Subwoofer for Q Acoustics BT3

Subwoofer for Q Acoustics BT3

Having speaker cables running all over the place can be unsightly and ruin your room’s decor. Not to mention, the speaker cables do take up space as you can’t place anything heavy on them. This might damage the wiring thus lowering the sound quality of the speakers or completely breaking the wires internally.

Fortunately for us, there are high-quality wireless speakers from which we can choose and one of them will be the Q Acoustics BT3. This pair of wireless speakers have won multiple awards and is not just because of its connectivity. The main reasons for its accolades would be the good sound quality and an amazing alternative to built-in TV speakers. They are easy on the ears which enables you to listen to the BT3 for hours on end without feeling listeners’ fatigue.

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When pushed the Q Acoustics BT3 doesn’t sound overly bright or cringed, it is smooth sounding and has a hint of warmth to it. The stereo imaging is impressive for the money, especially for a wireless speaker. The clarity in the midrange reproduction is good as well, allowing us to hear vocals or dialogues with ease. Bass performances however lack impact and don’t go deep enough. This makes it less exciting to watch movies with the Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers. Still, if you like agile and fast low-end performance, then you wouldn’t mind using BT3.

One of the many features of Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers that can help improve the situation will be the subwoofer output. By connecting to an active subwoofer, your sound system will be able to deliver deeper and more powerful low frequencies. Watching movies would be a lot more exciting. Listening to bass-heavy soundtracks would be more fun as well. If getting a powered subwoofer is what you have been planning then please check out the list we have prepared for you. These are the best subwoofers you can get and match with your Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers.

Best Subwoofers for Q Acoustics BT3

You probably chose Q Acoustics BT3 due to space constraints or simply don’t want to clutter your room. The Q Acoustics 3060S is an ideal subwoofer option for this case. It has a very slim profile and allows you to easily place it in the corner of your room or under your desktop. As they are both made by the same company, the bass performance of the Q Acoustics 3060S sub should blend in seamlessly with the Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers. There are a few color options to choose from and you can pick the one which matches well with your wireless speakers.

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Do you want an affordable subwoofer that doesn’t compromise the bass performance? Check out the Polk Audio PSW10 if you do. It is a very highly rated 10″ ported subwoofer and a few of the users even compared PSW10 to subs which cost more. This is certainly a worthy match for your Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers. The Polk Audio PSW10 doesn’t sound boomy and is rather agile for a ported subwoofer at this price point.

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For Q Acoustics BT3 users who really want an agile subwoofer, you should take a look at the SVS SB-1000 Pro. This is a high-performance sealed cabinet subwoofer with a 12″ SVS driver powered by a 325W RMS amplifier. It can go incredibly deep into the bass extension, delivering floor-rumbling low frequencies. The SVS SB-1000 Pro is fast and will keep pace with your Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers. It is an amazing choice for music listeners especially those who listen to a lot of bass-heavy songs.

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If you are a Q Acoustics fan, you might want to get their first-ever 12″ sealed cabinet subwoofer. The model is called Q Acoustics Q B12 and will be an excellent choice for your Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers. Since they are from the same company, their sound signatures should be very similar and will allow them to deliver seamless overall sound reproduction. The RMS power is 220W which is lower than the SVS SB-1000 Pro. It would be sufficient for users who don’t push their subs too hard.

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The SVS PB-1000 Pro is one of the best subwoofers to go with your Q Acoustics BT3. This is a very powerful entry-level ported subwoofer and will be great for watching movies. It can deliver subterranean bass frequencies of below 20Hz and fill your small listening room with an immense low-frequency presence. Another cool feature of the SVS PB-1000 Pro will be the option to switch to “Sealed” mode. This feature makes the PB-1000 Pro a very versatile active subwoofer.

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Q Acoustics BT3 owners who are still interested in sealed cabinet subwoofers but want a model which is compact. Then the Kanto SUB6 will be an exceptional choice to go for. It is a small sealed subwoofer with a 6″ paper cone driver and has an amplifier with a peak power of 200 Watts. SUB6 is very agile and adds weight to the overall sound reproduction without overwhelming the upper registers of the Q Acoustics BT3 speakers. It might not be a good choice for a sound system solely used for HT purposes.

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To Conclude

If you use Q Acoustics BT3 mainly for music listening, we suggest getting a sealed subwoofer. For listeners who watch a lot of movies might want to consider getting a ported subwoofer. The latter has a higher bass output and the sealed sub has more control over the bass delivery. Take your Q Acoustics BT3 wireless speakers along when auditioning these subwoofers, from there you will be able to tell which model/type best suits your preference.

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