What is a Super Tweeter

We all know what is a tweeter and what type of role it plays in a speaker. It is basically a driver that usually produces high audio frequency from about 2 kHz to 20 kHz. It is an essential driver for most speakers in the world, but there are still some that use small woofers to produce this high frequency range. Then there’s a super version of it, the ‘Superman’ of the tweeter world.

When I first heard it from a friend of mine, I thought he was trying to play a joke on me due to me being a fan of Superman. I was surprised that my friend was actually serious and it piqued my interest, so I started to find out more myself. What is a super tweeter? It is a separated tweeter unit that is intended to produce an ultra-high audio frequency of up to 100 kHz. Like how a subwoofer supplements your sound system to greatly improve your bass region and to reach an even deeper level of about 15 Hz where your speakers will never be able to reach. A super tweeter will be the supplement for the high frequency region, reaching even greater heights of the audio frequency spectrum.

What is super tweeter use for

Super tweeters are mainly used to improve the high frequency performance of HiFi sound systems that are underperforming on their own. The most notable purpose will be creating a more realistic sound field, which is usually characterized as “airy-ness”, enhancing your music listening experience.

Super Tweeter Airy-ness

It is also an important speaker driver for SACD enthusiasts since super audio CDs can reach an extended frequency response of 50 kHz (used to be even higher). Typically most speakers can’t reach that peak range, but there are some that can produce all the way to 100 kHz. Like the Monitor Audio Platinum PL200 II which has a response range of 35 Hz – 100 kHz.

Super tweeter has also been used for psychoacoustic testing and also for biologists’ research on animal response to sounds, as well as for the zoo’s ambient sound system.

Best Super Tweeters for home audio

There aren’t many choices available when compared to other types of speakers, and so here’s a shortlist of the best super tweeters.


It provides you with studio-quality audio in your own home, with amazing coherence and point-source imaging for that ultra-realistic natural sound. It looks elegant and exquisite with its lush high-end oiled American walnut plinth as well as the gold anodized tweeter housing and trim. It sure looks and sounds great. Tannoy Supertweeter-Go comes with many features as well.

  • It has adjustable crossover points ranging from 14-18 kHz.
  • There are also 5 level selections from 89-95 dB which are adjustable by gold plated brass setting screws.
  • It has a very wide system audio bandwidth which minimizes phase error thus preserving coherence and the details of the sound image.
  • This super tweeter will deliver natural and transparent sound with its low-loss crossovers that feature ICW ClarityCap* capacitors, air-cored inductors, and close-tolerance non-inductive thick film resistors.
  • If you have various cabinet heights, the Tannoy’s super tweeter pod angle adjustment will be able to compensate for you.
  • To ensure pristine audio performance, this super tweeter uses oxygen-free copper with high purity silver plating.
  • It has a 10 years warranty program.

Tannoy is a reputable and established brand that has been around for more than 90 years and it is still going strong. You can visit Tannoy’s website for more information about their Supertweeter-Go.

Aperion Audio MKII Planar-Magnetic Flat Ribbon Super Tweeter

The first thing that comes to mind, this super tweeter model is more affordable than the previous one, but even so, it is highly rated by their customers. This is a newer model and was launched on Amazon on January 2021, it was totally sold out, and still so at the time I am writing this. With how fast it sells and the ongoing demand for it, this Aperion Audio MKII super tweeter will be a great addition to your home audio system. The sleek and minimalistic design can easily blend into most homes as well as speakers cabinets. There have notable features too.

  • The Aperion Audio super tweeter feeds off the power from your main speakers that they are already receiving which saves you from connecting an amplifier to it.
  • There are 6 crossover selections to perfectly blend this super tweeter with your speakers which are 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 kHz or off. Giving you flexibility when listening to various genres of music.
  • To provide you with even more flexibility, you can adjust the treble output level: from 0 dB, -1 dB, -2 dB, -3 dB -4 dB or -5 dB.
  • Easy connection as they share the same binding posts with the speakers you are going to pair it with.
  • It has only 3 years warranty though.
  • It comes with 5-way gold-plated binding posts as well.

Aperion Audio has won many accolades over the years, visit their website for more information on their Planar-Magnetic Flat Ribbon Super Tweeter.

Townshend Maximum Supertweeters

These super tweeters not only reveal greater details in the mid-band and treble but at the bass level too. You got that right, Townshend Maximum Supertweeters helps to improve the bass details which is simply amazing. It has a minimalistic appearance where it doesn’t overwhelm the aesthetic of your main speakers, hiding in plain sight while enhancing the realism of your music and creates a sense of naturalness. Comes with a plethora of features such as extending the frequency response up to 90 kHz and more.

  • Townshend Maximum Supertweeter starts its work from 6kHz and upwards, which enables it to better produce the leading edge of each transient without time smear.
  • This super tweeter can respond to signals with greater speed and accuracy.
  • The most unique feature will be the ability to reveal extra detail in the bass region.
  • 1.5-meter link cables are provided.
  • It is built to integrate with all high-quality speakers with just a simple connection.
  • There are 6 level controls: 74dB, 79dB, 83dB, 85dB, 87dB or 89dB.
  • Because of their ultra-light ribbon diaphragm, they have a faster response when compared to a relatively heavy dome assembly.

By integrating Townshend Maximum Supertweeter into your home audio system, it will make it sound more relaxed and natural. For more detailed information, you can visit the product page on their website.

Potential Drawbacks of Super Tweeters

These super tweeters require power to drive them, and they need to draw more power from your current amps. If your current amps’ power is already fully utilized by your main speakers, you will need to buy additional power amplifiers which will incur more costs.

The additional cables maybe a turn off for some, as it will look messier than usual.

With the improvements of the high-frequency performance, it may sound harsher and make your speakers sound too bright. This is rather subjective, as not all people will find it bright.

This is even more subjective on a personal level as some listeners may not be comfortable with the change as it starts to reveal details of a bad recording.

In Conclusion

If you want more realism and details, the coveted “airy-ness” which greatly improves the feel and immersion of the music. You should go for it, but like always, audition them first before making the final decision. The super tweeter can be a great addition to your already good-sounding home audio system. Like how a subwoofer supplements a home audio system, if you own a sub, you will know what I mean. If you don’t, I can summarize it for you, it opens up your speakers and enlarges the sound stage which gives you that oomph feel. I know my summary is not technical, but I am trying to convey how I feel and the improvements I hear when I integrated my sub into my stereo setup.

Enjoying immersive movie experience

When we listen to music or watch a movie at home, we want to fully immerse ourselves in it and if super tweeters can help us with that. Then it will be a well worth investment.

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