Amazon

Still not keen on investing too much in an amp and prefer some warmth in your music-listening session? You might want to take a look at Marantz PM8006. This is an integrated amplifier with a modest price point and is well-loved by its owners. It is a clean-sounding amp with a touch of warmth, the refined music delivery helps to slow down the performance of the PMC Twenty5 22 by a little. At this price point and the performance you’ll be getting from the Marantz PM8006, do make it worth your while to audition it.

Learn more about the Marantz PM8006 at Amazon

The Parasound Hint 6 is one of the best amplifiers to match your PMC Twenty5 22. It is not the most affordable on this list, even so, the value you are getting is astronomical. Not only the Hint 6 has more than enough amplifier power to drive the PMC Twenty5 22 speakers, but it also comes with a plethora of features. For instance, an ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC, a Phono Stage, Home Theater Bypass, and more. Parasound Hint 6 is well received by discerning critics and will be a worthy amplifier for your PMC Twenty5 22.

Learn more about the Parasound Hint 6 at Amazon

The Music Fidelity M6SI is definitely one of the best amps to go with the PMC Twenty5 22 stand-mounters. This is an excellent amplifier to help create a more balanced music delivery without compromising the sound quality. It has a very low-noise background, giving its users a clean music presentation while revealing a massive amount of details at high clarity. The accuracy of the Music Fidelity M6SI will benefit the PMC Twenty5 22 speakers, providing you with a slightly more precise sonic delivery.

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In Conclusion

The amps shown here have their price points taken into consideration. You should work out a comfortable budget that you are willing to invest in an amplifier. From there, select the amps which fit your budget and arrange an audition together with your PMC Twenty5 22 bookshelf speakers. If you can, you might want to audition the amplifiers in your listening room for more accurate test results.

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