Best Headphones for FiiO X5

The FiiO X5 is a popular music player and has reached the 3rd generation, now it has more performance and features such as higher storage capacity, connectivities, etc. If you are already a fan of the FiiO X5, it is a no-brainer to get the Mark III version. The question is what headphones would be the best match for this amazing high-res music player.

To find out we must first learn more about the sonic characteristics of the FiiO X5 as well as its merits. With more information on the X5, we can then prepare and share with you a list of the best matching headphones which you can aim for.

Sonic Characteristics and Merits of FiiO X5

As mentioned before, the current FiiO X5s are now 3rd gen and it is integrated with two AKM AK4490EN 32-Bit D/A converters. It is also equipped with dual crystal oscillators so as to provide high-quality music playbacks. The FiiO X5 also provides amplification of up to 300mW under a 32 Ohm load which does limit our headphone choices. You probably should get a separate amplifier if you are planning to get difficult-to-drive headphones. It has dual headphone outputs where one is single-ended and the other is balanced.

Other notable features will be the wireless connection using either Bluetooth or WiFi. The long battery life allows us to play music via the FiiO X5 for up to 10 hours and can be fully charged quite quickly. The FiiO X5 Mark III has 32GB of internal storage and you can slot in up to two external micro SD cards. This FiiO high-res music player sure packs a lot of features and you are already getting your money’s worth. But the sound quality is still the most important aspect which we need to look at though.

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The FiiO X5 can surprisingly dish out a high amount of music details as long it is not overwhelmed by too bass-heavy soundtracks. The bass reproductions may get a bit bloated when being pushed too hard. Still, the overall bass performance ain’t bad and could deliver punchy low ends with impact. As the sound stage is decent in size, the musicians have just the right space and separation but it would be great if it were a bit more defined. The music delivery is also smooth and doesn’t sound harsh when pushed.

FiiO X5 has a neutral sonic characteristic and doesn’t sound analytical. It is not really warm either and can be really engaging partly thanks to the music player’s full-bodied sound reproductions. If you are looking for a DAP which is easy to listen to, the FiiO X5 is certainly an ideal choice for you. The midrange reproductions are rich, detailed, and smooth, At times, the low ends do slightly overshadow the mids. Overall, the vocals and musical instruments still sounded natural. Is easy to listen to the X5 3rd Gen crisp and clean music presentation, never needing to worry that the sound may get cringe.

It is capable of delivering a well-balanced music delivery and more importantly, the FiiO X5 is entertaining to listen to. The bass performance has the weight and impact if only it has a bit more control and agility though. FiiO X5 is the type of music player which you want to have to simply enjoy listening to your favorite tunes without being overly analytical or exaggerated. The features of the DAP do help to justify the price and with the number of accolades it has garnered through the years, the FiiO X5 is certainly one of the top choices to go for. Now all you need is a matching pair of headphones to go with your FiiO X5 and please check out the list below.

Best Headphones to Match FiiO X5

The Shure SRH840 is one of the best headphones to match with the FiiO X5. This is an ideal headphone for listeners who want to hear more details as it is designed to be used for professional monitoring. The subtle music details are clearer and the treble is slightly brighter too, giving you a higher clarity than before. Shure SRH840’s low-end performance is well-controlled and could produce clean bass frequencies which are good for the FiiO X5 music player. Furthermore, the SRH840 has an affordable price tag.

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The Sound Warrior SW-HP20 will be another good match with your FiiO X5 music player if you are still looking for headphones that could provide you with a more detailed and analytical music presentation. Like the FiiO X5, the SW-HP20 has a punchy bass performance and doesn’t sound bloated or loose. Another sonic characteristic to complement the X5 DAP will be the spacious soundstage of the headphones. The subtle nuances are clearly produced and you can hear them without straining your ears.

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The Shure SE215 will be an amazing pair of in-ear headphones to pair up with the FiiO X5 and provides slightly better noise isolation capabilities than the previously mentioned headphones. This makes them ideal for outdoor use as it helps to reduce environmental noises while you are listening to your favorite music. The well-balanced sound reproduction and tight bass control of the Shure SE215 will fit nicely with the FiiO X5. The music player’s engaging sound delivery will help to add more excitement to the overall sound reproduction.

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Jomo Audio Samba is an excellent choice for your FiiO X5 DAP, it is one of the top IEMs that money can buy. These are terrific in-ear monitors for listeners who want more neutral and detailed music presentations. The Jomo Audio Samba has a wide dynamic range and doesn’t sound clinical in the slightest even though it is a highly precise IEM. The balanced sound reproduction and its speed will be a welcome attribution, this also helps to give us a more agile and faster bass response. It is also closely priced to the FiiO X5 Mark III.

The Bowers & Wilkins P7 is an exceptional headphone choice for listeners who want to add warmth and a wider soundstage. The FiiO X5 helps to add a bit more punch to the bass responses and together they will provide you with a rich musical performance. They are also easy on the ears and don’t sound harsh no matter how you push them. You can listen to the Bowers & Wilkins P7 for hours on end without feeling fatigued. The P7 headphones have quite decent passive noise isolation capabilities which will be helpful for outdoor use.

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Are you looking for a pair of high-quality closed-back headphones without breaking the bank? If so, you definitely should check out Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. It will be a worthy match with your FiiO X5 and the headphone is very modestly priced too. This is a neutral-sounding headphone and it has a solid bass performance without sounding exaggerated. The balanced music delivery of the ATH-M50x is well suited for the FiiO X5 DAP sound signature. The midbass punch of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is tight and thumping as well.

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To Sum It Up

These headphones are some of the best on the market and if you prefer portability then you should go for the IEMs listed here. Before making any final decision, you might want to arrange an audition with the chosen headphones. This is to make sure the sound quality is what you are after when partnered up with your FiiO X5 music player. Do bring along your favorite high-res audio files for the audition too.

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