How to protect speakers from cats

How to protect speakers from cats

Do you have a pet cat at home? Do you have speakers at home too? If you say yes to both, then you must read this. Cats are very loving and adorable, they are most probably the best pet a family could have, but their perspectives on things are very different from ours. For instance, when they look at your speakers, they see a pair of scratch posts.

What to do in this situation, do you just allow your beloved pet to scratch your speakers? If not, how to protect speakers from cats? Just stay calm and listen, there are actually quite a few methods to protect your speakers. In this article, I will provide you with as many ways as possible. You will definitely find one that best suits you and so here goes.

A room for your home audio system

This room will be off-limits to your cat at all times, explain to your cat is nothing personal. So basically, you should close the door at all times and only open it when you need to go in or out of the room. If you do not have a spare room that you can use for your home audio system, fear not, because we have only just started.

Get a cat condo/tree

Sometimes to get approval from your spouses to have a dedicated music room can be rather difficult, after all, the room can be used for other purposes. Then why not invest in a cat condo or tree, I bet your spouse will be more willing to approve this than a dedicated music room. These cat furniture will not only provide a place for them to sleep and play but more importantly, a place for them to scratch. You can encourage them to scratch certain materials such as sisal rope, play with them there for at least a short period of time, entice your kitties to scratch the cat condo/tree. After a while, your pet cat should have already associated the cat condo as a scratching post instead of your speakers. Didn’t work? No worries, there’s still more.

Get a cat condo

More scratching posts

Don’t give your cat a reason to scratch your speakers, plant more scratching posts around the house, especially areas where they frequent the most. Place kitty toys around these new scratching posts, this will distract them away from your speakers, it will also entice them to hang around more at these scratching posts thus encouraging them to scratch the posts.

Speaker Grilles to be taken off

There is a high possibility that the speaker grilles are the ones that are attracting the wrath of your pet’s claw attacks. Removing these speaker grilles may help prevent your cat from scratching them and the speakers themselves. Of course, your tweeters and woofers will be exposed to the dangers of being damage by almost everyone else in the house. There is also a chance where the cat will ‘play’ with the speaker cones. You’ll need to monitor closely for a while to see if is worth the risk.

Special Adhesive Caps for your Cat Claws

This product is actually very popular on Amazon and highly rated by customers so I guess is most likely working very well. It is comfortable to wear and made of natural materials, most importantly, it doesn’t affect the normal expansion and contraction of your cat. The adhesive glue used is safe and non-toxic too. These cat nail caps are specially designed to protect your furniture and other surfaces from your cat scratches. Comes in 10 different colors too (Neat!).

It is available at Amazon – YMCCOOL 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

Protective Box Cover

This will require you to do a little DIY. You can make a protective box which you can cover your speakers when not in use. Do leave some space in between the covers and your speakers so that you wouldn’t damage the speakers when you are trying to cover them. The materials of the protective box are entirely up to you, could just be mesh or cardboard box material. The obvious flaw will be the aesthetic part, it will definitely ruin the interior design of your room by at least a little.

Protect the top of your speakers

It is wise to protect the top of your speakers too, as your cat may try to jump on top of them. During this process, their claws will likely be out and may scratch or dig into your speakers as they try to get a firm grip. You can place a decorative ornament or other types of decors that could deter the cats from jumping on top of the speakers and won’t get topple over easily.

Protect the top of your speakers from your pet cat

Try spraying your cat

This method is to spray your cat with water whenever they are going to scratch your speakers. Which hopefully they will remember not to scratch your speakers so to avoid getting sprayed by water. You can’t be protecting your speakers 24/7 so this may not be a viable option but is still worth a try.

Scratch Deterrent Spray

There is this product by ARISTOPET called No Scratch For Cats (250ml). It has this mild odor that smells okay for humans but cats will find it obnoxious. You can try spraying this near your speakers as this suppose to discourage your cat from scratching the treated area. Please don’t spray it onto your speakers as it might damage the surface. This solution may or may not work though.

Try scolding your cat

This may sound weird but you can try scolding your cat whenever they try to scratch your speakers or trying to jump on top of it. They may not understand our words but they can sense our emotions. Don’t be angry, just be stern, they will get the idea eventually, and stop treating your speakers as scratch posts.

Protect your speakers from your pet cat

Trim your cat nails

This not only helps to protect your speakers, but it will also protect your cat from tearing out their nails by accident. It will be a great routine to trim your cat nails.

ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat

Hopefully, you will never need to use this, unless is your last resort. If you are desperate and really need a solution, you can try using ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat. How it works is that you lay ScatMat training mats at areas that are off-limits or to be avoided. When your pets step on the ScatMat, they will receive a static correction which is still safe for them. It is battery operated so you can lay them anywhere in your home.

More information at Amazon – PetSafe ScatMat

To sum it up

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to prevent your expensive speakers from being scratched by your cat. You can combine some of these methods here to further increase your chance of success. If all else fails, you can either live with it or sell off your speakers and buy a headphone. You can easily keep your headphones in a safe place after use. No matter what happens to your speakers, your relationship with your pet cat should never be affected by it.

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