Dynaudio Special Forty Amplifier

Dynaudio Special Forty Amplifier

The Dynaudio Special Forty is an anniversary speaker that is designed and made to celebrate Dynaudio’s 40 years of constant innovation, not to mention, plenty of successes. Furthermore, you don’t need to fork out a lot to get this pair of anniversary bookshelf speakers. Along with their attractive price point, the Special Forty also has excellent sound quality, making it well-received by fans and audiophiles.

It wouldn’t be a surprise that these bookshelf speakers will also require equally special amplifiers to drive them and we will be listing out some of the best that you can go for later on in this article. But first, we need to learn more about the Dynaudio Special Forty such as their sonic prowess, characteristics, and if they have any weaknesses. These are crucial information needed to find the right amplifier to match up with these speakers and it will be useful for you too.

Sonic Characteristics and Limitations of Dynaudio Special Forty

The Dynaudio Special Forty has that traditional design that looks quite simplistic and low-profile even though is supposed to be an anniversary speaker. Still, it does make it easier to place them in most home interiors without them standing out and attracting too much attention. Aesthetically, you can also easily match Dynaudio Special Forty with most amplifiers. Their visuals may not look impressive but what’s more important will be their sound quality. If you take off the speaker grille, you will see a 28mm Esotar Forty tweeter which is unique to the Special Forty and followed by a 170mm MSP cone woofer. At the back of the speaker, you will spot quite a large bass port (rear-firing) located high up where it almost touches the top edge of the cabinet.

The speaker impedance is 6 Ohms and is considered great for a Dynaudio speaker since many of their models have 4 Ohms impedance. The speaker sensitivity is low and is at 86dB. On the other hand, the frequency response of the Dynaudio Special Forty is really impressive, it is at 41Hz-23kHz (+/-3dB) where most amplifiers are able to accommodate this frequency range. The 41Hz bass extension is really deep for a bookshelf speaker which got our hopes up regarding their potential bass performance. They are able to handle up to 200 Watts of power. Fortunately, the Dynaudio Special Forty is a 6 Ohms speaker as it does make them slightly easier to drive, nonetheless, they will still need high-powered amplifiers.

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We are impressed by how refined the Dynaudio Special Forty sounds, it certainly gives us an impression that they are purely made for music listening and nothing else. An amazing pair of stereo speakers with incredible stereo imaging capabilities, producing a holographic musical performance with precision. When the music gets tough, the image still holds its ground. The soundstage projected by Dynaudio Special Forty speakers are equally impressive, it is vast and tall, simply breathtaking. The sound reproduction has plenty of weight in them and sounds bigger than expected from a bookshelf speaker.

The low-frequency performance is impeccable, it is agile and taut, blending in seamlessly with the rest of the frequencies, providing a pleasing musical presence. The bass is rich with details and is fantastic for music playbacks. The Dynaudio Special Forty is capable of producing deep bass and probably wouldn’t need a subwoofer as these speakers alone are sufficient enough to handle most music genres. The overall music presentation sounded natural and very detailed, including the subtle musical nuances that can be heard with clarity. They are neutral-sounding speakers with sweet highs that don’t sound harsh when pushed.

The Dynaudio Special Forty is very well-balanced and revealing without being critical or clinical, you can always enjoy listening to your favorite tunes. Their agility and confident pacing deliver engaging moments throughout the session, you never feel bored at all and would want to listen to them for hours on end. At this price point, you are really getting something special and no doubt the Special Forty is one of the finest bookshelf speakers on the planet. Adding a subwoofer into the mix is optional unless you want a full-range sound reproduction down to 15/20Hz. All the speakers need is a matching amp, and we will now share with you a list of the best amplifiers to go for, where you can partner them with your Dynaudio Special Forty loudspeakers.

Dynaudio Special Forty Specifications

  • Speaker Type: 2-Way Bass Reflex (Rear-Firing Bass Port)
  • Drive Units: 28mm Esotar Forty tweeter, 170mm MSP cone woofer
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 41Hz–23kHz
  • IEC power handling: 200 Watts
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 86dB
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 198mm x 360mm x 322mm (with feet/grill) | 7.8″ x 14.2″ x 12.7″ (with feet/grill)
  • Weight: 8.1kg (17.9lbs)

Best Amplifiers to match with Dynaudio Special Forty

The Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 is one of the best amplifiers to match with the Dynaudio Special Forty speakers, as it has the muscle to drive them and has powerful EQ settings to further improve the sound quality. The most notable EQ technologies will be the Room Perfect signal correction and ICC Intersample Clipping Correction which you will definitely find important as they could further enhance your speakers’ sonic performance inside your listening room. The clarity of this integrated amplifier is astonishing and does not sound cringe when driven at high volume. The neutral and natural sound reproduction of the Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 is a suitable match with the Dynaudio Special Forty speakers.

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The Parasound Hint 6 of the Halo series, is another powerhouse with more than enough muscles to really drive the Dynaudio Special Forty speakers and unlock their sonic potentials. No matter how hard you push the volume, the highs do not sound harsh and the midrange is always smooth, with a warm full-bodied bass. The musical presence produced by the Hint 6 amplifier is engaging and filled with rich details. The Parasound Hint 6 provides ample power and does not add brightness to your Dynaudio Special Forty anniversary speakers, allowing you to enjoy listening to your favorite tunes with brilliant musical details. Furthermore, it is sanely priced.

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The Hegel H190 will be another excellent integrated amplifier choice for your beloved Dynaudio Special Forty. The H190 has exceptional accuracy which delivers realistic sounding instruments with a massive amount of details and subtleties that you thought the musicians are playing right in front of you. Very well matched with the Dynaudio Special Forty as the speaker complements the amp with weightier deep bass reproduction, both sonic characteristics are quite similar with a focus on cleanly delivering natural, dynamic, and very detailed music presentations. It may be a touch bright so will suggest hearing them out first before making a serious decision. There are also plenty of features that come together with the Hegel H190 such as Apple AirPlay, UPnP streaming, and more.

Want a more lively music presentation of your favorite songs and music, then check out the Rega Elicit-R, it is an integrated amplifier that can drive your Dynaudio Special Forty speakers with ease using their 127 Watts per channel (6 Ohms) power output. The Elicit-R digs up plenty of details including subtle musical nuances and produces them out in spades. Furthermore, this Rega amplifier uses snappy timings and dynamic rhythm to deliver an engaging music presentation with crystal clear quality. Pairing your Dynaudio Special 40 speakers with this amplifier will provide quite an entertaining music listening experience. It is a transparent amplifier with class-leading control over the music delivery. We do recommend auditioning them first.

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For tube-like performance, the Rogue Audio The Cronus Magnum III will be one of the best tube amplifiers to go for. It is sanely priced and has won many awards mainly due to its sonic performance. The Cronus Magnum III has the transparency and balance to deliver an engaging music presentation with amazing clarity and high tonal richness. The textured musical instruments and lifelike vocals are precisely located on a large spacious soundstage. The Dynaudio Special Forty complements the tube integrated amp with its insights and neutrality both are well-matched. If you are a turntable user, you should really check them out as they are great for analog sources such as vinyl.

Going for HiFi separates route will be ideal, you can choose the preamplifier and power amplifier, so to fine-tune the sound that you want from your sound system. Naim Audio preamps are some of the finest in the world and very well-matched with the Dynaudio Special Forty speakers. PrimaLuna USA will be an amazing choice if you are looking for high-quality tube preamplifiers. Both Naim Audio and PrimaLuna have their own power amplifiers but do cost more than the speakers themselves. Parasound Halo series will be a bit more affordable option, and they use high bias Class A/AB operation. If your budget is really tight, we will suggest going with Emotiva class AB power amplifiers. For high-quality Class D power amplifiers, we will suggest going with Wyred 4 Sound. Their power amps use the latest ICEPower technology which sounds better for music and still retains the accuracy of digital amps.

To Conclude

When it comes to music listens, the Dynaudio Special Forty are self-sufficient and can handle almost all music genres without the need of a subwoofer. Still, for truly full-range sound reproduction, you will need support from a high-quality subwoofer. The Dynaudio Sub 6 will be a great powered subwoofer choice. The listed amplifiers here are well worth your time and effort to audition them, hear them out, and see if you like their sound quality. Do include the potential subwoofer during the audition.

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