Rega Elicit R Speaker Match

Rega Elicit R Speaker Match

Rega Elicit-R is an astounding integrated amplifier that has garnered plenty of prestigious awards, such as the best stereo amplifier for three consecutive years in a row given by What Hi-Fi?. For such an amazing amplifier, it is incredibly important to get the best matching speakers. Finding the right speakers to pair with Rega Elicit-R will bring out the best sound quality that both the amplifier and speakers are able to reach.

Before we start listing out the best matching speakers for Rega Elicit-R, it is recommended to find out more about this premium stereo amp. To fully understand the sound characteristics, its strength, and weakness, from there we will be able to pinpoint what type of speakers are the best to pair with Elicit R.

Sound Characteristics and Specifications of Rega Elicit-R

Rega Elicit-R is a very powerful integrated amplifier with a power output of 105 watts per channel into 8 Ohms, 127 watts per channel into 6 Ohms, and 162 watts per channel into 4 Ohms. Powerful enough to drive both bookshelf and floor standing speaker types, this will give you a wide choice of speaker options. The frequency response is equally impressive as well, using 80 watts into 8 Ohms via line inputs, the range of Elicit-R will be from 10Hz (-1dB) to 85KHz (-3dB). With this, it will further widen the choice of speakers.

The aesthetic look and feel of Rega Elicit-R are stylish and sleek, immediately you will feel that it is a modern amplifier, making it easier to match with most modern speakers’ design. The red LED indicators may look a bit aggressive at first but after a while, it just blends in well with the overall black color casing of the amplifier. It probably won’t match well with retro-looking or vintage speakers, in terms of aesthetic that is.

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The precision and timing are impeccable which brings out the excitement and impact of music with master-class control. Immediately the Rega Elicit-R will pull you into the music, immersing you with intricate musical details. It is a very revealing amplifier that is not shy in showing you the good and the bad of your recordings. Due to the detailed sound reproduction, everything sounded natural and realistic which makes you want to invest more of your time to listen to more of your favorite songs. The bass is tight and agile, rich with details, delivering you a realistic playback of percussion types of equipment right in front of you.

Rega Elicit-R doesn’t let up when it comes to details as well as how the music is being delivered. Due to that, this amplifier may sound a bit bright and not as smooth sounding as some other amps under the same price range. The transparency of Rega Elicit-R is its greatest strength as even the least audible details are clear as day, a faithful music presentation of what the artists have intended. The overall sound quality is not colored and for those listeners who like warm-sounding amps, probably Rega Elicit-R is not a good choice for you. For music lovers who want to hear everything, then Rega Elicit-R will be an ideal choice.

The impeccable timing and transparency of Elicit-R are really amazing, always in control, never missing any details, and do not choke when the music starts to get busy. Other than the sound performance, it has also other notable features such as a remote control that you can use to control Elicit-R as well as other Rega-R series products, which is pretty convenient. With all this data in our hands, we can now find the best matching speakers for Rega Elicit-R.

Rega Elicit-R Specifications

  • Power Outputs: 105 watts per channel into 8Ω, 127 watts per channel into 6Ω, and 162 watts per channel into 4Ω
  • Frequency Response:
    • Line Inputs: 10Hz (-1dB) to 85KHz (-3dB)
    • Phono input: 15Hz to 85KHz (-3dB)
  • Inputs: 5 line inputs (4+ Switchable MM), Direct input
  • Outputs: Preamp Output, Record Output
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 432mm x 82mm x 340mm (17″ x 3.23″ x 13.39″)
  • Weight: 13kg (28.7lbs)

Best Matching Speakers to pair with Rega Elicit-R

PMC Twenty 23 will be a great option due to its approachable nature, you can easily match them with Rega Elicit-R amplifier. The sound characteristics are almost the same as the amp, it delivers very detailed music playback with tight and balance control. It is still exciting to hear them as well, but they are not as smooth sounding as other floorstanders. Their bass response may not have the scale and depth as the other bigger floor standing speakers but they sure are rich and taut. In terms of agility and finesse, PMC Twenty 23 are better than some of the bookshelf speakers at the same price range.

For bookshelf speakers, Neat Motive SX3 will be one of the ideal matching speakers if you want to add a bit more spice to your music. It has the capability of delivering your favorite tunes with that energy that is fun and entertaining. Their expressive mids and dynamic sound really capture our attention, without losing any exposure or details, you will just want to keep listening to them nonstop. Definitely worth your consideration and worthy of your time to do an audition with them.

Another impressive bookshelf speaker which you can go for will be the KEF R3. The resolution and clarity of its sound reproduction are simply astounding. Not to mention the impressive bass weight and scale, that exceeded our expectations. The soundstage is spacious and the sound imaging is extremely accurate, providing you with a stable lifelike performance. Pairing them together is like a match made in heaven, the sound quality is absolutely mesmerizing, and if you want more bass, you can always go for KEF R5 but it will sound slightly less refined than KEF R3 though.

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If budget is not an issue, you might want to go with Ophidian P3 Evolution, which is a powerful sounding floorstanding speaker that delivers deep bass extension which will shake your room. P3 Evolution is a warm and smooth-sounding speaker where the treble is easy on the ears, with dynamically expressive midrange and powerful bass response. This is a pair of speakers that is suitable for all genres of music, and no matter what type of music you are listening to, you will most definitely going to enjoy them.

ProAc Studio 118 matches very well with the Rega Elicit-R amplifier, it has the precision and finesses to match the amplifier’s characteristics. On its own, ProAc Studio 118 has a natural sound balance, the crisp sound is sweet to listen to and the liveliness of the sound delivery just makes you want to tap your feet. The sound may be a tad bright but if it doesn’t bother you then this combination will be one of the top choices. You should really hear them out, and see if they suit your preference.

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Usually, ProAc speakers such as Studio SM100 are a good match with Rega’s amplifiers, you should audition more of them if possible. Other brands that you should also look out for will be Mordaunt Short, Heybrook, and Rega. Rega’s very own floor-standing speakers, the R3, will be a very good match as well. You might want to avoid speakers that are too bright sounding. Q Acoustics speakers are fantastic choices too, and usually outperform quite a few speakers that are more expensive than them.

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To Sum It Up

You can always use these recommendations as references and search for speakers on your own. As mentioned, it is best to avoid bright-sounding speakers, and sticking with warm-sounding ones is a safer choice. It is great that Rega Elicit-R is powerful enough to drive most floor standing speakers (8ohms) but for 4ohms speakers, especially the floorstanders, you might want to avoid them. Hopefully, with the details stated in this article, you will be able to find your dream speakers which you can use to pair with Rega Elicit-R.

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