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When it comes to budget home theater setup, the Jamo S803 should be under your radar. It is a pair of highly-rated bookshelf speakers praised by hundreds of proud owners and one of the main reasons would be its price point.

As affordable as the Jamo S803 speakers are, you would still need a decent amp to drive them. Before we show you the list, let’s find out more about them.

About the Jamo S803 Bookshelf Speakers

The Jamo S803 has good-looking aesthetics even though it is priced as a budget stand-mounter. Furthermore, the bass port is located at the front of the cabinet which makes it easier to position them. For instance, placing them nearer to the walls will not result in bass reproduction getting too pronounced. The metal fasteners at the top of the cabinet enable you to seamlessly connect to the Jamo S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker. This is great for listeners who are planning to set up a Dolby Atmos HT system.

Its power handling is 80 Watts / 160 Watts with an impedance of 8 Ohms and the speaker sensitivity is 87dB. Based on these specs, we shouldn’t go for too low-powered amps. Jamo S803 is capable of digging down to 57Hz (+/-3dB) bass extension which is really impressive for a bookshelf speaker at this price and size. Even though the bass performance of the Jamo S803 is generous and can be punchy at times. Adding an active subwoofer to the mix is still a good idea. Not only a good sub can deliver the subterranean bass frequencies that the Jamo S803 speakers are unable to produce, but it also helps to take the load off the amplifier by taking over the bass department.

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Jamo S803 can sound too shrill at times, so we need to be cautious when matching them with bright-sounding amps. The stereo imaging is good for the money and details can be heard clearly excluding the really subtle ones. For a bookshelf speaker at this price point, it is really difficult to nitpick. All in all, the Jamo S803 are good speakers to be part of your home theater system especially if you have a decent subwoofer to supplement the bass. Below is a list of the best amplifiers to partner with your Jamo S803 speakers. Please take some time to consider each of them. It would be better if you worked out a budget first.

Best Amps for Jamo S803

The Denon AVR-X2800H is one of the best amps to match your Jamo S803 speakers. It is an AV receiver that can drive your Jamo bookshelf speakers with no issue. The AVR-X2800H also allows you to connect up to 2 active subwoofers. Its ability to deliver immersive 3D audio such as Dolby Atmos makes it an ideal choice for Jamo S803 since you can easily connect to a S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker. Denon AVR-X2800H helps to add a rounder midrange sound reproduction too.

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The Marantz Cinema 70S is not as powerful as the Denon AVR-X2800H but it is an excellent choice for Jamo S803 speaker users who prefer a warmer sound reproduction. Marantz Cinema 70S is an AV receiver that is still capable of driving the S803 stand-mounters, we do recommend connecting to at least 1 powered subwoofer though. Cinema 70S will help to ease the brightness of the Jamo S803 speakers and allow for an easier listen. It is also cool for Jamo S803 owners who like to listen to music rather often.

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Are you planning to set up a stereo sound system? Then you might want to take a look at the Denon PMA-900HNE. With the capability of dishing out 85 Watts per channel, this amp has no qualms in driving the Jamo S803 speakers. It has a subwoofer pre-out connection and this gives you the opportunity to create a full-range sound system just by connecting to a sub. There are a bunch of features that you will find useful since they are built for modern-day listeners such as being certified for High-Res Audio.

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The Marantz NR1200 will be another exceptional choice for Jamo S803 speaker owners who are planning to set up a 2-channel sound system. Furthermore, it has a lower price point than the Denon PMA-900HNE, great for listeners who have a tight budget. Marantz NR1200 the stereo receiver may be more affordable but it can still drive the Jamo S803 bookshelf speakers with no problems. All thanks to its 75 Watts per channel amplifier power. You can connect active subwoofers as well to make your stereo system sound more powerful.

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For Jamo S803 speaker users who have a really low budget and still want a surround sound setup. The Sony STRDH590 should be right at the top of your list. This is an affordable 5.2-channel AV receiver with tons of positive ratings. It does lack the latest 3D audio formats though so the Jamo S803’s ability to seamlessly integrate with the Jamo S 8 ATM is a bit redundant. We highly recommend connecting to a decent active subwoofer so as to help lessen the load of the Sony STRDH590 amp.

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If you are still in search of an affordable AV receiver, the Sony STR-DH790 is an excellent amp choice to partner with your Jamo S803. It is slightly more expensive than the Sony STRDH590 but gives you more for the price difference. Sony STR-DH790 is a 7.2 channel AVR capable of playing 3D audio formats like the Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. The bright treble and powerful bass delivery match well with the Jamo S803. It can be overly bright sounding for some listeners, and this applies to the Sony STRDH590 too.

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In Conclusion

When you have worked out the budget you are willing to invest in an amp, it would be easier to filter the list above. For those who are not clear whether they prefer a bright or warm-sounding system. It would be wise to give these amps a listen together with your Jamo S803 bookshelf speakers. Please feel free to use this list as a reference when searching for other amplifier brands/models.

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