Best Amp for Klipsch LA Scala

Best Amp for Klipsch LA Scala

The Klipsch LA Scala, one of the most prestigious and classic loudspeakers that were ever designed, with more than half a century of history. Over the decades, the Klipsch LA Scala has undergone various improvements and upgrades, the current iteration will be the Klipsch LA Scala AL5. A floor-standing speaker with such a legacy will require the very best matching amps to drive them.

We are planning to share with you some of the finest amplifiers that you can go for and partner them with your coveted Klipsch LA Scala AL5 speakers. We will start with finding out more about these floor-standing speakers first, to learn more about their strengths and merits, as well as their sonic characteristics. These are crucial information required to find the best matching amplifier for the legendary Klipsch LA Scala AL5 floorstanders.

Sound Characteristics and Strengths of Klipsch LA Scala AL5

In a minimalistic environment or house interiors with matching wood elements, the Klipsch LA Scala AL5 will look absolutely gorgeous in them. They become part of your home decorations while producing high-quality sound. The aesthetics of the Klipsch LA Scala AL5 will match very well with most vintage amplifiers but will still look good with modern amplifiers. It is a three-way fully horn-loaded speaker with a K-771 1 inch (25mm) Light-Weight Polyimide Diaphragm Compression Driver (Tweeter) mated to a 90° x 40° Tractrix Horn. For the midrange, it will be a K-55-X 2 inch (50mm) Phenolic diaphragm compression driver and the woofer will be a K-33-E 15 inch (375mm) Fiber-composite cone with a folded horn. It comes with three attractive finish options.

The frequency response of the Klipsch LA Scala AL5 is 51Hz-20kHz (+/- 4dB) which is good. It has an incredible speaker sensitivity of 105dB (2.83V / 1m) and an even more impressive maximum SPL of 121dB. This shows that this pair of floor-standing speakers can be easily driven to loud volumes. The nominal impedance of 8 Ohms is amazing as well. The power handling of the Klipsch LA Scala AL5 is 100 Watts / 400 Watts. If you are planning to use them for movie listens, you might want to add an active subwoofer to produce the low-frequency range of 60Hz and below.

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Klipsch LA Scala AL5 has amazing clarity and insight, unraveling every detail of the music and producing them out in spades. Every nuance of the music is been dug out, even the subtlest of them sounded crystal-clear. For such a large speaker, the timing and speed are impeccable, every music transient is met with accuracy, and that special energy makes it so enjoyable to listen to. The vastness of the soundstage exceeded our expectations, the Klipsch LA Scala AL5 effortlessly creates a wide, deep, and tall stage. Along with its impressive stereo imaging, the musicians are highly defined and delivering a holographic performance.

The sound field easily fills the room and envelopes the listening area, so immersive that you will just want to drop everything and listen to your favorite tunes. The midrange production is clean and clear, with the same speedy transients that make it so engaging and emotional. The bass output is ample but not as deep, which integrating a high-quality subwoofer will do the trick. The low ends fit in nicely with the rest of the frequencies to provide you with a complete frequency band that sounded natural and accurate. The hit and resonance of the drums to the snares are all produced realistically and clearly.

The Klipsch LA Scala AL5 is meant for large listening rooms with ample space for them to breathe, if position too near to the walls, it may reinforce the bass too much and loses the overall balance of the music presentation. If you are planning to use these speakers for movie listens or bass-heavy tracks, it is recommended to get high-quality active subwoofers, since LA Scala AL5 is not particularly strong in the subterranean bass region. With this required information, we can finally start sharing with you the list of the best amps to pair with the Klipsch LA Scala AL5 speakers.

Klipsch LA Scala AL5 Specifications

  • Speaker Type: Three-way, fully horn-loaded loudspeaker
  • Drive Units:
    • Tweeter: K-771 1 inch (25mm) Light-Weight Polyimide Diaphragm Compression Driver mated to a 90° x 40° Tractrix Horn
    • Midrange: K-55-X 2 inch (50mm) Phenolic diaphragm compression driver
    • Woofer: K-33-E 15 inch (375mm) Fiber-composite cone with a folded horn
  • Frequency Response (+/-4dB)51Hz–20kHz
  • Power Handling: 100 Watts / 400 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m): 105dB
  • Dimensions (H x D x W): 1016mm x 643mm x 616mm, 40″ x 25.3″ x 24.3″
  • Weight: 91kg (201lbs)

Best Amps to pair with Klipsch LA Scala AL5

Klipsch heritage speakers are usually well-suited with McIntosh amplifiers especially their vacuum tube amps, the McIntosh MA252 is an amazing entry-level hybrid integrated amplifier to start with. Using a vacuum tube preamp and solid-state power amplifier, the McIntosh MA252 has more than enough power to drive your Klipsch LA Scala AL5 speakers. The sonic performance of the MA252 is solid and warm, with an impressive ability to produce very detailed sound reproduction. The three-dimensional and full-bodied soundstage shows the level of musicality that the McIntosh MA252 possesses, a worthy amp partner for your Klipsch LA Scala AL5.

To have more flexibility, you should go with preamps and power amps combination which the coveted McIntosh got you covered. For the preamp sections, you can go with the McIntosh C2600 is a 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier that has a built-in DAC and could play high-res audio files. For turntables or analog purists, you should really go with McIntosh MP1100 which has a fully balanced phono stage, one of the best preamps for vinyl lovers. Both of these preamps are excellent choices for your Klipsch LA Scala AL5, you should spend some time and have a listen.

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For the power amplifiers, depended on the preamps you have chosen as well as your budget, you might want to go with either tube power amplifiers or solid-state amps. For vacuum tube amplifiers, the McIntosh MC275 is well-matched with your Klipsch LA Scala AL5. The MC275 power output is more than enough to make the highly efficient LA Scala AL5 sing at high volumes. If you prefer solid-state power amps, the Pass Labs XA25 will be an exceptional choice as they use pure Class A design. Making use of the high speaker sensitivity of LA Scala AL5, the XA25 pure Class A power is sufficient to drive them. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the pristine musicality and sound quality that only a Class A amplification can produce.

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If your budget is tight but you still want the sweet illustrious Class A purity. You might want to go with the Sugden Audio A21SE Signature integrated amplifier that has 30 Watts (8 Ohms) / 40 Watts (4 Ohms) per channel. This integrated amp is offering pure Class A single-ended voltage rail operation, that is sanely priced. The Sugden Audio A21SE Signature is more than capable of driving your Klipsch LA Scala AL5 and providing unbelievably beautiful vocals which are natural and highly defined. The details that this combination can provide are certainly astonishing and the instruments are so well detailed. At this price point, it definitely deserves your consideration and an audition.

The neutral-sounding nature of the Yamaha A-S3200 will be a suitable match for Klipsch LA Scala AL5 as it doesn’t interfere or color the speaker’s sonic signature. The transparency of the A-S3200 along with the clarity of Klipsch LA Scala AL5 will deliver a faithful music presentation that is as close to what the artists have intended without being clinical. The brilliant sound quality of this integrated amplifier and the vast soundstage that the LA Scala AL5 can conjure will provide an exhilarating music listening experience. This combination can be a bit bright sounding but to some could be very lively and entertaining. You should hear them out first before deciding.

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Other amazing integrated amplifiers that you should look out for will be LUXMAN, for instance, their SQ-N150 which is an exceptionally built vacuum tube amplifier. The Leben Hi-Fi is another well-matched brand to look out for, such as their CS-300X will be awesome for your Klipsch LA Scala AL5. Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium is another ideal choice for your speakers, as it uses a pure Class A amplifier (single-ended design) which gives you 30 Watts RMS power per channel. If you are planning to add a subwoofer, the Klipsch SPL-150SW will be an ideal choice as they are from the same brand and usually will possess the same sound signature for a more cohesive synergy.

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To Sum It Up

Generally, the Klipsch LA Scala AL5 speakers match well with tube amps and/or solid-state amps using pure Class A amplification. Ultimately, it will be best that you hear them out first, audition the listed amps on this article and see if you like what you hear. You may also want to use this list as references or do a side-by-side comparison with your own list of amps. It is wise to filter out the potential amplifiers based on the budget you have set then start from there by auditioning the shortlisted amps.

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