Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Amplifier

The Monitor Audio Bronze 6 is one of the most amazing talented floor-standing speakers at their price range, it is popular with audiophiles and praised by critics. The level of sonic performance even rivals some of the higher-priced loudspeakers, the Bronze 6 is truly a speaker that is worth every penny. And most certainly worth the investment to get an equally amazing amplifier to drive them.

Every speaker model has its own unique sonic characteristics, which we must find out. Along with the understanding of the speakers’ strengths and limitations, we can then get the matching amplifiers to pair with the specific speaker model. This is the type of information about Monitor Audio Bronze 6 that we need to get. Once we have them, we will be listing out the best amplifiers which we can go for and match them with the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 floorstanders.

Sonic Characteristics and Strengths of Monitor Audio Bronze 6

Out of the four cabinet finishes, we really like the Walnut and Rosemah vinyl the most. It gives off that premium feel and is beaming with elegance, we also find it easier to match with amplifiers when it comes to aesthetics. The Monitor Audio Bronze 6 will also look great in most homes and fit in nicely with your house decors. The speaker cabinet houses a beautiful 1 inch (25mm) C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, followed by a clean-looking 6.5 inch (165mm) C-CAM bass mid-range driver and below it, will be two 6.5 inch (165mm) C-CAM bass drivers. The combination of the cabinet finishes and the drivers’ colors, gives the Bronze 6 a pleasant and striking visual design. There is a rear-firing bass port located at the back of the speaker, so do place the Bronze 6 away from the rear walls.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 6 may not look as big as floor-standing speakers with 8 inch drivers but they are capable of digging deep into the bass extension, probably because of the speaker’s dual bass ports (front & back). Their frequency response is 34Hz-30kHz which is really impressive. The speaker sensitivity of 90dB is really good too. The starting recommended amplifier power is quite high which is 40 Watts, and the speaker can handle up to 150 Watts (RMS). Fortunately, the nominal impedance is 8 Ohms and most amplifiers with decent power outputs (including AV receivers) can efficiently drive the Monitor Audio Bronze 6.

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It is a pair of lively floor-standing speakers, the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 produces the overall sound delivery with clarity and transparency. The highs are crisp and clear, with a hint of spaciousness. The midrange is very detailed and blends in nicely with the high frequency, creating a highly defined and natural-sounding vocal. The instruments’ sound reproduction is impeccably accurate as well. The stereo imaging is precise and the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 is capable of delivering a large soundstage.

The bass reproduction is taut and agile, it punches when it needs to. Giving the overall sound reproduction an added weight and presence. The Monitor Audio Bronze 6 as expected, is able to hit a deep bass note and produces them out with accuracy. A subwoofer will be required though, to help with delivering the deepest of bass (from about 40Hz-15Hz). The tonality is well-balanced, the Bronze 6 is neutral sounding with a tad of brightness but never sounded overly bright or harsh when been pushed to high volumes.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 6 energetic delivery of the music sources, also makes them an ideal candidate for the left and right main channel of a home theater setup. The Bronze 6 loudspeakers are terrific all-rounders, able to handle most music genres. The speakers are mostly in control but do start to lose some of their composure and cohesion when handling comprehensive music scores with frantic pacing. All in all, at this price point, it is a pair of floor-standing speakers with exceptional sonic performance, and when partnered with the right matching amplifier, the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 will simply sound amazing. We will now share with you a list of the best amplifiers to pair with the Bronze 6 loudspeakers.

Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Specifications

  • Speaker Type: 2.5-way bass-reflex (front and rear-firing bass ports)
  • Drive Units: 1 inch (25mm) C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, 6.5 inch (165mm) C-CAM bass mid-range driver and two 6.5 inch (165mm) C-CAM bass drivers
  • Frequency Response: 34Hz-30kHz
  • Amplifier Requirements: 40-150 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 90dB
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1033mm x 235mm x 350mm | 40.7″ x 9.3″ x 13.8″ (Including Grille, Terminals, Plinths and Spikes)
  • Weight: 16.6kg (36lbs)

Best Amplifiers to match with Monitor Audio Bronze 6

The Peachtree Audio Nova150 is one of the best and most versatile integrated amplifiers in their price range, pairing the Nova150 with your Monitor Audio Bronze 6 will be an excellent choice. This amplifier with its ICEPower amplification pumping 150 Watts into 8 Ohms per channel, can easily drive your Monitor Audio Bronze 6 speakers and make them sing at high volume. It may be Class D but the ICEPower technology and preamplifier makes the overall music delivery sound musical and warm. The Home Theater Bypass feature is also useful if you want to integrate it into your existing AV receiver.

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The Parasound HINT 6 Halo integrated amplifier will provide you with an exceptional sonic performance that matches well with your Monitor Audio Bronze 6 speakers. The HINT 6 uses a dual-mono power supply and power amplifier, to drive high-quality and low distortion power into your Bronze 6 speakers. Giving you a lifelike performance that is lively and filled with energy, never sounding harsh even at reference level volume. The high bias class A/AB operation really does show its sonic purity when played through the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 speakers. The Parasound HINT 6 really deserves an audition with you.

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Denon AV receivers have amazing tonal balance, and great bass control, if you are on the lookout for an AVR then the Denon AVR-X6700H will be a fantastic choice. The Monitor Audio Bronze 6 speakers when placed too near to walls, may get too bass-heavy and starts to muddle. This is where the coveted Audyssey technology that comes with the AVR-X6700H will help, especially when subwoofers are being added in as well. The Audyssey will calibrate your speakers to work cohesively together and solving the acoustic problems of your listening room, ensuring your Monitor Audio Bronze 6 sounds their best. This AV receiver has an impressive scale and powerful presentation, that will provide an exhilarating home movie experience.

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Marantz AV receivers will be another go-to brand, especially when it comes to music and live performances. Marantz AVRs are slightly better than Denon AVRs when it comes to music playback, it is a tad warmer which helps to tone down the edges of your Monitor Audio Bronze 6 so it won’t go overly bright. Providing a fuller midrange and that full-bodied bass reproduction. Most Marantz AV receivers such as Marantz SR7013 and SR6015 also have built-in Audyssey MultEQ XT32 to skillfully tune and calibrate your Bronze 6 speakers. Still, it is best you have a side-by-side comparison with the shortlisted Denon AV receiver so that you can hear the difference using your own ears.

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If you don’t really like warm/dark sounding systems but also wary of an overly bright audio system. Perhaps the Cambridge Audio CXA81 will be an ideal amp partner for your Monitor Audio Bronze 6. This integrated amplifier has a bold and lively music presentation, along with its impeccable timing, your music listening sessions will never have a dull moment. The power output of the CXA81 is more than sufficient to drive the Bronze 6 floor-standing speakers but we recommend integrating an active subwoofer using the sub output. Their energetic performance also comes with plenty of details, the Cambridge Audio CXA81 is a suitable match for Monitor Audio Bronze 6 and is worthy of your time to have a listen.

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Other brands such as Hegel, for instance, their H190 are also well matched with the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 and introduces incredible musical sound quality but they are not within the same price range as the Bronze 6 speakers. If you are already using an existing AVR/Amplifiers but they do not have enough power to drive your Monitor Audio Bronze 6 speakers to release their fullest potential. Then getting power amplifiers may be a better option but will only work if your current system has Pre-Outs to connect them. Wyred 4 Sound makes some of the best Class D amplifiers (ICEPower) and are sanely priced. The ST mkII Series, ST-500, is a very powerful stereo amplifier and worth your time to check out. Cambridge Audio also makes high-performance power amps and at an affordable price range, take a look at their Azur 851W, or better yet hear them out.

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To Conclude

Even on their own, the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 are self-sufficient in the bass department but we will suggest mixing in a powered subwoofer will significantly improve the overall performance. You might want to check out Monitor Audio Bronze W10 active subwoofer. If possible when auditioning the amplifiers/AVRs listed here, you should also include the potential subwoofer that you are interested in and see if you like how the bass sounds when playing together with your Monitor Audio Bronze 6 loudspeakers.

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