Focal Shape 65 vs Adam A7X - UPDATED 2021

Focal Shape 65 vs Adam A7X – UPDATED 2021

Can’t make up your mind whether to choose either Focal Shape 65 or Adam A7X studio monitors. Both are exceptional nearfield speakers and have won many prestigious awards that praise their sound quality and performance. Fear not, after you have gone through this article, you will be better informed and this will allow you to make a decisive purchase.

We all know how reputable and famous both these brands are, and how their studio monitors have helped so many professionals all over the world, to produce their musical masterpiece. Today we will be going to compare Focal Shape 65 and Adam A7X, to find out which nearfield monitor is better.

Focal Shape 65 – Specs and Price

Designed and made in France, Focal Share 65 is the reference model of its series. Specially crafted and built for nearfield monitoring which is about a meter distance between the speaker and listening position. One of the top innovative technology that Shape 65 possess is it new 1-inch “M” shaped aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter which has such incredible precision and sound definition that will reveal every single detail in your music/songs. Providing you with acoustic transparency and clarity with ease.

Focal Shape 65 Studio Monitor (Single)

It is also designed without a port that allows easy speaker placement, for instance, you can place Focal Shape 65 near a wall. Another innovation that Focal Shape 65 possess is that of the low tweeter directivity which makes it even easier to position them without deteriorating the sound quality. Shape 65’s 6.5-inch Flax sandwich cone woofer, not only provides you with controlled and articulated bass but will also reproduce natural midrange sound that is detailed and highly defined.

Focal Shape 65 Specifications

  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 40 Hz – 35 kHz
  • Inputs:
    • XLR: balanced 10kOhms
    • RCA: unbalanced 10kOhms with sensitivity compensation
  • Midrange and low-frequency amplifier: 80 Watts, class AB
  • High-frequency amplifier: 25 Watts, class AB
  • Adjustment Settings:
    • Adjustable Full range: 45/60/90Hz
    • Bass (0 – 250Hz): Adjustable, +/-6dB
    • Midrange/bass (160Hz, Q=1): Adjustable, +/-3dB
    • High (4.5 – 35kHz): Adjustable, +/-3dB
    • Power On/Power Of: On/off switch on rear panel
  • Woofer: 6.5-inch (16.5cm) Flax sandwich cone
  • Tweeter: 1-inch (25mm) ‘M’ profile Aluminum-Magnesium
  • Dimensions with four rubber feet: 14 x 8.6 x 11.2″ / 355 x 218 x 285mm
  • Weight: 28.2lb (8.5kg)

Focal Shape 65 Price

A pair of Focal Shape 65, will usually set you back at about $2,000. You can buy them separately which is roughly about $1,000 per piece.

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Adam Audio A7X – Specs and Price

Adam Audio’s A7X is their best-selling nearfield monitor, not because it is cheap but it is one of the most balanced and versatile monitors available on the market. Their innovative X-ART tweeter is handmade in Berlin, designed to produce highly detailed upper midrange and highs, with the folded diaphragms, it effectively reduced distortions to a minimum. Giving you a clean and clear sound which you can listen to for a long period of time without fatigue. The unique design of the X-ART tweeter is capable of fast direct response in the high-range no matter how complex the transients are.

ADAM Audio A7X Studio Monitor

The 7-inch woofer is made of Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber and with the bass reflex port, it will generate accurate and tight bass. The vertical 2-way system of A7X creates a high-resolution stereo image. The bass reflex port located at the front, allows Adam A7X to be positioned near walls.

Adam Audio A7X Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 42Hz – 50kHz
  • Input: XLR / RCA
  • Woofer Amplifier (RMS / Music): 100 Watts / 150 Watts, class PWM
  • Tweeter Amplifier (RMS / Music): 50 Watts / 75 Watts, class AB
  • Adjustment Settings:
    • Input Sensitivity: -∞ to +14 dB
    • High Shelf EQ > 5 kHz: ±6 dB
    • Low Shelf EQ < 300 Hz: ±6 dB
    • Tweeter Gain: ±4 dB
  • Woofer: 7-inch Woofer (17.5 cm) Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber cone material
  • Tweeter:
    • Equiv. Diaphragm: 2-inch (56mm)
    • Diaphragm Area: 4-inch² (2420mm²)
  • Dimension Height x Width x Depth: 13.5″ (337 mm) x 8″ (201 mm) x 11″ (280 mm)
  • Weight: 20.3lb (9.2kg)

Adam Audio A7X Price

A pair of them will cost you around $1,500 and it will be at about $750 per piece.

Focal Shape 65 or Adam Audio A7X – Which is better?

Both monitors sound neutral and not a single musical detail is missed. Adam Audio A7X overall sound is clearer and louder especially in the highs, as it could be the 50 watts RMS power amp. Really loving the high-end output of Adam A7X, it is crystal clear and effortless. Played some DSD files and I have more enjoyment with A7X than Focal Shape 65, but can be too clinical at times which is great for professional use though. Both monitors have strong bass output, but I find A7X a tad flatter and Shape 65 a bit livelier. Nonetheless, they still reproduce fast, accurate, and detailed bass.

These 2 monitors require breathing space, if placed too near to the walls, the bass start to lose its tightness and accuracy. Fortunately, both have adjustment settings which I can compensate accordingly. Focal Shape 65 is more flexible in speaker position but there will be a problem if the side walls are too near. This is due to their side bass radiators. Even so, positioning Shape 65 is bliss for small rooms like mine.

Which is better Focal Shape 65 or Adam Audio A7X?

When it comes to the aesthetic, Focal Shape 65 hands down looks better than A7X, with its flax sandwich cone material matching nicely with the natural walnut veneer. The Audio A7X not so much, but does emit a sense of stability and durability. In short, is all about work for Audio Adam A7X, this is the visual impression that it gives me.

It is difficult to select which one is better as the overall sound quality is almost the same. As both nearfield monitors are effortlessly revealing and don’t miss any details. Overall I find Focal Shape 65 more flexible and presentable, you can practically place them anywhere in your home. With the comprehensive adjustment settings and their good looks, I will bring this one home. But if budget is a concern and is more about practicality, then you should go for Adam A7X nearfield monitors. It has a longer manufacturer warranty too, so is really a great choice for professional work.

In Conclusion

In short, both Focal Shape 65 and Adam Audio A7X are amazing nearfield monitors, you will have every reason to buy these pair of speakers. Since sound quality is subjective, you should definitely audition them and have a listen. They are both definitely worth your time and consideration. Hopefully, I have helped in your decision-making in choosing which of these 2 fantastic speakers that you are more interested to bring home.

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