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The Genelec 8030 is smacked right in the middle of the Gelenec’s active 2-way monitor series, it is the go-to high-end studio monitor when you require a higher max SPL active speaker but in a compact form. The 8030C is the latest version and has a slight improvement in sonic performance over its predecessors. Comparing it with the larger studio monitor models in the series, the Genelec 8030 are more modestly priced which is friendly to our wallets.

They may be more affordable than the larger Genelec studio monitors but they also have lower bass output and extension. This is where we can add an active subwoofer into the mix and help improve the bass performance of your sound system. A matching subwoofer will be needed and we will need to work on your requirements too, so without further ado let us start.

Sonic Characteristics of the Genelec 8030 and Subwoofer Requirements

Even though the Genelec 8030 are pretty compact studio monitors, they are still capable of reaching an SPL volume of 104dB which is enough for nearfield listening. The high SPL volume is also partly thanks to the amount of power being driven into these studio monitors. The 0.75″ (19mm) metal dome tweeter has 50 Watts of power (Class D) been driven into it and the 5″ bass driver is powered with 50 Watts (Class D) as well. Genelec 8030 has an impressive frequency response of 47Hz-25kHz (-6dB) and is considered really good for a studio monitor of its size but also shows they are not capable of delivering subsonic bass frequencies prominently.

It comes with plenty of features and some of the notable ones will be the Intelligent Signal Sensing (for 8030C), helping the users to save power when not in use. The Room Response Controls will be another notable feature, you can use them to adjust and compensate your studio/room influences thus optimizing the Genelec 8030 studio monitors to perform their very best. You can also use it to increase the bass output of the monitors as the 8030 does sound a little light in the low-end department. The subsonic bass delivery lacks weight and prominence as well, and an active subwoofer will be essential in improving this part.

Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Each

We suggest not to push the Genelec 8030 too hard when it comes to bass reproduction as it may cause distortion which is common for small speakers. The overall bass performance of the 8030 studio monitors is still tight and accurate though. They sounded flat throughout the frequency range and we can hardly detect any colorations. This makes it ideal for both professionals and audiophiles who want the most faithful music presentation of their favorite tunes. There are a massive amount of music details revealed and they are been precisely produced too. The low-ends are well textured and detailed as well.

The Genelec 8030 are very neutral-sounding studio monitors which are great for audio mixing and mastering work. The partnering subwoofer must be able to keep up, not to mention, it needs to be highly accurate as well so as to match with the 8030 monitors. Going with studio subwoofers will be the safer option and you might want to jot it down as a requirement. Another requirement to consider will be how deep you want the subwoofer to dig into. Do you need a powered subwoofer that could deliver subterranean bass frequencies of down to 20Hz? If not, how deep into the bass extension do you require?

For nearfield listening, you probably wouldn’t need a large subwoofer and if you are having space issues, going with a compact-sized subwoofer can be a good solution. Do note that if you require a powerful and compact size sub, it can get rather expensive so you should work out a budget first. What type of features do you need from the subwoofer? Features such as phase switch, high crossover range, bass volume level, connectivities, and others, can be set as requirements. When you have looked through all possible subwoofer requirements, you can start checking out the list of the best subwoofers to pair up with the Genelec 8030.

Genelec 8030C Specifications

  • Type: 2-Way (Rear-firing bass port)
  • Frequency Response: 47Hz-25kHz (-6dB)
  • Drivers: 0.75″ (19mm) Metal Dome Tweeter, 5″ Bass Cone Driver
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 189mm x 299mm x 178mm | 7.4″ x 11.8″ x 7″
  • Weight: 5kg (11lbs)

Best Subwoofers to pair with Genelec 8030

The Yamaha HS8S is a highly rated ported studio subwoofer and will pair well with your Genelec 8030 studio monitors. This 8″ studio subwoofer is capable of delivering smooth and clean deep bass frequencies without sounding bloated or boomy. It is also very accurate which makes it a good match with the 8030 monitors. For a studio sub of this size and price, the HS8S could reach deep into the bass extension, its frequency range is from 22Hz to 150Hz and has total amplifier power of 150 Watts. Yamaha HS8S is definitely worth your time to hear them out.

More Information at Amazon – Yamaha HS8S

Listeners who are facing space constraints and do not want to compromise the bass quality might want to take a look at the Genelec 7040A. This is a very compact and slim professional subwoofer with an innate ability to produce very accurate deep bass frequencies via its 6.5″ driver powered by a Class D amplifier (50 Watts). The small footprint of the 7040A allows you to fit them nicely in a room with limited space. This studio sub is made by the same company that designed Genelec 8030 and they have similar sound signatures which gave us a seamless full-range sound reproduction.

PreSonus Temblor T10 is a solid 10″ studio subwoofer with high-quality deep bass performance and will match well with the Genelec 8030. It is rather compact for a sub with a 10″ driver and will be ideal for nearfield listening distance. The Temblor T10 is high-powered with up to 250 Watts of Peak power and has an impressive frequency response of 20Hz-200Hz. The PreSonus Temblor T10 extended the bass extension of the 8030 studio monitors smoothly and delivers a clean deep bass response with plenty of details to boot. Its bass reproduction is also accurate and agile.

More Info at Amazon – Presonus Temblor T10 Powered Studio Subwoofer

The Adam Audio Sub8 is another worthy subwoofer partner for your Genelec 8030 studio monitors. It only has an 8.5″ bass driver but it could still reach a max SPL of 110dB (1m) and is more than enough for nearfield listening. The frequency range is equally remarkable, it is between 28Hz to 150Hz and has a high peak power of 240 Watts. Adam Audio Sub8 delivers smooth and tight low-end frequencies which match well with the Genelec 8030. Its bass performance is highly accurate without exaggeration and this is important for precision work. Professionals and discerning audiophiles should certainly check this subwoofer out.

More Info at Amazon – Adam Audio Sub8 Powered Studio Subwoofer

If you have a tight budget, the PreSonus Eris Sub 8 will be a fine choice to go for. The Eris Sub 8 is a studio subwoofer with an 8″ front-firing paper-composite woofer and has up to 100 Watts of peak power provided by its Class AB amplifier. There is also a front-firing bass port to support the low-end performance of the sub. PreSonus Eris Sub 8 is an entry-level studio subwoofer with an affordable price tag and it has the deep bass accuracy to match with your Genelec 8030. At a nearfield listening distance, the Eris Sub 8 can go pretty loud, and is hard to nitpick a studio sub with this pricing.

More Info at Amazon – PreSonus Eris Sub 8 Compact Subwoofer

Preferring to stick with subwoofers designed by Genelec, then the Genelec 7050C will be an exemplary choice for you and your Genelec 8030 studio monitors. It is slightly larger than the 7040A but it is still compact enough to be suitable for rooms with tight spaces. Genelec 7050C has an 8″ bass driver is powered by a Class D amplifier with up to 130 Watts. Due to their similar sound signatures, both the Genelec 8030 and 7050C are able to work seamlessly together, providing its listeners with highly accurate and clean full-range sound reproduction. The Genelec 7050C studio sub is capable of digging down to 24Hz (-6dB).

To Conclude

To shortlist the subwoofers for an audition, you can use your subwoofer requirements. During the auditioning of the studio subwoofers, you will be able to finalize which sub matches really well with your Genelec 8030 studio monitors. The one that sounds the best to you will be the winner but you may want to ask for a second opinion if you are sharing the use of the studio subwoofer with another user/colleague. It will probably be wise to ask your colleagues to join you during the studio subwoofer auditions.

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