Dynaudio XEO 10 Review

Dynaudio XEO 10 Review – UPDATED 2021 – Dynaudio Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are getting more popular these days, it used to be shunned by audiophiles and most consumers due to lower sound quality since speaker wires are not being used. With the advancement of wireless technology such as Bluetooth, wireless speakers can now reproduce better sound quality and exceptional sonic performance. It is so good now that you can hardly tell the difference between a wired speaker and a wireless speaker. Dynaudio XEO 10 is one of these modern wireless speakers, we are going to review and find out how good they really are.

Dynaudio XEO 10 Review – UPDATED 2021

It is a compact bookshelf speaker which looks beautiful and elegant with its minimalistic and sleek designs. Fits right into any room, we will recommend putting Dynaudio XEO 10 on desk stands for better sound quality and performance. It is a 2-way speaker system, comes with its signature 28mm soft-dome tweeter and a 14cm (5.5inch) MSP woofer. Each of these speaker driver is powered by a dedicated 65 Watts digital amplifier, which is fine-tuned to match the driver it is powering, giving the engineers greater control over the overall performance of the speakers. Thus giving you superior audio quality.

We plugged them into a power outlet and started playing our favorite songs/music via Bluetooth, and was immediately impressed by the level of scale it can deliver. The huge soundstage and the clarity are simply incredible for the speakers of their size. The dedicated power amps are really unleashing the full potential of the drivers, they sounded agile and confident, most importantly is so fun to listen to them. Dynaudio XEO 10 plays through all our favorite songs without missing a beat, vocals are natural and clear, the bass is tight and fast, mids are sweet and detailed. It is a revealing speaker but not to an extent that is clinical which is why we really enjoyed listening to them.

Dynaudio XEO 10 looks absolutely gorgeous and they sound amazing too. They can go loud with ease and don’t show any strains in the sound. We switched to line inputs, and there is a slight improvement in sound quality. This is an incredible ‘plug and play’ speaker which delivers nearly the same sonic performance as any traditional high fidelity separates but with more convenience and less clutter (more affordable too). Definitely worth an audition and your consideration.

Dynaudio Wireless Speakers Review

Dynaudio has been established in 1977 and they have a subsidiary that focuses on making professional studio monitors which are been used by thousands of studios globally. This shows that they are the top experts when it comes to designing active speakers. So you can imagine how good their wireless active speakers will be with all these years of expertise. Both their wireless series, XEO and Music have won many accolades and are highly praised by their critics.

For instance, we have just reviewed Dynaudio XEO 10, and found out how comparable it can be to a traditional high fidelity separates in terms of sound quality and performance. And Dynaudio Music 1 is one of the 10 best Bluetooth speakers for classical music, a portable Bluetooth wireless speaker that comes with a plethora of features and the sound quality is simply impressive.

Dynaudio Wireless Speakers Review

There’s no doubt about the build quality of Dynaudio wireless speakers and how good they sound. Dynaudio wireless speakers are definitely among the best in the world, the only brand which I can think that could have slightly better sound quality will be KEF. This is why I will be comparing Dynaudio XEO 10 to KEF LSX later on in this article (a little bit of foreshadowing).

XEO 2 Vs XEO 10 – How They Differ?

The most immediate difference you can see will be how much better Dynaudio XEO 10 looks when compared to XEO 2. There are no visible screws at the front of XEO 10 and with the new brushed finish, it looks more visually pleasing and sleeker than XEO 2. Okay, we now know XEO 10 looks aesthetically better but more importantly do they sound better? The answer is a big Yes!

Dynaudio Xeo 2 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

Dynaudio XEO 10 has a newer 14cm MSP woofer and has an updated tuning. With the updated tuning, XEO 10 has improved limiter algorithms thus has a better high-volume performance than XEO 2. This also allows XEO 10 to have a higher crossover point, which enhances the tweeter to reach deeper in its frequency range (bigger overlap with the woofer’s upper limit.) and has a smoother balance between the bass and treble than its predecessor XEO 2. The off-axis performance is also improved as well, giving you a wider sweet spot for easier speaker positioning.

XEO 2 Vs XEO 10

Both Dynaudio XEO 10 and XEO 2 are award-winning speakers and they are an ideal choice for premium quality wireless speakers. If budget is not an issue, you should go for Dynaudio XEO 10 as it has all the strengths of XEO 2 and with new upgrades, it is overall a better speaker than the latter. Dynaudio XEO 10 is pricier than XEO 2 but for the improved sound performance, it is worth the price difference. Not to mention, aesthetically it looks better.

Dynaudio XEO 10 Vs KEF LSX – How They Compare?

Can KEF LSX fare better than Dynaudio’s wireless speaker XEO 10? Right off the bat, XEO 10 has slightly more power output than KEF LSX, as the latter has 70 Watts driving the low-frequency driver and 30 Watts driving the high-frequency driver for each speaker. KEF LSX also has slightly smaller drivers, a 19mm aluminum dome tweeter, and a 115mm magnesium/aluminum alloy cone but the way they are combined together is different from XEO 10. KEF uses Uni-Q driver array where the tweeter is located at the center of the midrange and bass cone.

KEF LSX Wireless Speakers (Green, Pair))

Playing the same set of songs and music, the stereo imaging of KEF LSX is more refined, creating an accurate soundstage with more clarity, but the scale and depth of the soundstage fall behind Dynaudio XEO 10. The Dynaudio wireless speakers have more weight and presence, providing a more lifelike performance when compared to LSX. As we start to really drive these speakers, both speakers are able to hold their own with ease and also reproduce fast and tight bass. The overall sound quality of Dynaudio XEO 10 has more weight and a slightly more spacious soundstage than LSX, probably due to larger drivers able to move more air.

KEF LSX has more streaming features such as Spotify Connect, QQ Music, and Tidal. Furthermore, there is a subwoofer output that you can use to improve the lower frequency performance of your sound system. KEF LSX looks more stylish and modern than Dynaudio XEO 10, with the various colors you can choose from, this makes KEF LSX easier to fit into your house decors.

Dynaudio XEO 10 Vs KEF LSX

If we just look at the sound quality, XEO 10 fares a bit better but if we look at the full package including the price they are asking for. KEF LSX no doubt is the better of the two.

Final Verdict

You should definitely check out both Dynaudio XEO 10 and KEF LSX, both are exceptional in sound quality and they look stylish. If you could, audition both of them at the same time, see if you can notice the same difference which I have heard.

I am very excited to see how far will wireless speakers advance, will their sound quality ever surpass HiFi separates or at least be on par. That could be a possibility but right now, what I do know is that they are more affordable and more convenient than owning a HiFi separates. Fewer wires mean fewer problems.

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