Triangle Borea BR03 Review

Triangle Borea BR03 Review – UPDATED 2021 – Specs, Prices & More!

The speaker market at this time is quite complicated. A number of premium brands offer highly-rated speakers that take your music system to the next level. There are also some sophisticated models that stand out from the rest, like the Triangle Borea BR03.

Triangle is a brand that designs its products differently, without paying attention to what others in the industry do. The Borea BR03 is a 2-way stand-mount speaker and one of the two models in the latest line-up of speakers from the brand.

In this review, let us take a closer look at this product to find out whether it is a good choice for a new speaker. We discuss in detail its specs, features, performance, price, and more to help buyers make an informed decision.

Triangle Borea BR03 Review – UPDATED 2021

Triangle is not the go-to brand when it comes to new speakers but some of its high-end models have remained popular for over a decade. It even offers some long-lasting models at affordable price points. However, the Borea BR03 stands out from others in many ways. It was introduced as an affordable version of the Esprit range that achieves a new level in terms of performance and quality, as the company claims.

The Borea range of speakers is particularly catered towards people looking for their first hi-fi loudspeakers to enhance their separates system. It works the strongest for contemporary music because it has been designed specifically for it with crisp mid-band, punchy bass, and sparkly treble. Yet, it is much fun with jazz and rock. It is overall a serious small speaker in the affordable price range.


  • Detailed, sophisticated sound
  • Agile, high-quality bass
  • Outstanding sense of scale
  • Easy to drive
  • Well-designed and appealing


  • Slight peakiness in treble
  • Design won’t please everybody 
  • Should be partnered with caution


The Triangle Borea BR03 is not a bright-sounding speaker but much on the neutral side. This means you should pay attention to how it is paired. When you use it with an amp that aligns well, the overall result is dynamic and impressive. The speaker is also capable of delivering the advantages of a component upgrade.

Though the Borea is front-ported, it does not perform so well when placed against a wall. The stereo imaging and balance can suffer. When given enough room to breathe, it can give its best performance. The company also recommends a distance of 2m between speakers and between the unit and the listening position. You should place them at least 50cm from the walls.


The Triangle speakers deliver a lot of scale as compared to others along with impressive precision and separation. There is a lot of detail and insight across the frequency range and the bass is quite good for the size. The simple yet hefty bassline is what gives the speaker an edge over others at this price point.

The model also shows an excellent sense of timing. The precision can be experienced along with a tonal balance which makes it different than other Triangle models that sound hard. If you are looking for an entertaining standmounter with a lot of mid-band dynamism, this speaker just caters to your needs. The separation is not so much as you would get from expensive units, but it is quite impressive.

What’s In the Box

The Triangel Borea BR03 ships with all the accessories and components required to add it to your music system. Here is what you can find in the package:

  • 2 Borea speakers
  • 2 protection grids
  • Adhesive rubber plots
  • User manual

The loudspeakers are covered under a manufacturer warranty of 2 years that covers any defect or damage from manufacturing.

Borea BR03 User Manual

The Triangle Borea BR03 speaker includes a comprehensive user manual that instructs on safety, installation, and usage of the unit. The speaker should be installed in a temperate location away from direct sunlight. Rooms with too much reverberation should be avoided. The speakers should not be kept in corners and near the walls. It is recommended that you perform test positions to finalize the best setup.

The user manual describes in detail the assembly, installation, and placement of loudspeakers for stereo and home theatre for the best experience. It also provides comprehensive instructions on connections to help you get started without any professional help.

Triangle Borea BR03 Specs

Triangle Borea BR03 is a part of a range of six speakers including two standmounts, three floorstanders, and a center model. Each of these products has a 25mm silk dome tweeter that works through a system called EFS. The speaker boasts the company’s horn loading design with a little tweak. This design offers several benefits like the sensitivity of the driver and dispersion of higher frequencies.

Triangle Borea BR03 Specs

This speaker mounts the silk dome in a partial horn with a phase plug. The horn is then in a waveguide which is a common design feature in affordable models. The goal is to offer the best of both worlds – sensitivity benefits without any directionalities. A 160mm cellulose unit makes the mid-bass driver in this speaker. The cabinet has a strong construction with a unique reinforcement system and 20mm MDF panels. The unique DVAS system uses internal panels and EVA foam gaskets to make it stiff and absorb vibrations.

The Triangle Borea BR03 has a frequency response of 46Hz – 22kHz with +/-3dB. While this response is quite similar to what others offer, the BR03 can manage it while delivering a sensitivity of 90dB. Combined with a minimum impedance of 4.1ohms, these specifications make the speaker quite easy to drive.

Let us take a look at the technical specifications of the bookshelf speaker.

  • Number of drivers – 2
  • Frequency Range – 46Hz-22KHz
  • Nominal impedance – 8ohm
  • Minimum impedance – 4.2 ohms
  • Power handling – 100W
  • Weight – 13.22 lbs
  • Dimensions – 8.11 x 14.96 x 12.36 inches

This size is particularly suitable for those who want the performance of a floorstander in a compact model. The design and construction of the speaker are clean and modern. It is available in white, black, and wooden finish options. There is no visible fastening, the points of contact like the grills and terminals look clean and the cabinet feels solid.

Borea BR03 Price – A Complete Guide

Triangle has introduced a few bang-for-buck speaker models including the Borea BR03 along with five others. The speaker has been designed for music and home theatre systems. The company claims that the Borea delivers a clear vocal and midrange performance paired with controlled bass. The BR03 is one of the best budget-friendly options, available at about £400 through resellers and marketplaces.

Borea BR03 Price

At this price point, it is a highly impressive speaker in terms of definition and detail as well as musicality. Those who are just starting out in the world of hi-fi would find a special sound with this model. And if you only use Bluetooth speakers in your music system, the BR03 will surely blow your mind. It looks attractive, sounds great, and has something special that keeps you loving it.

Check Price of Triangle Borea BR03 at Amazon

As a small bookshelf speaker, you would expect it to work with a variety of amplifiers and so it does. The dimensions and weight are quite more than other speakers at this price. It has two front-firing tube ports that make it easy to position than the rear. Grilles are affixed according to the best practice and there are two high-quality cable posts at the rear.

Triangle BR03 Vs KEF LS50 – How They Differ?

The Triangle BR03 and KEF LS50 are both successful standmounters that remain popular options for affordable hi-fi components. The LS50 has a patented Uni-Q array that looks like a single unit but is made of a 25mm silk dome tweeter in the center of a 13cm aluminum/magnesium coned mid-bass. The Triangle BR03, on the other hand, features a 25mm silk dome tweeter sitting above a mid-bass paper driver.

The KEF LS50 is very similar in price to the BR03 but is a little less sensitive and more weighty-sounding. The Triangle sounds better and warmer with an overall tonal balance. The LS50 delivers agile, deep, powerful sound without overdoing like other small speakers delivering big bass. Another difference between the two speakers is the cabinet design. The LS50 has a curved front panel made out of DMC known for its inertness and mass. The BR03 has a front-ported cabinet design with circular ports under the mid-bass driver.

Triangle BR03 Vs KEF LS50


It is not easy to find an impressive pair of speakers at a budget-friendly price like this. For the money, the Triangle Borea BR03 offers outstanding detail, sound staging, and definition along with impressive musicality. It is easy to drive, pleasing to look at, and convenient to use. It demands less and delivers a musical engagement that is not so common at this price point.

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