Floor Standing Speaker Risers

Floor Standing Speaker Risers

Floor standing speakers come in various sizes as well as heights, and some of them can be rather short. The height of the floor standing speakers would not be an issue if the tweeters are at your ear level or can be slightly above too. What if the tweeters are far off? This will mean you are not getting the best sound quality from your floor-standers.

The easiest and quickest way to resolve this is to adjust your sitting position height so that to allow your ears to reach the level of the tweeters. This method might make you feel uncomfortable and is also not recommended if the chair’s backrest is right behind your head. The backrest will most likely negatively affect the sound quality you are hearing such as shrinking of the soundstage.

If changing your sitting position height is not viable, don’t worry, there’s no need to change your favorite chair. There are other ways to solve this matter and it might even further improve the overall sound quality.

Going for Floor-Standing Speaker Risers

You can choose to get floor-standing speaker risers with the right height so to ensure the tweeters reach your ear level. We suggest seeking help when trying to place your floor standing speakers on these risers as these loudspeakers can be really heavy. You should be able to hear some sonic improvements such as a more balanced music presentation, better overall clarity and accuracy throughout the frequency spectrum, and more. There are also speaker stands that enable you to adjust the speakers to an optimal angle of your preference.

Going for Floor-Standing Speaker Risers

Floor-standing speaker risers are usually modestly priced and we do have some listeners who prefer to DIY. If you are not experienced enough to make your own speaker stands, we highly suggest you get them from reputable companies.

Use the provided Floor-Standing Speaker Plinths

Speaker manufacturers may include the speaker plinths together with your floor-standing speakers. If this is the case, it is highly recommended to use them instead of getting new ones. These provided speaker plinths should fit the floor-standers nicely. You should use the correct feet and this will depend on the floor surface. For instance, you should use spikes if your floor-standing speakers are being placed on a carpet or use hard pegs.

Some of these speaker plinths/bases which come with the floor-standers should allow you to adjust the height. If not, then you might need to get external speaker stands and you can check with the manufacturer for recommendations.

Why Floor Standing Speaker Risers are needed?

Other than elevating the floor-standing speakers so that their tweeters are at your ear levels, there are also other benefits to using stands/risers. They will help to decouple your floor-standing speakers from the supporting floor surface. This helps to reduce unwanted vibrations thus improving the sound quality. You should notice improved clarity in the music presentations of your favorite tunes and a more focused stereo imaging.

Why Floor Standing Speaker Risers are needed

Floor standing speakers are powerful and dynamic performers, things like speaker positioning will affect their performance greatly. If you place the floor-standers near the corner of your room, the bass responses would get too pronounced thus upsetting the balance and deteriorating your listening experience. To achieve the best sound quality and performance from your floor-standing speakers, you will need to experiment their speaker placements until you find the right spot. Do seek help when moving heavy floor-standers and/or loudspeakers.

In Conclusion

It is definitely worth the effort and investment to get floor standing speaker risers for your floor-standers due to the many benefits. Still, we will advise arranging an audition to test this out. This is to see if you can hear any sonic improvements after using the speaker stands. For tweeter and ear height leveling, you can do an experiment on your own before getting the risers by positioning yourself accordingly. Do listen to at least a few of your favorite songs before finalizing your decision, the longer and more music you hear during the auditioning, the better you can judge if there’re any improvements after using the floor standing speaker risers. Do check out other articles such as Are Tower Speakers Better than Bookshelf Speakers and Do I Need a Subwoofer.

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