Q Acoustics 3030i Matching Amplifier

Q Acoustics 3030i Matching Amplifier

The Q Acoustics 3030i is the largest bookshelf speaker model of the successful and popular 3000i series. Most of the models in the 3000i series have gained rave reviews as well as multiple awards. The Q Acoustics 3030i is no exception to these glories, this large stand-mounter has garnered plenty of accolades over the years and is still sought after even to this day.

For such a remarkable bookshelf speaker, the Q Acoustics 3030i definitely deserves to be paired with amplifiers that are compatible and complement them. We will be planning to list out the best amplifiers to go for later on, but first, in order to find matching amplifiers, we will need to learn more about the sonic characteristics of the Q Acoustics 3030i loudspeakers.

Sonic Characteristics and Strengths of Q Acoustics 3030i

The Q Acoustics 3030i has a pretty deep speaker cabinet which is our very first impression and when we look at the frequency response, it got us a little excited. The 3030i seems to be capable of delivering deep bass of down to 46Hz and could go up to 30kHz which is really impressive for a bookshelf speaker. The 6.5″ (165mm) mid/bass driver coupled with the rear-firing bass port located at the back of the cabinet does reassure us further on their bass performance. The Q Acoustics 3030i has a 0.9″ (22mm) decoupled tweeter situated right above the mid/bass driver. We would suggest giving them some breathing space, around 1ft (30cm) away from the walls.

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The Q Acoustics 3030i gives off that premium feel even though it is a pair of modestly priced bookshelf speakers. With their matching Q Acoustics 3030i speaker stands, they will look great in most listening rooms and match aesthetically well with modern amplifiers. The speaker sensitivity of 88dB is good and the impedance of 6 Ohms (min. 4 Ohms) is still not bad. When it comes to recommended amplifier power, the Q Acoustics 3030i will need 25 Watts to 75 Watts if it is driven by a stereo amplifier but will need 50 Watts to 145 Watts (2 channels driven) if is powered by an AV receiver.

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This pair of stand-mounters certainly can move a lot of air, filling the room with musical presence and the bass is bigger than expected. The bass delivered is taut and agile, blending in nicely with the rest of the frequencies, adding weight to the overall sound reproduction. The deep bass delivery is impressive as well, it is quite prominent but never overbearing. In a stereo setup, you probably wouldn’t need to add a subwoofer as the Q Acoustics 3030i is sufficient enough to handle most music genres. The overall bass performance of the 3030i will do nicely in a home theater setup and this is when you will need to add an active subwoofer into the mix.

The large-scale sound and generous bass output are well-controlled, giving us a balanced music performance where is not laid-back or too punchy. The amazing dynamics of the Q Acoustics 3030i do provide us with enough engagement needed to enjoy listening to our favorite tunes. They are also capable of producing a high level of details including subtle musical nuances. You can push the volume up and the 3030i remains composed, not to mention, there are no hard edges and does not sound harsh at all. The overall sound reproduction is neutral and warm, allowing us to listen to them for hours on end.

We love how the Q Acoustics 3030i handles the flow of the music, sometimes delivering to us quite an impactful crescendo. There’s seldom a dull moment and we really enjoy listening to them. As mentioned earlier, the 3030i bookshelf speakers will perform well in a home theater environment but do lack when it comes to subterranean bass level reproductions and so will require the support of an active subwoofer. All in all, Q Acoustics 3030i is certainly one of the top bookshelf speakers in their price range. With this information, we can now start listing the best amplifiers that you can go for and match with your Q Acoustics 3030i speakers.

Q Acoustics 3030i Specifications

  • Speaker Type: 2-Way (Rear-Firing Bass Port)
  • Drive Units: 0.9″ (22mm) decoupled tweeter, 6.5″ (165mm) mid/bass driver
  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB, -6 dB): 46Hz–30kHz
  • Recommended Stereo Amplifier Power: 25-75 Watts
  • Recommended AV Receiver Power (2ch. driven): 50-145 Watts
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms (min. 4 Ohms)
  • Sensitivity (2.83v/1m): 88dB
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 325mm x 200mm x 329mm | 12.8″ x  7.9″ x 13″
  • Weight: 6.4kg (14.1lbs)

Best Amplifiers to match with Q Acoustics 3030i

The Cambridge Audio CXA61 is one of the best amplifiers to match with the Q Acoustics 3030i especially if you want to add more excitement to your music listening experience. With a power output of 90 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms, the CXA61 can drive the 3030i with ease. This bold integrated amplifier has plenty of attacks with a fluid delivery and the amazing stereo imaging of the amp complements the Q Acoustics 3030i speakers really well too. The overall music presentation becomes more engaging all thanks to the confidence of the Cambridge Audio CXA61, not to mention, it has precision and clarity as well.

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The Rega Elex-R is another amazing integrated amplifier that can add more excitement and energy to the overall sound reproduction of your audio system. The pacing is fast and agile, providing us with a more enthusiastic music presentation without compromising accuracy. The energetic performance also comes with plenty of details and intricacies. The Q Acoustics 3030i sonic characteristics match well with the Rega Elex-R as the speakers are quite warm sounding and the bass performance complements the integrated amplifier too. The Rega Elex-R is a musical amplifier that is worth your time to check out.

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If you prefer a warmer and smoother music presentation, then the Marantz PM6007 will be an excellent choice for you. Its current feedback amplifier has enough power to drive the Q Acoustics 3030i stand-mounters and there is also a subwoofer output to connect to an active sub if you want to improve the overall bass performance. The music delivery may be smooth and pleasing but there is enough punch to engage you. Furthermore, the full-bodied music presentation and revamped phono equalizer are great for vinyl playbacks. There is also a built-in D/A converter with up to 192-kHz/24-bit resolution.

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For listeners who have a tighter budget, the Denon PMA-600NE will be an ideal choice for you. It is an affordably priced integrated amplifier with 70 Watts per channel (4 Ohms) power output and packed with a plethora of features. It has a built-in D/A converter that supports up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution and Bluetooth connectivity for users who prefer music streaming via their mobile devices. There is also a MM Phono Equalizer for turntable users and we would suggest using the Analog Mode for an even more detailed music presentation. The sonic characteristics of the Denon PMA-600NE are well suited to pair with the Q Acoustics 3030i and at this price point, there is nothing to really complain about.

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Marantz also makes exceptional AV receivers, one of them will be the SR5015, a 7.2 channel 8K UHD AVR. It has a power output of 140 Watts into 6 Ohms (with 2 channels driven), more than enough to drive the Q Acoustics 3030i bookshelf speakers. The way the Marantz SR5015 is tuned by their sound masters, give them an edge over other AVRs when it comes to musicality. The smooth sound reproduction with a touch of warmth is not only exemplary for music playbacks, but it would also be excellent for vinyl sources. The SR5015 AVR uses Audyssey to auto-calibrate and optimizes the Q Acoustics 3030i speakers to sound their absolute best in any given listening room.

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For a more all-rounded AV receiver, you might want to go with Denon AVR-X3700H, it is a 9.2 channel 8K AVR that performs well for both music and home theater use. You should also integrate at least 1 powered subwoofer into your HT system so that it could deliver the very deep bass frequencies which the Q Acoustics 3030i speakers are unable to produce. You can stick with Q Acoustics subwoofers if you prefer a more cohesive sonic performance or go with SVS subwoofers. You can check out SVS PB-1000 Pro which is a powerful active subwoofer that could reach down to 17Hz and it is sanely priced as well.

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To Sum It Up

You can run through the list to see which amplifier best suits your needs and requirements. Shortlist the amps and arrange an audition together with your Q Acoustics 3030i speakers, listen to them, see if you like what you are hearing. Do include the subwoofer that you will be getting during the audition as this will give you a more accurate result. These are some of the finest amplifiers that you can go for and all of them are worth the time for you to check them all out.

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