Amp for Spendor D7

At first glance, you will think it is an ordinary floor-standing speaker but the Spendor D7 is far from ordinary. It is an award-winning speaker with exceptional sound quality and sonic prowess, where performance outweighs the importance of style and aesthetic visuals. Getting the right amp to pair with the Spendor D7 will be the key to making them sound their absolute best, and if you are currently in search of one then please continue to read on.

Without a matching amp, the Spendor D7 won’t be able to really sing and unleash their fullest potential. This is why finding out more about their strengths and the speakers’ sound characteristics are very important. As once you have a better understanding of the Spendor D7, you can even get the right amplifiers to fine-tune the sound quality to your liking.

Sound Characteristics and Strengths of Spendor D7

The design of the Spendor D7 speakers may look minimalistic and traditional but they have excellent build quality such as a well-braced speaker cabinet, little stuffing, etc., which significantly improves the overall sound quality. The classic look of the D7 loudspeaker does make it easier to blend into most homes and aesthetically match with most amplifiers. It also uses premium drive units, when removing the speaker grille, you will immediately spot the striking 1″ (25mm) polyamide-dome tweeter, followed by a 7″ (175mm) plastic-cone mid/woofer, and lastly a 7″ (175mm) Kevlar-reinforced cone woofer unit. There is also a bass port (Linear Flow port) located behind the speaker cabinet near the terminal which does make it look a little inconspicuous.

With all these amazing drivers and Spendor’s innovative Linear Flow port, the D7 is capable of producing a really deep bass extension, the frequency response of 29Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB) is really impressive for a floor-standing speaker of this size. It is more than likely the Spendor D7 speakers are self-sufficient on their own without the need of a subwoofer. Their speaker sensitivity is 90dB which is good and the nominal impedance is 8 Ohms (4.5 Ohms minimum). The power handling of the Spendor D7 is up to 200 Watts. It will be wise to get very high-powered amplifiers for them even though they are not very difficult to drive.

The Spendor D7 effortlessly produces a spacious and vast soundstage with highly defined stereo imaging. Musicians and vocalists are precisely placed, delivering a holographic performance. The soundstage goes beyond the boundary of the speakers and making them “disappear”. Spendor D7 provided us with a very detailed music presentation of our favorite tunes, where every nuance and subtlest musical detail can be heard with crystal clear audibility. They are capable of maintaining their composure and don’t get strained or muddle when the music passage gets really busy, confidently handling the most complex musical soundtracks with ease.

These floor-standing speakers can easily fill a large listening room and provide that musical presence, immersing ourselves into the sweet music sound field. The bass performance is immaculate with class-leading control, it punches when it needs to with such impact and scale. The rich low end is tight and agile, with very detailed basslines. The Spendor D7 clarity is astonishing as well and has a balanced sound, doesn’t go overly harsh even when driven at high volumes. This also helps the speakers to have impeccable pacing and timing where they deliver a faithful but yet engaging music presentation with plenty of precision.

The Spendor D7 are powerful speakers with refinement and have a bold articulated music presentation, due to the scale of the sound they can deliver. They are also very revealing and do not miss any details but never sounded clinical which is great. All in all, the Spendor D7 is definitely the top few finest floor-standing speakers in their price range and will perform amazingly for all music genres. They don’t really need a subwoofer to support them but for an exhilarating home cinematic experience, you might want to get one. We will now share with you the best amps to pair with the Spendor D7 speakers.

Spendor D7 Specifications

  • Speaker Type: 2.5-Way Bass-Reflex (Linear Flow port)
  • Drive Units: 1″ (25mm) polyamide-dome tweeter, 7″ (175mm) plastic-cone mid/woofer, 7″ (175mm) Kevlar-reinforced cone woofer unit
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 29Hz-20kHz
  • Power Handling: 200 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms (4.5 Ohms minimum)
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 90dB
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 965mm x 190mm x 317mm | 38″ x 7.5″ x 12.5″
  • Weight: 22kg (48lbs)

Best Amps to match with Spendor D7

The Spendor D7 goes really well with high-quality tube amplifiers, and the Jadis I50 is one of the very best to go for. It is a tube integrated amplifier with 50 Watt of Class A power per channel, delivering extremely high sound quality that audiophiles yearn for. The Jadis I50 bass performance is truly magnificent and powerful without compromising the sweet and clear highs, not to mention, the lush smooth midrange reproduction. The overall presentation is full of insights and is incredibly detailed. This combination simply delivers beautiful-sounding music. You should have a listen even if you are not planning to get one.

Best Amps to match with Spendor D7

The Hegel H190 will be another amazing integrated amplifier that is a terrific match for your Spendor D7 speakers. The H190 has the muscles to drive your Spendor D7 with impeccable timing and great control of the music delivery. The soundstage that this amp can muster is vast and expansive which the D7 speakers are also capable of. The sweet and smooth highs of the Hegel H190 helps to ease up the brightness of the Spendor D7 a little. Overall it is an integrated amp with neutral and balanced sonic characteristics, with class-leading control that deserves an audition with you.

Pass Labs amplifiers are very well-match with your Spendor D7 speakers, especially their Class A power amplifiers. The Pass Labs XA30.8 is a Class A stereo power amplifier that has the capability of producing a 3-dimensional musical performance of your favorite tunes via the Spendor D7. For the preamplifier section, if you have the budget, you should check out Pass Labs preamps but their prices are really on the high side. The Naim NAC 202 will be the next best preamp as it is within the price range of Spendor D7 speakers and has garnered plenty of stellar accolades over the years. It is definitely worthy of your considerations.

When it comes to Pure Class A power, Spendor D7 is one of the top speaker choices to go with them but it can be very pricey and this is where Sugden Audio A21SE comes into play. Don’t let their price fool you, the Sugden Audio A21SE performances are high-end and the illustrious pure class A power is the real deal. The preamplifier of A21SE provides greater clarity and clearer highs without adding brightness which is amazing for the neutral bright sounding Spendor D7 speakers. This Class A integrated amp has powerful bass reproduction which is taut and agile, along with its engaging dynamics and fantastic details, the Sugden Audio A21SE is truly amazing for the price.

The Arcam SA30 is one of the best amps to match with Spendor D7, it uses Class G amplification which provides you with the muscles to drive your speakers, producing a large-scale sound with smooth sounding quality. The rhythmic and bold music presentation does not compromise the details of the music source as every subtle note can be heard clearly. The low frequency has the impact and punches as well. Arcam SA30 is packed with features that are great for music streaming and high-res audio files playbacks. Furthermore, this amp also has MM/MC Phono input which is terrific if you have a turntable.

Arcam SA30 is amazing for Turntable

The Parasound Halo series preamp and power amp combo are an ideal choice, not to mention, they are affordable and the sonic performance you’ll get is really worth every penny. The Halo series has both musicality and muscles to drive the Spendor D7 speakers, delivering a wonderful music presentation with smooth and fuller sound quality. The Parasound Halo series A 23+ power amplifier is a good starting point. Other affordable tube amp choices will be from Rogue Audio and you might want to check out their Cronus Magnum III. If you are planning to get an external DAC that is well-match with Spendor D7 then you should check out Cyrus 8 DAC.

To Sum It Up

The Spendor D7 is capable of producing ample bass and can dig deep into the low-frequency extension, integrating a subwoofer into the mix is completely optional. We will advise auditioning the subwoofers thoroughly so as to not affect the sonic characteristics of D7 by too much. If the subwoofer is mainly used for watching movies then it wouldn’t be a big deal. The listed amps are some of the very best on the market and you should take your time to hear them out, see which amp you prefer, and shortlist them again. Do a final audition with the shortlisted amplifiers before making a decision.

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