About The 7.2 Surround Sound Systems

About The 7.2 Surround Sound Systems

To have a movie theatre-like experience within the walls of one’s home is everyone’s dream. This can easily be attained with a high-quality surround sound system. By having one of the best surround systems the user can get to have the experience of sitting in a movie theatre and feel like he or she is part of the movie itself. This feeling cannot be felt in any other sound system. This can be done with the right set of audio components. By having the perfect surround sound system one gets to convert the dream of having ground-shaking audio into a reality. 

There are various surround systems among which the 7.2 surround sound setup will be able to provide an entertaining experience. There are various brands that possess this sound system. Let’s look into the most familiar and popular brands which have an excellent home theater 7.2 speaker system.


To get a cinema worth experience in your home, Dolby is a perfect choice. It gives the home entertainment system and upgrades to the theatre like system. With the DTS sound, one gets to experience all kinds of surround sound like the one we get to have in the cinema theatres. Combined with the DTS X support and the STR-DH790 7.2ch AV receiver, there is superior quality in the result. The picture quality is also mind-blowing which makes it worth it. The Dolby Atmos will be able to give breath-taking realism.


This is possible with 360-degree surround sound. It can all be attained with the right positioning of the sound system at the right angle of your house. In the end, one gets to have rich audio which will completely envelop the listener. The sound which is obtained in the end will be life-like which is possible with the DTS X. The DTS x is able to deliver a multi-dimensional surround system. This can be adapted according to the speaker configuration on a real-time basis. The sound will be positioned exactly above and around the listener. This is possible with the help of object-based audio decoding.

Since the STR-DH790 is quite flexible it adapts to any house no matter what setup or space the house has. It will adapt to the speakers and will deliver stunning results. The 7.2 surround sound speakers will make the audience immerse in the sound by giving the lifelike audio from every possible angle including the top angle. The ultimate big screen experience can be got with the7.2 channel surround speaker system. This will close any kind of gap in the sound space, even in the spacious rooms.

In case the user has small rooms, then the S-Force PRO Front can be used as it will deliver the virtual surround acoustic field. This is produced with only two speakers. One can achieve superior audio with advanced D.C.A.C. This is the right choice if you are having different sets of speakers. The seamless auto-calibration technology will help in delivering high-quality sound which will be the same throughout. With the help of the Automatic Phase Matching the speakers in the front, left and right channels will be aligned perfectly. This will lead to an effective sound experience.

One can get high-resolution pictures with a high dynamic range. There are various options to bring the right fit of contrast and brightness. This is in addition to the shadow details and highlights which help in enhancing the picture on a further note. The 4K quality is surprisingly maintained well from the source to the screen. This also allows the signal to pass through the receiver even without compromising the image quality.

There is the option for Bluetooth connectivity with the STR-DH790. But that is just the top of the cake. The real treat is that there is a smarter Bluetooth facility as the Bluetooth will go on a standby mode where the receiver can be paired straight from the Smartphone or tablet and it can be turned on directly. This will blend well with any existing home entertainment system. Since it comes in a thinner profile which is also packed with inputs and outputs, the only job for the user is to plug in and enjoy the movie experience. The sleek outlook will blend with any decor in your house.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing home entertainment set, then it is best to invest in a quality system. Before jumping to conclusions it is important to look into the various sets of home theatre systems and go with the one which will suit you the most. The right speakers are an essential ingredient for a good home theatre system. Going by that look into the benefits which are offered by the 7.2 surround sound and its alternatives.

The importance of the right number

When searching for a home theatre system the numbers are important. This means that the 5.2 or the 7.2 has its own benefits and limitations. But the number equivalent will let you know how many subwoofers and the speaker channels are present. In the case of the 5.1 system, there are the front right and the left speakers. There is the center channel as usual and in addition to that is the subwoofer with a pair of the surroundchannels.

5.2 Surround Sound

In the case of 7.1, all the surround speakers are categorized into 2 channels. This helps in achieving the surround as well as the rear with the help of one subwoofer. Looking into the 7.2, it has all the channels which the 7.1 offers with two subwoofers in addition to that. There might be the question popping up where if the additions mentioned are really necessary. When taking the television set into consideration, there is an internal speaker for it.  But this is nowhere equal to the quality which is got from the high-quality external system. 

These speakers add to the existing sound set up which is definitely better than what comes with the box. This is also one of the cheaper ways to get better sound quality. In the case of a soundbar, it will release sound into the room, keeping the TV as the center. But the bar will have certain limitations. One of which is the design itself. This is because certain designs will block the TV’s remote sensor. This will lead to discomfort while changing channels as there will not be any direct signal to the TV.

Also, the soundbar will not have a remote for itself. It will have to be programmed so as to receive commands from the remote which will come with the TV. This might be okay, but in reality, the performance is not that great. One other issue is the sound quality itself. The size of the soundbar will prevent the attachment of any kind of large drivers and enhanced amplifiers.  Since soundbars might not produce good sound quality this will be a problem in the future.

It will also not be able to produce the high-quality sound which a 7.2 surround system will produce. This might be because in the former case the sound comes from the front of the room while in the latter there are 7 channels to emit sound. The true surround sound can only be experienced with the 7.2 speakers. One reason is that the sound signal will be divided into seven channels here, which will make sure all the zones are represented properly.

While 5.2 and 7.2 have their own pros and cons the decision will rely on the space the user has. The former will be opting for the basic sound quality and the latter will deliver the true surround sound. For a perfect setup, it is better to go with the 7.2. But make sure you have enough space in your house to accommodate the extra channels. In a larger space, the extra channels will prove to be beneficial.

The need for two subwoofers

While the basic versions such as the 5.1 and the 7.1 have one single subwoofer, the question arises as to whether the additional subwoofers are really necessary. There are situations where the sound waves will not travel properly in all rooms. It will resonate with the sound waves which will originate in some other areas. It will further lead to a state where the bass will get louder and it will overtake the rest of the areas. In some cases, the bass will go low too. 

The right choice can be made with a few experiments. Once the right position in the house is spotted then the bass will be perfected to the room without any additions or dips in the sound. To avoid all this confusion the additional subwoofer is used. Pair of subwoofers will clear up this problem as the bass will be occurring from more than one place. It will make the sound quality better and it will remove all the issues relating to the sound. In the end, a better sound quality can be achieved. By going with the 7.2 surround speaker the sound quality received will increase in a large manner. This will reflect whether it is for the movie experience or for playing games.


What about Denon?

With a 7.2 receiver, this high-end audio-video receiver sound system keeps up with the degree of support for each audio channel as the number states.   In this case, the 7 represents the full frequency range audio channels which the 7.2 receivers will power. For the surround sound speaker configuration the seven channels will include the center, right, left, right surround, left surround, right rear surround, and the left rear surround.

This will help in giving the home theater experience better than the 5.1 channels where there are no separate channels for the rear surround speakers. For handling the low frequencies there are 2 specialized channels that are represented in 7.2. In the case of a large room, the 7.2 receivers will be much more effective than a 7.1. For having a state-of-art home theatre setup the 7.2 will be a perfect choice.

Sound Quality and Reliability

This 7.2 receiver is made in a way so as to deliver the best possible sound, whether it is for movies, games, or music. In this, the AVR-3313CI will use the circuits in order to deliver 125 watts of power. It will be transmitted to all seven frequency channels. This will be more than enough for a large room. The AVR-3313CI will be able to produce advanced sound support for all kinds of sound. In the premium version, there is the Audyssey MultEQ XT technology, which will customize the surround sound by itself in order to give the optimal result considering the shape and size of the room.

The Versatility

While going for the surround system set up one important factor to consider is the versatility of it. Looking into the AVR-3313CI, it is clearly versatile, making the centerpiece for all the other media devices. It supports all types of media devices, be it composite video, component video, analog audio, HDMI, S-video, and coaxial or optical digital audio. This will perfectly set into the house Ethernet network and will support the internet radio services also. The AVR-3313CI is also Android as well as Apple-friendly. There is a front-side USB connector along with the built-in-support for AirPlay and DLNA wireless streaming.

The Blu-Ray

While people liked the 6.1 and the 7.1 versions the BLU-RAY made things better with the existing set-up. In this, each speaker will get its own specific information, unlike the previous versions. This also indicates that the storage capacity is higher like no other. The much-fussed data compression and the space issues were avoided in the new version. The storage space was a bigger issue in the 7.1 which is now avoided thanks to the Blu-Ray discs. With all the additional benefits offered, the 7.2 surround speaker system has proved to be the most preferred choice now.

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