Definitive Technology Mythos One

Definitive Technology Mythos One and Mythos Ten

Numerous items available offer style or substance, but rarely do you get both in a single package. A few makers center on appearance and offer little in the method for execution and performance. Others go for awesome execution; however, appearance has to face neglect. Apple is one of the only handfuls of organizations that merge these two accomplishments together for a lovely modern plan and blazingly quick activity. Now, Definitive Technology has achieved this regarded position due to its style with its new Mythos line of speakers. These speakers are staggering, intended to coordinate the style that such a significant number of plasma screens have. Be that as it may, will the functionality coordinate with the looks?

Appreciate Crisp Sound from the Mythos One

Definitive Technology Mythos One is the ideal visual supplement for the present flat-screen TVs. It’s thin and sleekness consolidates the class of hand-cleaned aluminum with the best in class definitive driver innovation. You’ll truly appreciate the vibe of Mythos One – its smooth plain design fits right away in rooms where customary speakers wouldn’t ever fit in. What’s more, you’ll love the way its large full-range sound improves your preferred movie, TV series, and computer games. We have listed the features of the Mythos One below.

Features of the Definitive Technology Mythos One

  • Cutting edge drivers for astoundingly precise sound. The driver exhibit close to the highest point of the bureau has two 5-1/4″ midranges, flanking a 1″ vault tweeter, with every one of the three sharing a fixed sub-nook that disconnects them from the bass drivers for precise sound with pinpoint imaging. The unadulterated aluminum arch tweeter produces broadened highs, which uncover subtlety and inconspicuous details without any restlessness. Underneath this exhibit is two 5-1/4″ woofers pressure-coupled, along with two bass radiators. Together, these four drivers have a complete surface territory like that of one customary 10″ woofer, however, they can create a bass reaction that is smoother and increasingly controlled.
  • Dazzling airplane grade aluminum bureau; the thin Mythos One bureau is manufactured using a dark hand-cleaned aluminum and lays on a safety glass base to keep up inflexibility and steadiness. Each part of the walled-in area has been designed for ideal sound quality. For instance, the non-full PolyStone front baffle holds each of the seven drivers safely set up while battling contortion causing vibrations. Definitive’s objective is basic: you ought to be listening to the sound from the drivers, not the nook. Using this, you can assemble a total home theater framework utilizing impeccably coordinated Definitive Technology surrounds. The Mythos One sets well with Definitive’s Mythos Eight for the inside channel, and a couple of Gem XLs for all-encompass speakers. Include the SuperCube II or ProSub 1000 if you want to include some hard-hitting bass.

Innovative Features

Other than the fact that the Mythos framework is intended to supplement a plasma screen, it was additionally intended to be divider or rack-mounted. The Mythos One full-run tower speakers are intended to sit on the floor with their provided safety glass bases (a la mode, it may be included); however, if you would prefer not to use up a significant amount of floor space, you can, without much of a stretch, install four Mythos Two divider mount speakers with the Mythos Three focus speaker put on the divider above or underneath the plasma screen. The Mythos Two and Three accompany coordinating tempered steel divider mount sections. The speakers are manufactured with cleaned aluminum, with appealing grille covers. The speakers are additionally accessible in a dark black, yet it is suggested to go for the polished aluminum, particularly when putting up with a plasma screen.

Installation and Easy To Use

The Mythos framework for a sound system typically includes a pair of Mythos One tower loudspeaker, a solitary Mythos Three focuses speaker, and a couple of Mythos Two speakers for surround sound. Installing this speaker framework is extremely simple, as the five-way restricting posts offer adaptable connections. The provided divider mount sections are fabulous, taking into consideration that it allows the system to be installed in minutes. For the best result, install the Mythos One speakers on either side of the plasma screen, around eight feet separated, with the Mythos Three focus speaker mounted on the divider beneath the screen. Tuning the framework is extremely basic, and you can accomplish a fairly stable setup after just a couple of moments of tweaking. Note that the entire range of the Mythos speakers are intended to work with one of Definitive Technology’s brilliant subwoofers, and despite the fact that the speakers offer great bass reaction, there is a lot of advantage to having the bass sound considerably more profound.

Sound Quality

The bass is tight and obviously characterized. Paired with a couple of good quality subwoofers; the Mythos One seems like a $20,000 home theater speaker bundle. It just costs a small amount of that cost, yet has the looks and execution anticipated from an expensive system. It is easy to get impressed by the Mythos framework’s imaging and sound staging. The lead vocals appear to be a piece of the soundstage, as opposed to being excessively far forward. The tone of the framework is impartial, which is very impressive for the price. The highly significant midrange of the presentation is satisfying, and the whole 360-degree soundstage is even more impressively adjusted. On perky melodies, nothing appears to get lost even when there is a great deal going on. Rather you can hear detail and extensive octaves that genuinely shock, while also giving you immense satisfaction. and put a major wide grin all over. On increasingly limited tunes such as compositions which have an exceptionally serious tune, the guitars flaunt the midrange tonality of the Mythos speakers, since all the speakers get similar drivers. On SACD music, speakers are extremely energizing and dynamic.

Mythos Ten and Its Various Charms

Definitive Technology’s Mythos Ten is the best on-divider model in their Mythos lineup. It utilizes a large number of similar features found in Definitive’s Mythos One floor-standing speakers to give a wide soundstage, pinpoint imaging, and eminent authenticity in a thin, divider mountable speaker cupboard. This flexible speaker can be utilized as a left, right, or focus direct speaker in a home theater arrangement, and it’s intended to coordinate 50″ or bigger level board TVs. Below are the features of Mythos 10:

Definitive Technology Mythos Ten

Salient Features of the Mythos Ten

  • Cutting edge drivers for particularly nitty-gritty sound. At the focal point of the bureau are two 5-1/4″ midrange drivers encompassing a 1″ vault tweeter. Authoritative’s Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) driver innovation helps increment the minor speakers’ yield without expanding the size of the walled-in area. The unadulterated aluminum arch tweeter produces expanded highs that uncover subtlety and low notes without any tenseness. Flanking the midranges are two 5″ x 8″ circuit-formed low bass radiators, which give the Mythos Ten a preferred bass execution, which may anticipate from a thin, on-divider speaker. Wall-mounted speakers are the old thing; most are conservative and look decent when flanking a 42-inch or littler HDTV. Besides, a ton of on-wall speakers’ sound is like, to be perfectly honest, these types of speakers have a less than impressive functionality; lacking power, weight, and the effect of the present current uncompressed sound arrangements like Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio require. Here, enters the Mythos Ten wall mount speakers from Definitive Technology.
  • Aviation grade aluminum bureau. The walled-in area is made up of dark hand-cleaned aluminum for a smooth look that will go well with the most present-day stylistic themes of living rooms and sitting halls. Pass on cast aluminum crates, a reverberation-free PolyStone bewilders, and restrictive damping advancements incorporated with the bureau guaranteed clean sound.
  • Assembling the speakers as a sound system; set up a total home theater framework, utilizing Mythos Tens for your front three channels. Extra Definitive’s Mythos Gem XL encompasses speakers for wrap-around sound and the SuperCube II subwoofer for high-sway bass. The Mythos Ten additionally makes an incredible focus channel supplement to Definitive’s ground-breaking Mythos ST SuperTower floor-standing speakers.
  • Wire included; most speakers do not include any. These, however, do come with the appropriate wires that will be helpful in the initial installation.

Facts to Remember

Your new speakers will presumably fare and sound a lot better, following a little while after installation, than they do right out of the box. This is on the grounds that the material encompassing the woofers will extricate up, enabling the drivers to move all the more fully. Complete Technology appraises a break-in time of 24 to 48 hours of playback before the speakers will convey ideal sound quality. For more data and supportive tips, look at this article from Definitive’s site about molding your speakers.

Competitive Pricing

The Mythos Tens are a two-path wall mounting speaker system, with stream-down innovation from Definitive Technology’s uber effective Mythos ST and STS floor standing speakers. Clad in a similar flying machine grade aluminum bureau, the Mythos Tens house a solitary all-new aluminum arch tweeter set between two five and a quarter inch bass/midrange drivers praised by two five-by-eight inch oval or race track formed bass radiators. The Mythos Tens are intended to flank the present bigger HDTVs more than 50″ and higher, estimated at 6 inches wide by 4 inches down, and 34 and a half inches tall. The Mythos Tens weigh in at a strong 21 pounds each, and are intended to be wall-mounted through the included divider mounting section; however, they can be table-mounted by means of their leveling foot, if wall mounting is not feasible.


The Mythos Tens have an announced frequency of 31 Hz – 30 kHz, with a high affectability rating of 93dB, making them perfect for most of the present elite speakers and sound systems. The company recommends a strong 10-300 watts of intensity on tap, to take into consideration the Mythos Tens to sound and perform at their best. The Mythos Tens can go about as both left and right mains just as a middle channel, on account of their reflected and balanced driver design. You can even utilize a couple of Mythos Tens for backchannel use, or as both side and back direct in a seven-speaker arrangement for a really consistent encompass sound understanding. Balancing the Mythos Ten’s rundown of highlights is a solitary pair of five-way restricting posts, which include exposed wire just as a banana ended speaker link. As far as sound goes, the Mythos Tens sounds unequivocal progressively full range than any other wall-mounted speaker that has entered the market in recent times. The Mythos Ten’s sound is full-bodied with inconceivable weight, combined with exceptional elements and augmentation. The all-new aluminum vault tweeter is completely staggering, having every one of the characteristics of a costlier, progressively refined high recurrence transducer, with none of the disadvantages ordinarily connected with the metal arch tweeters. The Mythos Ten’s midrange is genuinely unbelievable and functions admirably with music as well as movies. The Mythos Ten’s midrange execution is lavish, finished, and amazingly coordinated with substantial weight. The Mythos Ten’s bass, although not a genuine full-range speaker, is very wonderful and is equipped for diving to depths in sound that is not conceivable from such a small-sized speaker; at the same time holding mind-blowing subtlety and surface, which should mix pleasantly well with one or two subwoofers for those with medium to huge-sized rooms.


The Mythos one, as well as, the Mythos Ten from Definitive Technology is taking the market by a storm. They are both exceptional speakers in terms of design, built well for ease of use. Not only this, the functionality is outstanding, especially considering the price bracket that these two products fall into. With some tweaking and clever placement, as well as appropriate add-ons, you can achieve the sound and feel of the most sophisticated and high-end home theatre system.

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