Sony SSCS5 Subwoofer

We all know how good the Sony SSCS5 budget bookshelf speakers are, other than being incredibly affordable, they are also rather capable. The performance you are getting is well worth the price these bookshelf speakers are asking for and it is difficult to nitpick them. due to this, You might want to check out our article about matching an amplifier to the Sony SSCS5 so as to learn more about these bookshelf speakers.

They are a popular choice when it comes to getting a pair of budget speakers for your sound system. Just check out the tons of positive ratings the Sony SSCS5 has received over the years. For a budget speaker at this price range, there is nothing much to nitpick but if we were to pick one, then it would be about their bass performance. The Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers simply don’t have much bass output and can sound too lean to some listeners.

This does come as no surprise since it is a pair of small bookshelf speakers, not to mention, at this pricing. Fortunately, this weakness can be easily resolved by adding a subwoofer into the mix. A powered subwoofer can supplement the bass thus improving the overall sonic performance, and giving you more low-end impact.

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The type of subwoofer to go for will highly depend on your needs and setups. If you are using a stereo sound system setup and mainly listen to music, you might want to consider using a sealed cabinet subwoofer. If you are a home theater enthusiast and are currently using Sony SSCS5 as one of the speaker channels, e.g. rear surround speakers. You should consider using a ported subwoofer.

We do suggest you take some time to work out your requirements. It could be working on your budget, checking how big of a subwoofer you’ll need, and others. The size of the subwoofer you’ll require will depend on how large is your room. If your AVR allows you to connect two subwoofers, you might not need as big of a sub. When you are firm with what you want, please check out the list of the best subwoofers to go with your Sony SSCS5 speakers below.

Best Subwoofers for Sony SSCS5

The Sony SACS9 is probably the best subwoofer to go with your Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers. Not only they are made by the same company but the Sony SACS9 is also designed to match well with these Sony stand-mounters. This is a 10″ subwoofer that will integrate seamlessly with the Sony SSCS5 speaker, giving your sound system more impact. The SACS9 is ideal for movie playbacks due to its punchy bass performances and the excitement it adds to your experience.

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If you want even more low-end impact then you should take a look at the SVS PB-1000. It may cost more than the Sony SACS9 subwoofer but the price difference is justifiable. This 10″ SVS ported subwoofer is more powerful than the SACS9 sub, with up to 720 Watts of peak power. SVS PB-1000 is capable of reaching down to 19Hz, giving you a full-range sound reproduction when paired with your Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers. The subterranean bass reproductions of the SVS PB-1000 are really impressive for an entry-level ported sub.

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As mentioned, if you mainly listen to music, you should seriously consider getting a sealed cabinet subwoofer such as the SVS SB-1000. A sealed subwoofer can match well with your Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers due to its tight and articulate bass performance. Making your bookshelf speakers sound like floor-standers. SVS SB-1000 is a 12-inch sealed subwoofer with an RMS power of 300 Watts. It is able to deliver very deep bass and doesn’t sound overly exaggerated, allowing you to clearly hear the upper registers coming from your Sony SSCS5 speakers.

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Do you find the SVS SB-1000 too large for you or are you facing space constraints? If you say yes to either one then please take a look at the Kanto SUB6. This is a 6″ sealed subwoofer with a very compact design. It allows you to easily find a spot in your room to place this low-profile subwoofer. The delivery of the bass is tight and is rather full-sounding even though the sub is small in size. The price of the Kanto SUB6 is affordable which makes it a suitable choice for your Sony SSCS5 since both of them are within the same price range.

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The Polk Audio PSW10 is one of the best subwoofers to match with your Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers. Like the Sony stand-mounters, the Polk Audio PSW10 has very high positive ratings even though it is a budget subwoofer model. The performance you are getting from this 10″ ported subwoofer is worth every single penny invested and some even say it is comparable to subwoofers that cost slightly more. Based on such excellent ratings, you certainly should give this Polk Audio subwoofer serious consideration.

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For Sony SSCS5 speaker owners who are not sure whether to go with a ported or sealed subwoofer. You might want to turn to SVS PB-1000 Pro. This is a powerful ported subwoofer with a feature that allows you to switch it to “Sealed” mode. This does make it an ideal subwoofer for both movies and music playbacks We do find it is still more suited for home theater use though. With 820+ Watts of peak power at your disposal, you can now really enjoy an exhilarating home cinematic experience with impactful bass performances.

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In Conclusion

Your sound system will improve drastically when you integrate a subwoofer into the mix. The low frequencies that are missing when you only use a pair of Sony SSCS5 speakers can now be produced by the subwoofer. When your HT system can deliver full-range sound reproduction, you will then be able to truly enjoy action flicks since most of these soundtracks could reach down to 20Hz bass extension quite often.

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