Best Speakers for Naim Uniti Nova

Best Speakers for Naim Uniti Nova

The Naim Uniti Nova is one of the upper echelons of music streaming players where high sound quality is part of the package. The exceptional sonic performance and the all-in-one features of the Nova are also what make it so popular among discerning critics and serious audiophiles, earning accolades left, right, and center. It is definitely worth the investment on a pair of speakers which could match the brilliance and caliber of the Naim Uniti Nova.

To find such worthy speakers to match with this coveted Naim Audio streaming player will require us to take some time to learn more about the Naim Uniti Nova sonic characteristics and prowess. Gathering the right data will allow us to be better informed and capable of preparing a list of the best speakers which we can choose to pair with the Uniti Nova. This information will also be useful for you as you can simply use it to find matching speakers on your own in the near future.

Sonic Characteristics and Strengths of Naim Uniti Nova

Naim Uniti Nova has that high-end presence and premium feel where it would look great as part of your modern house interiors. Even though there is a 5″ color LCD display at the front, the Uniti Nova still looks minimalistic and stylish. The cleaner look is probably due to the missing CD player which you will find in other Naim Audio’s all-in-one players. It is fine as even without a CD player the Naim Uniti Nova is able to support up to 32bits/384kHz sampling rates and could decode high-res audio files (64 and 128Fs) which sounds better than a CD. For listeners who own a lot of physical CDs, you can always get a dedicated CD transport.

Music streaming has become a norm these days and the Naim Uniti Nova has the features to support this. From high-quality wireless music streaming using Bluetooth (aptX HD) to connecting directly to streaming services such as Spotify Connect, not to mention, multiroom connections via UPnP with amazing full CD sound quality. The Uniti Nova amplifier output power is at 80 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms which is powerful enough to drive most bookshelf speakers. It should be able to drive floor-standers and loudspeakers which are not difficult to drive or power-hungry. We can connect an active subwoofer to supplement the bass performance if the music you are listening to is very bass-heavy.

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The sound quality of the Naim Uniti Nova is like its appearance, stunningly beautiful. The musicality of the Naim Audio all-in-one players are usually impressive and amazing but the Uniti Nova seems to take it up a notch. It is slightly more refined and sounded more natural. The overall sound reproduction is clean and has a high level of clarity which reveals plenty of information about the music. Emotions from the music are been brought out naturally, and this makes our listening experience even more engaging. We can easily enjoy the music presented by the Naim Uniti Nova, and we are impressed by how effortless this streaming player can do so.

The Naim Uniti Nova doesn’t sugarcoat or color the sound quality instead it faithfully delivers the music as close to what the artists have intended. The Naim Audio sound signatures are still present in the music delivery and the Uniti Nova sounds slightly more pristine and it does sound a bit cleaner as well. The all-in-one player has agile and articulate bass performance which easily blends in with the upper registers without trying to stand out. Bass is detailed and well-textured but does lack a little midbass punch. The subsonic bass delivery is taut and clean with sufficient prominence. If you want more deep bass impacts and a punchier midbass performance, integrating a high-quality sealed subwoofer will do the trick.

If you just want to enjoy listening to your music with beautiful high-end sound quality, the Naim Uniti Nova is certainly one of the top streaming players to go for. There are plenty of subtle nuances that make listening to the Uniti Nova an involving and rewarding experience. This premium music streamer should excel with most genres of music even bass-heavy soundtracks. For this hefty price, it does lack a few things but the sound quality easily sways our opinions. You can check out the list of the best speakers to match with the Naim Uniti Nova below, pick the ones which suit your preferences the most.

Naim Uniti Nova Specifications

  • Power Output: 80 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms
  • Wireless: WiFi, Bluetooth (aptX HD), Apple Airplay
  • Inputs: 2 USB inputs, 2 Optical inputs, 2 Coaxial inputs, RCA, 5-pin DIN, HDMI ARC, BNC, Ethernet
  • Outputs: Preamp/Subwoofer out, Headphone
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 95mm x 432mm x 265mm | 3.7″ x 17″ x 10.4″
  • Weight: 13kg (28.7lbs)

Best Speakers to match with Naim Uniti Nova

The Focal Kanta N°2 is a multi-award-winning speaker with exceptional sonic performance and the caliber to match with the Naim Uniti Nova. The powerful and articulate bass performance of the Kanta No2 will provide a more impactful low-end delivery to the table. It could really dig deep into the bass extension as well and you probably wouldn’t need support from an active subwoofer. Focal Kanta N°2 is incredibly transparent and this complements the Naim Audio Uniti Nova really well. The floor-standing speakers have outstanding accuracy and could bring out the energy from the music when required.

KEF R7 is another pair of beautifully designed modern floor-standing speakers which match the Naim Uniti Nova both aesthetically and sonically. They are well-balanced and could reach deep into the subsonic bass region, delivering them out cleanly and having ample weight to boot which works well with the bass performance of the Uniti Nova streaming player. The midrange reproduction of the KEF R7s is vivid and natural, another sonic characteristic that will complement the Naim Audio’s music player. Furthermore, the asking price of these magnificent floor-standers is considered modest given how remarkable their sound quality is.

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If you prefer bookshelf speakers with unparalleled sonic performance and incredible sound quality for the money, the KEF LS50 Meta is an exemplary speaker choice for you. This is a pair of award-winning stand-mounters that will match really well with the Naim Uniti Nova due to their pristine clarity and revealing sonic nature. They could effortlessly dish out a massive amount of music details and faithfully present them to you. The accuracy and neutral sonic character of the KEF LS50 Meta will add more transparency to the overall sound reproduction. These mini-monitors look great together with the Naim Uniti Nova.

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The ProAc Response DB3 is another pair of high-quality bookshelf speakers which can be driven by the Naim Uniti Nova with ease. They may be compact in size but their bass performance is pretty hefty and has weight which belies their size. It is recommended to provide the Response DB3 with ample breathing space so to achieve a balanced tonality and timbre. The stand-mounters have very detailed and sweet highs which do not sound harsh when pushed. ProAc Response DB3 stand-mounters also have impressive precision and impeccable stereo imaging, able to project a 3-dimensional soundstage.

For listeners who want to go loud and prefer lively sounding floor-standers, then the Klipsch Forte IV will be an excellent choice to go for. They are incredibly efficient and the Naim Uniti Nova can easily drive the Forte IV speakers, making them sing at very high volume levels. The Klipsch Forte IV is capable of projecting a wide and spacious soundstage. Along with the speakers’ wide dynamic range and top-notch handling, you got yourself an engaging and immersive music listening experience. The Forte IV loudspeakers have superb stereo imaging too. Definitely worth your effort to arrange an audition with the Klipsch Forte IV together with your Uniti Nova player.

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Adding an active subwoofer into the mix may improve the overall sound quality especially if you are using a pair of compact-sized bookshelf speakers. The JL Audio Fathom f113v2 is an amazing subwoofer choice to go for and is a suitable match with the Naim Uniti Nova player. Tapping on the low-end prowess of the Naim Audio all-in-one player, the Fathom F113v2 is able to deliver very powerful and articulate subsonic bass performance. This is a musical sealed subwoofer made to deliver audiophile-quality bass and comes with D.A.R.O. which is a technology that automatically optimizes the sub’s in-room low-end performance and frequency response.

To Sum It Up

The Naim Uniti Nova is a music streaming player that is capable of producing exceptionally high sound quality but is rather limited by its power output. Other than integrating an active subwoofer, you might want to add a power amplifier instead. By connecting a power amplifier, your sound system will be able to drive those demanding loudspeakers and this will give you more speaker choices to go for. We will suggest checking out more speakers made by Focal as they are really well matched with the Naim Uniti Nova. Do remember to audition the speakers first including the ones listed here before finalizing your choice.

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