Best Speakers for Dell XPS 8930

Best Speakers for Dell XPS 8930

It is very rare you can call a tower desktop some of the best PCs of all time, the Dell XPS 8930 sure takes the cake. There are thousands of positive ratings provided by this tower PC model users and this alone already showcases how immensely popular the Dell XPS 8930 truly is. The easy access and upgrade features make it even more attractive.

The most notable feature relating to this article would be the Dell XPS 8930’s Waves MaxxAudio technology with MaxxSense. This award-winning audio technology will help enhance the sound quality of the connected speakers. This also means you shouldn’t be using cheap and subpar multimedia speakers for your sound system. To make full use of the Dell XPS 8930 sonic performance, you should definitely invest in a pair of high-quality speakers.

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If you are planning or already own an amplifier then you can opt for passive speakers. For Dell XPS 8930 owners who do not own an amp and are not planning to have one, can go for active speakers instead. We will be listing out a mix of powered and passive speakers which you can choose to match with your Dell’s Tower PC. For those who are using an external amplifier, do note that it will slightly affect the sound signatures of your chosen speakers.

8 Best Speakers for Dell XPS 8930 Tower Desktop

The Klipsch R-51PM is a popular pair of active speakers to go for to partner with your Dell XPS 8930. It looks just like a compact Klipsch bookshelf speaker but inside the cabinet, there is an amp, enabling itself to be self-powered. The treble reproductions of the Klipsch R-51PM are lively and there is high clarity in the mids. The low-ends are lacking and you can easily resolve this by integrating an active subwoofer. This will help supplement the bass performance and give you deeper low-frequencies.

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The Kanto YU6 is one of the best speakers to pair with your Dell XPS 8930. Like the Klipsch R-51PM, the YU6 are also self-powered speakers. They have a warmer sound signature than the R-51PM which makes it easier to listen to at a close distance. The treble doesn’t sound harsh no matter how hard you push it and the YU6 active speakers are musically refined. We do find the full-bodied sound reproduction from the Kanto YU6 matches really well with the Dell XPS 8930 sonic characteristics.

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Not enough desktop space? Then the Audioengine A2+ will be an ideal choice for you. They are very compact active bookshelf speakers and have their own built-in DAC (16bit). You can easily find a place for the Audioengine A2+ speakers. Due to their small cabinet size, we highly suggest adding a subwoofer into the mix. You can connect a sub by using the A2+ subwoofer output. This is a very highly rated powered speaker and has a modest price tag as well.

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If you want accuracy when it comes to sound reproduction, you might want to go for studio monitors instead. The Yamaha HS5 is one of the best active studio monitors to get and partner up with your Dell XPS 8930 tower desktop. It is able to deliver a faithful sound reproduction of the audio source with precision. The bass performance is articulate and tight, it doesn’t linger or sound anywhere bloated. Yamaha HS5 will make full use of the audio capability of the Dell XPS 8930 without altering it.

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The multi-award-winning KEF LS50 Meta will certainly be a worthy match for your popular Dell XPS 8930 PC. You will need a matching amplifier to drive these amazing passive speakers. With the right amp and power, the KEF LS50 Meta will reveal an incredible amount of details in crystal clear sound quality. The overall accuracy is amazing as well and the mini-monitors are able to deliver taut bass responses. These are stunning-looking speakers and would look great in any modern PC room setup.

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This is another premium bookshelf speaker that you should check out. The Q Acoustics Concept 300 is a beautifully designed passive bookshelf speaker with exceptional sonic performance. As a pair of flagship stand-mounters, you will be assured of their sound quality. They are warm and refined, with ample low-ends, and provide us with rich bass performance, complementing the Dell XPS 8930 really well. There is clarity throughout the spectrum too. You should only use amplifiers of the same caliber and this can be very costly overall though.

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If you just want to have fun listening to your favorite music then the Dali Spektor 2 passive bookshelf speakers would be the ones for you and your Dell XPS 8930. They are also ideal for listeners who do not have a high budget. The Dali Spektor 2 stand-mounters may have affordable pricing but the sonic performance you are getting is well worth every single penny invested in them. They sound energetic and nimble, delivering a music presentation that is entertaining to the ears. Watching movies with them may not be good enough as they don’t have a strong bass performance.

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For Dell XPS 8930 PC owners who want a pair of passive speakers with more authority in the bass region, the KEF Q350 will be an excellent choice to go for. They are capable of delivering deep bass frequencies without sounding exaggerated or loose. It is clean sounding and precise, and the highs and mids are delivered seamlessly together, thanks to the Q350 Uni-Q driver. The level of clarity is impressive as well, allowing us to hear lots of details. The KEF Q350 is a good pair of speakers for multiple usages such as gaming, music listening, and more.

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Why not floor-standing speakers?

You would have noticed this list doesn’t include floor-standing speakers. As we are assuming you will be sitting close to the PC monitor, using floor-standers would be unsuitable for nearfield listening. thus we only listed bookshelf speakers. Unless you are sitting a distance away from the PC monitor then you might want to consider using floor-standing speakers. No matter if you choose bookshelf or tower speakers, do take some time to audition them first before making the purchase.

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