Are Satellite Speakers Wireless

Are Satellite Speakers Wireless

If you are wondering when people say satellite speakers, do they mean wireless speakers? The answer is a yes and no as satellite speakers do have wired and wireless models. They are usually wired and require an AV receiver/power amplifier to drive them. For more information about wired satellite speakers, please check out our written article on our website: “Do Satellite Speakers have Wires?“.

So now we know satellite speakers do not mean wireless speakers, so what are they? They are speakers which are very compact in size and usually unable to reach deep into the bass extension. Satellite speakers tend to have a difficult time going below 100Hz, not to mention, that their bass reproductions are lacking weight and impact. This is why you will see most people integrating a subwoofer into their sound systems to help supplement the bass. High-quality satellite speakers may have limited bass performance but when it comes to the upper registers, they can do their job really well. There are also some which look absolutely stunning and unique. Below are 3 such satellite speakers and they will look amazing in most modern homes.

3 Stylish Looking Satellite Speakers

The Gallo Acoustics Micro SE is a stylishly sleek satellite speaker with a unique spherical cabinet design. It is literally round in shape and will look great in any sound system. Gallo Acoustics Micro SE’s full-range driver is only 3″ in size and you can already imagine how compact it is. The Micro SE round speakers could dig deeper into the bass extension if they are being placed up close to the walls. This makes them one of the best satellite speakers for rooms with limited space or as surround speakers that need to be wall-mounted.

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The KEF T101 Satellite Speakers look amazing as well. Unlike traditional speakers, they are flat and look really low profile. These make the T101 satellite speakers really versatile when aesthetically matching them to your rooms. As you can choose to place them on a desktop or mount them on walls or on the floor using the appropriate speaker stands. If you are looking for ultra-slim satellite speakers, the KEF T101 is certainly one of the better options out on the market. It even has a matching centre channel speaker.

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The Bowers & Wilkins M-1 is another stylish-looking satellite speaker which will look great in any modern living room. They have exceptional sonic performance for the price and based on the multiple awards they have won over the years, this further cement how good they sound. No matter how impressive the Bowers & Wilkins M-1 satellite speakers are, they will still need a matching subwoofer. We suggest going with the equally stylish and impressive B&W PV1D. This subwoofer matches both in terms of sound and style, and with it, your sound system is complete.

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What about Wireless Satellite Speakers

Wireless satellite speakers are usually designed with one or more specified sound systems in mind, usually from the same company. For instance, the Sony SA-RS3S is compatible with Sony HT-A5000 & HT-A7000 soundbars. Another example will be the Sonos One SL wireless speakers which are only compatible with other Sonos speakers and products made by the company.

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Some wireless satellite speakers are part of a home theater all-in-one system and can only be used with it. The Sony BDV-N5200W is one such HT system. It is a 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System with a pair of wireless rear satellite speakers. The JBL Bar 9.1 is a soundbar system that uses two detachable surround speakers. This is another example of wireless satellite speakers being part of a home theater system.

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One of the main advantages of using wireless satellite speakers will be how neat they are as there are no speaker cables lying around the place, making your room look messy. Their self-powered feature can be both pros and cons as you will need to remember to charge the battery or else risk having the wireless satellite speakers powering down halfway through your movies.

To Conclude

We hope that this blog post has answered your question regarding whether satellite speakers are wireless as well as given you a deeper insight about them. If you have the space and budget, you should go for larger speakers such as stand-mounters or floor-standers. They usually have better overall sound quality when compared to satellite speakers of a similar price range.

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