Best Subwoofer for JBL LSR305

Best Subwoofer for JBL LSR305

These are highly regarded entry-level studio monitors and have a price tag that will fit most listeners’ budgets without sacrificing accuracy. Whether you are just using the JBL LSR305 for casual music listening sessions or for audio mixing, you will probably notice the bass performance of the powered monitors is not deep enough. This is quite expected from an active studio monitor of this size and price.

If the music you are listening to or working on is not bass-heavy and doesn’t dig deep into the bass extension then probably this wouldn’t be an issue. But if you do require these subsonic bass reproductions, you can always add a powered subwoofer into the mix. It is wise to integrate an active subwoofer that will match well with the JBL LSR305 studio monitors and also fit your requirements. Once we have gone through this process, we will then share with you a list of the best matching subwoofers to go for.

Sonic Characteristics of the JBL LSR305 and Subwoofer Requirements

These JBL studio monitors are compact in size and this makes them ideal active speakers for small studios or desktop sound systems. You will need some distance away from the rear walls though since it has a rear-firing bass port. The JBL LSR305 is a 5″ studio monitor with a slightly above average bass output when compared with other more neutral-sounding monitors in the same price range. Placing them too near to the walls might make the bass output sound bloated and over-pronounced, causing an imbalance in the overall tonality and timbre. All in all, the bass reproduction of the LSR305 is still tight and flat.

When it comes to subsonic bass performance, this is where the JBL LSR305 starts falling behind as the subterranean low-ends are almost non-existent. If you are mixing bass-heavy soundtracks, this may affect your overall accuracy. The midbass reproduction is also lacking weight and you might even find it not impactful enough. As mentioned, this is nothing surprising for an active monitor with a 5″ (127mm) LF driver size. The JBL LSR305’s tweeter is 1″ (25mm) in size if you are wondering, and it is also driven by a Class D amplifier with 41 Watts of power (same as the LF driver).

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The overall sound reproduction of the JBL LSR305 is accurate and has a nice level of clarity. It does lack some enthusiasm in its music presentation and may not be really ideal for casual music listeners. The amount of music details the JBL studio monitors could dig out is fantastic and would be great for professionals who require precision over musicality. It is also capable of projecting a wide soundstage which all listeners will appreciate, not to mention, it also has impressive stereo imaging. We are certainly getting a lot of sonic performance from an active speaker at this price point, and overall, the JBL LSR305 has exceeded our expectations.

These are neutral sounding powered studio monitors and their sonic prowess will be suitable for analytical audio enthusiasts who are looking for bang for one’s buck speakers. Since the JBL LSR305 are studio monitors and have such high neutrality, it will be wise to match them with a studio subwoofer. The size of the subwoofer’s bass driver will not need to be big though as a compact-sized active sub will be more ideal for nearfield listening. Smaller subwoofers tend to be more affordable and you might want to set a price range which you are comfortable in paying. Setting a price requirement will help to filter out active subs which are above your budget.

Listeners with limited space will require a subwoofer with a small footprint and if you still need it to be capable of producing subsonic bass frequencies of below 30Hz then it might cost a lot. If you have a limited budget, we will suggest taking some time to save up even more money instead of having to compromise. For users who are sharing the space with others, you may want to ask for their approval since the subwoofer will take up a permanent spot in the room and they may need it in the near future. Discussing with others to get more relevant subwoofer requirements will be a good idea and you should come out with some on your own too.

Best Subwoofers to pair with JBL LSR305

The JBL LSR310S will be one of the top choices to go for, not only it is a studio subwoofer but it is also made by the same company. This studio subwoofer is designed to match with the JBL studio monitors such as the JBL LSR305. They have a seamless integration thanks to similar sound signatures and this provided us with accurate full-range sound reproduction. JBL LSR310S is a 10″ down-firing subwoofer with an amplifier power rating of 200 Watts (Class D). It could reach down to 27Hz bass extension and has a modest price tag to boot. The JBL LSR310S is certainly worth your while to find out more.

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The Yamaha HS8S is another down-firing studio subwoofer with a modest price tag and will be an ideal match with the JBL LSR305s. It is a compact studio subwoofer and the HS8S has only an 8″ LF driver with a front-firing bass port. The LF driver may be small but it is still capable of delivering a frequency response of 22Hz to 150Hz. The total amplifier power of the Yamaha HS8S is 150 Watts, based on just these specs, it is already providing us with plenty of value. Furthermore, it could deliver accurate and articulate bass performance with a nice level of weight and punch.

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Looking for a more all-rounded subwoofer with Bluetooth connectivity then the Mackie CR8S-XBT 8 is an excellent choice to go for. It is affordably priced and is still able to provide us with precise bass performance. Furthermore, it doesn’t exaggerate to impress and this will fit nicely with the JBL LSR305 studio monitors. This is an 8″ multimedia subwoofer with a rather high-powered amplifier of up to 200 Watts. For listeners who are looking for body-pounding low ends might need to look elsewhere though. If you are looking for an affordable and accurate subwoofer then please audition them.

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PreSonus Temblor T10 is one of the best studio subwoofers to pair with your JBL LSR305 studio monitors. It is a high-quality front-firing studio subwoofer with a 10″ low-frequency transducer and has up to 250 Watts of power via its Class AB amplifier. The PreSonus Temblor T10 has a really impressive frequency response for a powered subwoofer of this size which is from 20Hz-200Hz. More importantly, the subsonic bass frequencies delivered by the Temblor T10 are tight and with precision. Capable of keeping pace with the JBL LSR305 studio monitors thanks to its agility and nimbleness.

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If you require a large studio subwoofer for your room, the Adam Audio Sub12 is an amazing choice to go for and will match well with the JBL LSR305 studio monitors. This is a 12″ active studio sub suitable for nearfield or midfield monitoring/sound systems. Its frequency response is between 22Hz to 150Hz and has an amplifier power of up to 300 Watts peak (200W RMS). The highly efficient PWM amplifier enables the Adam Audio Sub12 to cleanly reproduce powerful deep bass frequencies with plenty of details and textures. You can add another powered subwoofer via its balanced output in the future.

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For listeners who are facing space constraints but budget is not an issue, the Genelec 7040A will be a fantastic studio subwoofer choice for you. It is a very compact and slim subwoofer, making it suitable for studios with tight spaces. It has a 6.5″ (165mm) bass driver and has 50W of amplifier power (Class D), enabling the Genelec 7040A to produce 30Hz-90Hz frequency response (-6dB) which is really impressive for its size. The bass reproductions are agile and articulate, not to mention, very clean as well. The 7040A studio sub is very suitable for nearfield listening setups and the accuracy is superb.

To Sum It Up

Before making the purchase, it will be wise to have an audition with the potential subwoofer first and see if you like what you are hearing when paired with your JBL LSR305 studio monitors. You can shortlist the subwoofer based on your requirements such as price point, size of the driver, frequency response, and others. If you can’t find the subwoofers you are looking for from this list then do feel free to use them as a reference.

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