Speakers for Cyrus 8VS2

The Cyrus brand has impressed many HiFi enthusiasts throughout the years and gained its fair share of fans. This is partly due to how high of quality their products are and the Cyrus 8VS2 is one of them which has received plenty of positive ratings from its satisfied owners.

Without a matching pair of speakers, you won’t be able to hear how good the Cyrus 8VS2 sounds though. This is why we are going to share with you a list of the best speakers which you can choose and match with your Cyrus 8VS2. Before that, let’s learn more about this amplifier.

Sound Characteristics and Strengths of Cyrus 8VS2

The Cyrus 8VS2 is an integrated amplifier with a modest price point and this allows many HiFi enthusiasts to have a chance to own it. This Cyrus amplifier has a continuous output power of 70 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms which is decent. You can drive many bookshelf speakers with this output power as long they are not demanding. Small and easy-to-drive floor-standing speakers can be a consideration too. You will need sufficient room space to accommodate a pair of floor-standers.

The overall audio reproduction of the Cyrus 8VS2 is full-sounding, partly thanks to the bass performance. It has ample weight and doesn’t sound overly exaggerated, more towards the fun side. The high frequencies don’t sound bright. This allows you to turn up the volume without worrying about the amp sounding shrill. There are plenty of details present in its music delivery and the soundstage is rather spacious as well.

Cyrus 8VS2 has warm and musical sound characteristics, as it is not bright sounding, you will be able to enjoy your music for hours on end. It doesn’t sound dull and the accuracy of its music delivery is amazing. The Cyrus 8VS2 sounds more beautiful than it actually looks. If you want to further improve the sound quality, you can consider adding the Cyrus PSX-R. This Cyrus integrated amplifier certainly deserves to be matched with high-quality speakers and we will be sharing them with you now.

Best Speakers for Cyrus 8VS2

The Q Acoustics Concept 30 is one of the best speakers for Cyrus 8VS2. This is a pair of bookshelf speakers which can give you a punchy music presentation, making full use of the 8VS2 bass performance. Concept 30 will also help expand the soundstage by giving you a big music presentation. It will be an ideal pair of speakers if you prefer to add more fun to your music-listening sessions. The Cyrus 8VS2 will have enough amplifier power to really drive the Q Acoustics Concept 30 stand-mounters.

More Information on Q Acoustics Concept 30 at Amazon UK

The Dali Oberon 1 is another pair of bookshelf speakers to check out if you like bold-sounding music presentations. It does have a lack of bass weight and impact which can be good for Cyrus 8VS2 owners who want to tame the low-end. The Dali Oberon 1 however has amazing vocal reproductions and you will be marveled at why a bookshelf speaker of this price range is so good at it. They are compact in size and will be ideal for smaller listening rooms or bedrooms.

More Information on Dali Oberon 1 at Amazon

KEF LS50 Meta is definitely one of the best speakers to match your Cyrus 8VS2 amplifier. It is a pair of multi-award-winning bookshelf speakers which has many fans and is highly praised by critics all over the world. The KEF LS50 Meta will help add more clarity to the overall sound reproduction, revealing subtle music details. It also helps to deliver a tighter and more accurate bass performance. The warm sonic characteristic of the Cyrus 8VS2 helps to smoothen the rough edges, giving the music presentation a slightly fuller sound.

More details of KEF LS50 Meta can be found at Amazon

Are you looking for a pair of floor-standing speakers instead? The Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 will be an excellent choice to go for. It has garnered plenty of accolades and is well-received by critics. It has good control over the music, and never sounded stressed. Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 floor-standers are also capable of revealing music details and subtle nuances. The speakers punch hard when it needs to and for a pair of floor-standing speakers, they are modestly priced. It is a terrific match with your Cyrus 8VS2 integrated amp.

More details of Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 at Amazon

If you prefer to add brightness and cut down the warm sonic characteristics of your Cyrus 8VS2. You might want to check out the Klipsch RP-8000F floor-standing speakers. These are large speakers and will be good for a big listening room. Due to their high speaker sensitivity, the 8VS2 amplifier is able to drive these floor standers. They have received high ratings from their users and for a pair of floor-standing speakers of this price and size, it is certainly worth your time to give them an audition.

More Information about Klipsch RP-8000F at Amazon

Cyrus 8VS2 users who prefer large bookshelf speakers might want to take a look at the award-winning KEF Q350. The Cyrus 8VS2 integrated amp will be powerful enough to drive them efficiently. They may be bookshelf speakers but the Q350s are more than capable of projecting a spacious soundstage filled with rich music details. The Cyrus amp will add some of its warmish sonic characteristics and make the music delivery sound a bit fuller. Its punchy performance will go well with the KEF Q350 too.

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To Sum It Up

We have taken the listed speakers’ price points into consideration so feel free to take a look at all of them. It would be even better if you could arrange an audition with some of these speakers. From there, you will be able to hear how good they sound. Bring along your own Cyrus 8VS2 during the auditioning of the potential speakers so as to get the most accurate test results.

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