Amplifier for Magico A3

The Magico A3 is the largest of its series and commands the highest price. This is a pair of floor-standing speakers that is far from being affordable and even people with deep pockets might think twice before making the decision to purchase the A3. If you are able to get your hands on one and are currently searching for a matching amplifier then please continue to read on.

Finding the right amplifier for Magico A3 will require us to learn more about its sonic characteristics and requirements. Once we have this information, we can then start listing out the best amplifiers to match with the Magico A3 floor-standers.

Sonic Characteristics and Strengths of Magico A3

The Magico A3 may be the biggest model in the series but they are still not as large as some other gigantic tower speakers. Still, they would require plenty of breathing space around them so to allow the Magico A3 floor-standing speakers to sound their best. Placing the A3 too close to the wall might reinforce the 7″ Graphene Nano-Tec Bass drivers by too much. Even though it is built with a sealed enclosure, it is still not wise to think that a speaker of this size will not have ample bass output and a certain level of low-end authority.

It is certainly rare for a floor-standing speaker to have a sealed cabinet but it does have its advantages. The bass performance of the Magico A3 speakers is articulate and taut. There are plenty of low-end details that can be heard and the tight delivery allows the Magico floor-standing speakers to keep pace with most genres of music that have demanding bass frequencies. The sub-bass reproductions of down to 26Hz have ample authority and precision. You won’t hear bloated low-ends or bass overstaying its welcome.

The articulate bass performances of the Magico A3 do not overwhelm the upper registers, instead, it works seamlessly with the higher frequencies. Together they produce realistic-sounding musical instruments with tangibility. Projecting an open and spacious soundstage, filling the listening room with presence. The overall sound reproduction is simply accurate, powerful, and very detailed. The Magico A3 has impressive clarity and you can easily hear subtle nuances without the need to strain your ears.

To unlock the full potential of the Magico A3s, you would need a powerful amplifier as they are not easy to drive. The Magico A3 speakers have an impedance of 4 Ohms and require a minimum of 50 Watts RMS of power. Since they could handle up to 300 Watts, we should give them as much power as possible. We will be showing you 6 of the best amplifiers which you can go for and choose one of them to drive your Magico A3 floor-standing speakers. You might want to work out a budget that you are comfortable spending first.

Best Amplifiers for Magico A3

The DarTZeel CTH-8550 is one of the best amplifiers to choose and match with your Magico A3 speakers. This is a powerful integrated amplifier with 330W RMS at 4 Ohms, more than enough to make the A3 sing. With this level of power, the Magico A3 is able to swing its weight and deliver fast impactful bass performances. The level of clarity is there as well, not to mention, that the DarTZeel CTH-8550 is capable of bringing out the tiniest of music details. Both of them simply work very well together.

The Hegel H390 is another amazing integrated amplifier with more than enough power to efficiently drive the Magico A3. The Hegel Dual Mono amp complements the Magico floor-standing speakers, allowing them to deliver powerful sound reproduction cleanly and effortlessly. This is an amplifier made for music lovers, and it can easily deliver an engaging presentation of your favorite songs. The stereo imaging is precise and the separation of each musician is highly defined. It also comes with a built-in DAC.

The Marantz PM-10 is definitely one of the best amplifiers to match with the Magico A3 floor-standers. The added warmth and punch would help bring out a more tangible music presentation without compromising the music details. This premium integrated amp made by Marantz is capable of delivering a high-resolution music delivery with refinement. Not only it could drive the Magico A3 speakers with ease (400 Watts at 4 Ohms), but the frequency response of the Marantz PM-10 also fits in nicely.

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If you are looking for an external power amplifier that won’t break your wallet, you might want to take a look at the Parasound Halo A 21+. This is a stereo power amplifier and it packs plenty of value for its users. With up to 500 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms (up to 60 amperes peak current), the A 21+ has no problem driving the Magico A3. The transparency of this Parasound amp would work nicely with the A3 floor-standers, not to mention, that the spacious soundstage has amazing depth as well.

Back to the integrated amplifier, the next best amp to go with your Magico A3 will be the Luxman L-509X. This is an award-winning amplifier with exceptional sonic performance and would bring out the best in your A3 speakers. The Luxman L-509X is an excellent choice for listeners who want music presentations that are faithfully delivered. The accuracy of this integrated amplifier is superb and you can hardly notice any colorations. If you want a neutral-sounding amplifier then you should definitely check this out.

Magico A3 speaker owners who are in search of a high-quality Class D mono-block amplifier that needs to be compact due to space constraints might want to check out the Wyred 4 Sound mAMP. It may look small but the mAMP actually has up to 430 Watts (4 Ohms) of power. As you can see it could efficiently drive the Magico A3 tower speaker without taking up much space. This is not your average Class D mono amp, it uses the latest generation (ASX2) of ICEpower audio technology and is great for music playbacks.

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To Conclude

The amplifiers from this list have different price points and this is why we suggested that you work out a budget. From there, you can filter out the amplifiers which are too expensive for you. Shortlist one or more amplifiers from the remainders and arrange an audition to hear them out. This might be difficult but if you could arrange the auditioning in your own listening room using your own pair of Magico A3 speakers, you would get more accurate test results.

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