Speakers for Chord Anni

The Chord Anni is probably the best desktop integrated amplifier within its price range. It is so compact that you would have no problem finding a spot on your desktop. Chord Anni is lightweight as well, making it easy for you to carry it around the house and/or move it to another room for usage. It has a unique design for a desktop integrated amp.

For such a high-quality amplifier, you would want to match it with a pair of speakers of equal caliber. Before we start showing you the list of speakers which you can go for, let us learn more about Chord Anni’s strengths as well as limitations.

Sonic Prowess of Chord Anni

When you look at the price point of the Chord Anni, you will notice it is slightly more expensive than most of the compact desktop amplifiers currently out on the market. The price tag of the Anni amp is still what we have quite expected it to be but the power output is what caught us off guard. It is only 10 Watts into 8 Ohms per channel. Still, the output is not everything, the design of the amplifier plays a major role as well as the quality of power. We just need to be careful when matching speakers, they should not be difficult to drive.

To our amazement, the Chord Anni sounds larger than expected. The soundstage has a decent size and for nearfield listening, it is more than enough to envelope the listener. It doesn’t sound lean and was full-sounding. The Chord Anni is still able to muster up a good level of music details without sounding strained. Stereo imaging is amazing and has a wide dynamic range too. This helps to deliver an engaging music presentation with enough authority that doesn’t sound forced or limited. It brings enough energy into its sonic delivery.

Chord Anni can’t go loud but it is high enough for nearfield music listening. If you sit further away, you will notice the imaging and clarity start to degrade as it is not powerful enough to fill a room. This is an agile integrated amplifier and it has great music control, making it sound organized. Not once we have felt the Chord Anni is losing its grip or lack of power. It doesn’t have a built-in DAC and this does give you the opportunity to get a matching D/A converter to further improve or slightly alter the sound signatures.

It is certainly made for desktop usage and for close listening distance. Floor-standing speakers are definitely out of the picture. All in all, the Chord Anni is enjoyable to listen to and great for music playbacks. It is time to share with you the best speakers to go for and match with your Chord Anni integrated amplifier. We have taken the pricing of the speakers into consideration so as to not exceed the price point of the Chord Anni by too much.

Best Speakers for Chord Anni Integrated Amp

The Omega Super 7 Monitor MK2 is one of the best speakers to match with your Chord Anni amplifier. They can be easily driven and require as little as 2 Watts to start singing. Omega Super 7 Monitor MK2 has really high speaker sensitivity of 94.5dB, allowing you to play at quite high volume levels. These monitor speakers have a compact design and will be suitable for desktop use. The stereo imaging of the Super 7 is precise and the separation is solid, building an immersive soundstage at a close listening distance.

The Klipsch RP-600M is also one of the best speakers to partner with your Chord Anni integrated amp. This pair of bookshelf speakers have high speaker sensitivity making them very efficient and is more affordable than the Omega Super 7 Monitor MK2. They also help add more clarity to the overall sound reproduction and tighten up the bass delivery. These are bright-sounding speakers but the Chord Anni does smoothen the rough edges quite a bit. Together, they will provide a lively music presentation with plenty of details to boot.

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The Wharfedale Diamond 220 is a multi-award-winning bookshelf speaker with an affordable price tag. The main reason why the Diamond 220 speakers won so many accolades is not that it is cheap. It is a well-balanced stand-mounter and has an authoritative low-end delivery. This will help bring out the impact when needed during nearfield listening. The Wharfedale Diamond 220s are not as efficient as the above speakers and so the Chord Anni can’t really drive them to high volume levels.

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The Super 3i is another highly efficient monitor speaker designed by Omega Speaker Systems. They are smaller and more affordable than the Omega Super 7 Monitor MK2, making it ideal for Chord Anni users who have a tighter budget and limited desktop space. The Omega Super 3i doesn’t need much power to start delivering high-resolution music presentations. The engaging sonic characteristic of the Chord Anni amplifier will help add more energy and slam to the precise sounding Super 3i monitors.

There is no doubt that the KEF LS50 Meta is one of the very best speakers for nearfield listening. Just check out how many accolades it has garnered over the years. The KEF LS50 Meta is certainly more than a worthy match for your Chord Anni integrated amplifier. These KEF monitor speakers are more than capable of dishing out a massive amount of music details with high clarity. If you want a more precise and detailed music delivery, the KEF LS50 Meta is an excellent choice. The LS50 Meta will only be good for nearfield listening since the Chord Anni can’t drive them that well.

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Klipsch speakers tend to be highly efficient and will be an ideal choice for your Chord Anni amplifier. Not to mention, most of their speaker models have wallet-friendly price points, for instance, the Klipsch RP-500M bookshelf speakers. With 93dB speaker sensitivity, this allows the Anni amplifier to drive the RP-500M to high enough volume levels that you wouldn’t want to go any further at a close listening distance. There is a lack of bass punch but this is as expected from speakers of this size and price.

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In Conclusion

As you can see from this list, you do have quite a number of speaker choices that are compact enough for desktop use and can be driven by your Chord Anni integrated amplifier. If you want to see more, perhaps you want to check out the speaker models made by Klipsch and Omega Speaker Systems. Both brands are reputable and would be worth your time.

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