Amp for Epos ES11

The Epos ES11 is a classic pair of bookshelf speakers owners have no qualms about. Most if not all Epos ES11 speaker owners sing high praises about them and even to this day, they are still worth your consideration.

If you plan to get a new amp for your Epos Acoustics ES11, please continue to read on. We will show you a list of amplifiers to go for and match with the Epos ES11s.

The Impressive Epos ES11 Speakers

The cabinet design of Epos ES11 looks simple and some might say, a little outdated but the construction is top-notch which helps improve the sound quality. Epos ES11 has a 1″ (25mm) tweeter followed by a 6.5″ (165mm) bass driver. This gives the ES11 stand-mounter a frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz. It can dig pretty deep into the bass extension for its size. The recommended amplifier power is about 25W to 75W, into 8 Ohms. It is a bookshelf speaker that is not difficult to drive. The speaker sensitivity of 87dB needs to be taken into consideration though.

This is a pair of neutral-sounding bookshelf speakers with a revealing nature. Their honest sound reproduction of the source will bring out bad recordings and doesn’t sugarcoat them in any way. If the audio source is of high quality, you are most likely to be in for a treat. Your ears will thank you for listening to music with the Epos ES11 speakers as they blast away. The bass response is impressive for the size but never overwhelming. This helps to ensure the music presentation sounds clean and clear without the low-end muddling the upper registers.

The stereo imaging and separation are impeccable, and along with its tight timing, the Epos ES11 performance is just simply inviting. The midrange seems to be the speaker’s greatest strength as it is able to create natural-sounding musical instruments as well as vocals. Epos ES11 is able to pull the listeners in and allow them to enjoy their favorite music without sounding overly analytical. This is no doubt an exceptional successor of the Epos Acoustics ES14.

We have prepared a list of the best amps that you can check out and consider matching with your Epos ES11 speakers. Do take some time to consider your requirements and set a budget too.

Best Amplifiers for Epos ES11

The Audiolab 6000A is one of the best amps to go along with your Epos ES11 bookshelf speakers. It is an integrated amplifier that will complement the tight timing of these fantastic speakers. Furthermore, the wide and spacious soundstage projected by the Audiolab 6000A will make full use of the Epos ES11’s incredible stereo imaging and separation. Pushing the Audiolab 6000A amplifier doesn’t make it sound harsh and this is great for listeners who like to play their music at high volume levels.

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The Marantz PM8006 is one of the best amplifiers to match the Epos ES11, especially if you want a slightly warmer and rounder music presentation. This Marantz amp may add a touch of warmth to the music playback but won’t muddle the overall sound quality. It is still a clean-sounding integrated amplifier with good music timing. The Epos ES11’s sharp agility will ensure the music delivery won’t lose control when the passage gets more complex.

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The Rega Brio is an ideal choice for Epos ES11 speaker owners who want a compact-size amplifier for a small listening room. It has the agility and timing to keep up with the Epos Acoustics ES11. The music presentation of the Rega Brio is full of rhythms without compromising precision. Epos ES11 neutrality will go well together with this Rega integrated amp. Your favorite music will sound more energetic, thanks to the surefooted Rega Brio. Not to mention, the delivery doesn’t sound overly exaggerated.

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Cambridge Audio CXA81 is one of the best amplifiers within its price range. The accolades which the CXA81 integrated amp helps make it a great candidate for the Epos ES11 speakers. Not only the Cambridge Audio amplifier can drive the ES11 stand-mounters with ease. It also adds more energy to the music presentation. The Cambridge Audio CXA81 is more than capable of keeping up with the agile ES11 and helps to provide a slightly bolder delivery. The amp’s built-in DAC will be amazing for some listeners.

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Rega Elex-R is an award-winning integrated amp that will no doubt be an excellent partner for the Epos Acoustics ES11 stand-mounters. It is more powerful than the Rega Brio, allowing the amplifier to push the ES11 speakers even more. The liveliness brought to the table helps to add more excitement to the music delivery without ruining the timing, this is thanks to both the Elex-R and ES11. The neutrality of the Epos ES11 works well with the Rega integrated amplifier too.

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The Denon PMA-600NE is a good choice for Epos ES11 speaker owners who has a tight budget and wants to get as much value as possible. This is an integrated amp with a plethora of features such as a built-in DAC, Bluetooth, Phono preamp, and more. It has sufficient power to drive the ES11 bookshelf speakers too. There is a hint of warmth in the Denon PMA-600NE which helps to make the music presentation sound a bit rounder. You can use the amp’s Analog mode if you are listening to vinyl records, it should improve the delivery.

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To Conclude

The Epos Acoustics ES11 may be an old classic speaker model, but it is still worth the while to find a good amp to drive them. These amps listed here are some of the best and you might want to first filter them out based on the budget you have set. The shortlisted ones should be auditioned before making your final decision. It would be wise to hear them out together with your own Epos ES11 speakers.

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