NAD Masters M33

NAD M33 Review – UPDATED 2021 – Complete Guide To NAD Masters

NAD is one of the leading companies when it comes to affordable, sturdy Hi-Fi devices. It has also remained at the forefront in the introduction of innovative technologies – digital amplification and streaming. The Bluesound and BluOS technologies have been incorporated by the brand in several smart amplifiers including the M33.

M33 is a part of the Masters series of the brand introduced a decade ago to incorporate digital amplification into hi-fi amplifiers to level up the game. NAD M33 is a ‘BluOS-enabled DAC/amplifier’ that works as a complete system when you add speakers. In this review, let us take a closer look at this amplifier to see what makes it the best in class.

NAD M33 Review – UPDATED 2021

This is a high-performance streaming amplifier with amazing high fidelity sound, as the brand describes it, the NAD M33 is a BlueOS enabled component that you can add to a BluOS ecosystem of music players connected wirelessly across a network for a complete home theatre system.

NAD M33 Review


Output Power – 200W at 8ohms

Input Sensitivity – 865mV

Signal-to-Noise Ratio – 98dB

Peak Output Current – 25A

Frequency Response – +/- 0.2dB

Clipping Power – 210W

Dimensions – 435 x 133 x 396mm

Weight – 9.7kg

Design and Construction

The Masters Series M33 is built upon M10 and enlarges it from half to full-width. It uses the self-clocking Eigentakt technology from the Danish company Purifi. The NAD M33 has an eye-catching, large LCD touchscreen display and all-aluminum casework that looks elegant yet practical. It also has a nice volume knob at the right.

Rigid panels with magnetic iso-point feet build a sturdy foundation for the internal construction and circuit boards. There are seven digital inputs – two optical, two coaxial, one USB, one AES/EBU, and one HDMI. It also offers three analog inputs – a balanced XLR pair, a line-level RCA, and a phono input for a turntable.

The M33 features two subwoofer outputs, a pair of speaker outputs with adjustable crossover, and a 6.35mm headphone socket. There is also a Bluetooth antenna socket with an integrated Bluetooth aptX HD module that allows enjoying music on wireless headphones.

BluOS Streaming

Once connected to the network, the NAD M33 exhibits all the functionalities of the BluOS platform, the only true wireless High-Res multi-room system available at the time. The technology supports more than 20 free and paid subscription services and supports music libraries from local storage. The BluOS enables M33 to retain the audiophile features while adding facilities that expand its capabilities and simplify the ease of use.

With BluOS, the NAD M33 can stream from all the major music services including Internet Radio and others that offer high-res music such as Deezer and Tidal. It is also compatible with Alexa as well as Google Assistant so that you can control hands-free or use remote control. If you are planning to use the AirPlay 2 capability of the device to stream from an Apple device, you can even benefit from its compatibility with Siri.

The brand has also put effort into making the M33 compatible with all the smart home systems like Crestron, Apple, Lutron, Control4, and others. Moreover, there are two ‘MDC’ slots at the back aimed to use future NAD modules. This ‘Modular Design Construction’ that allows owners to tailor extra features to meet their needs makes the amplifier futureproof.

NAD Masters M33 – A Complete Guide

NAD Masters M33 is a substantial amplifier in terms of weight and size as well as a build quality that makes it special in the series. It has several vents above the sides for ventilation and eight other grilles through the top plate for added ventilation and a glimpse into the internal construction. The front of the device has a protruding black anodized housing the display, knob, and power button.


Networking and setting up the NAD M33 is quite simple. The product ships with a comprehensive user’s manual to help you get started with the amplifier quickly. The device can be connected to your home network either with a wired or wireless connection. You can simply connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the LAN port of your M33 and the other end to the router.

For a wireless connection, you can download and install the BluOS app on your Android or Apple phone and find the device ready for setup. An Easy Setup Wizard makes the process quick and easy. You just need to enter the details prompted on the wizard and the setup completes in a few minutes, making your amplifier ready for use on the home network.

Sound Quality

The NAD M33 incorporates the Eigentakt amplification technology that helps achieve a balance of minimal distortion and noise levels. It matches up to the performance of the most sophisticated equipment. The M33 is natural sounding with a relaxed experience combined with amazing transparency and detail. You can feel a smooth flow of music with a natural ambiance and spatial delineation.

The amplifier has thoughtfully put together high-quality components to deliver a sound quality like none other in the line. It leverages innovative technologies from the brand to offer accuracy and involvement when it comes to sound. With support for a wide variety of input types, possibilities are endless with this device.

NAD HiFi Review – What You Should Know?

NAD has earned a reputation for offering solid yet affordable hi-fi components equipped with the latest technologies including the BluOS wireless platform that it puts into its range of popular amplifiers. The brand offers a number of powerful hi-fi amplifiers to add flexibility to any stereo system. Most amplifiers can stream wirelessly from any source to allow you to listen to your favorite apps or libraries in high fidelity sound.

The M33 is the latest introduction from the company in its hi-fi range introduced as a streaming amplifier that delivers more than 200W per channel for lifelike performance. Such power means there is nothing that the amp cannot drive. And with the Class D nature, it maintains temperature with satisfactory power consumption. It is loaded with Dirac, the powerful Room Correction system that not just adjusts for frequency response but also optimizes impulse response to make them sound more natural.

NAD HiFi Review

NAD has worked hard to create high-performance Class D amplifiers that deliver beautiful sound and energy efficiency. The components feature a highly efficient power supply that meets the demands of the most dynamic music. The design is linear over a wide bandwidth to be able to provide noise-free, consistent performance during amplification with perfect voltage regulation. The do-it-all amplifiers give you the flexibility of adding the component to any existing system including TV and modern home theatre systems.

NAD – All In One Integrated AMP

The Masters series from NAD introduces several new technologies enclosed in a world-class finish and fit. These all-in-one integrated amps are designed to prove that high technology, high fidelity audio, and advanced design should not always cost a fortune. These amps feature two of the latest amplifier technologies. The DirectDigital, the first closed-loop digital amplification in the world in the form of a digitally-controlled DAC that amplifies.

NAD All in One

Such an amp can compare the input and output and correct the result every 10 ns to reduce domain conversions and deliver a pure and vivid sound. Another technology is the HybridDigital that thoughtfully blends the best of digital and analog worlds to create a platform outperforming analog components even when the music comes from a traditional source.

The all-in-one integrated amps from the Masters series of NAD are designed by award-winning designers to be the first high-fidelity component featuring a programmable front panel. All the readouts and switches are software-controlled and can be easily updated as new features are employed. The MDC chassis makes the devices future-proof, allowing easy upgrades with additions in the hardware and software as they are available.

NAD M33 Vs Naim Uniti Nova – How They Differ?

Naim Uniti Nova All-in-One

Both NAD M33 and Naim Uniti Nova are music-streaming integrated amplifiers that deliver exceptional sound in your home system. Both these devices can handle popular streaming services and offer support for AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. They resemble a lot in terms of design, functionality, and features, delivering everything you would want in a perfect home theatre system.

NAD M33 Vs Naim Uniti Nova

The first difference between M33 and Uniti Nova is the Roon certification. The NAD supports BluOS but misses this control option that Naim components include. The M33 is more aesthetically pleasing as compared to Uniti Nova, with the general assembly, gaps and finish, all on point. However, the Uniti Nova has more reliable handsets though M33 is mostly controlled with the app. The Nova also does not have the ability to display a pair of VU meters.


The NAD M33 is one of the best all-in-one streaming amplifier solutions available. It is a success in all the important aspects and represents the brand’s adoption of the latest amplification technologies and the new heights of power of the Masters series. Sturdy build, a wide range of inputs, great visuals, friendly touchscreen, and high-quality remote – it ticks all the boxes.

The performance is delivered at a level that meets NAD’s reputation for innovation and advancements in the hi-fi industry. The NAD M33 offers amazing audiophile specifications, design, flawless functionality, and BluOS integration that would enable it to deliver universal music playback.

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