Audi Bose Sound System

When you buy an Audi, it is because you trust their commitment to excellence and the advanced technological features that come with the car, ultimately further improving your driving experience. Audi is not only a luxurious brand but a reliable one as well. It usually has few maintenance issues and with the high safety scores, you can drive this luxury brand automobile with peace of mind. Not to mention the sporty minimalistic design is elegant and visually appealing to many.

For such a premium car, you will definitely expect no less in the car audio department. You would want a sound system that can be on par in terms of branding, and as reliable as Audi. That produces high-quality sound performance, just like how an Audi will excel in driving performance. This is where Bose sound system comes into the picture, a brand name that most people will recognize and best known for its speakers and home audio systems. Is Bose the premium choice for your Audi? Let’s find out more.

Overview of Bose

Bose Corporation is a famous American brand with more than half a century of producing premium quality speakers, noise-canceling headphones, automobile sound systems, and more. It is doing exceptionally well as their FY2020 reported making US$3.6 billion in revenue. They have been aiming to provide the best audio quality to their customers since the day they have started the company. The way the speakers are designed is unconventional when compared to most speakers at that time.

In the 1970s, one of these unique speaker systems became a hit and it was a commercial success. This will be their legendary Bose 901 stereo speaker system, which consists of 2 floorstanders that have 9 drivers in each channel. The 901 speaker system also comes with a separate amplifier unit and the 901 Active Equalizer. It is so popular and successful that the Bose 901 was been made and sold from 1968 until 2016.

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They have Bose shops strategically located in many countries, providing top-notch customer service and showrooms which you can audition their audio systems. There aren’t many speaker brands that can do this, and this shows how successful they have become over the years.

Overview of Bose

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Bose Car Audio Systems

As we now know that Bose focuses on giving the best audio quality to their customers, by using their advanced technologies and features. What’s more important for you, is Bose understands how music can further improve your driving experience. To make it even better, they have developed technologies specifically in this area and some of them are:

Bose AudioPilot

There are always noises coming from the road whenever you are driving and these noises will likely disrupt your music listening experience. This is where AudioPilot comes into play, it will monitor any sustained background noise, and it will automatically adjust the music volume for you so that you can hear it better.

Bose SurroundStage

By using SurroundStage technology, it will greatly improve the immersions for every listener in the vehicle, you will be right in the center of the music, whether if you are at the driver’s or passengers’ seat. How it works is by using every car speaker optimally which in turn ensures everyone in the car will have a rich and immersive music experience.

Bose Centerpoint

This will convert your music which is usually recorded in stereo into multi-channel playback, thus immersing you in a surround sound experience.

Bose Car Audio Systems

Bose SoundTrue

Bose understands that more consumers are using their phones to stream music and these music files are usually compressed. With SoundTrue, it can enhance the sound quality of these music files, by improving the high frequencies and widens the soundstage as well. This enhancement will enable you to hear music closer to how the artist originally has intended.

Bose Advanced Staging Technology

If you listen to music that consists of various instruments including vocal, Advanced Staging Technology can bring it closer to you. It gives you a greater level of soundstage precision as it directs every musical detail (instruments, vocal, etc.) to its ideal location. Suitable for almost all types of music genres.

To sum it up

Bose is definitely an amazing choice to be used as a car audio system for your Audi. It is a very reputable and premium brand which is well-known for decades. Both luxury brands are almost a perfect match, and you can proudly brag to your peers with the prestige it brings. There are a plethora of technological features that will give you and your passengers an immersive music experience that you can enjoy while you are inside your Audi. Not to mention, it can improve the quality of digitally compressed music to another level, further enhancing your listening experience.

Bose car audio systems are available in various car models from renowned car makers such as Porsche, Cadillac, Chevrolet, etc. If such established and luxurious car brands are using Bose as their premium car audio systems, you can be assured of the sound quality as well as the prestige the brand can give you. You should also try auditioning Bose and decide with your own ears, from the demo you can find out if is the sound that you want.

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