Are Rockville Speakers Any Good

Are Rockville Speakers Any Good

Rockville is an American company that sells a wide range of audio products. From making professional audio gears to home theater speakers, you will most likely be able to find an audio product you need.

To answer the question, are Rockville speakers any good? Based on their price points and high positive ratings, the answer is straightforward “yes they are good”. But globally Rockville speakers are not as famous as some other brands like the speakers made by Klipsch.

Some of the Popular Rockville Speakers

They also manufacture powered speakers such as the Rockville Apm6b. This is a pair of active studio monitors with 6.5″ woofers. Their built-in amplifier delivers an output power of up to 350 Watts which is really high for powered studio monitors at this price point. Other than the modest price tag, the Rockville Apm6b is highly rated by its users when it comes to sound quality. The Rockville Apm6b monitors could stay relatively flat and provide a nice level of accuracy for professionals who need precision to complete their work. Its bass performance is tight and doesn’t distort when pushed. An active subwoofer would help with reproducing the sub-bass frequencies and you can go with the matching Rockville Apm10b. This is a 10″ subwoofer capable of reaching down to 34Hz bass extension.

More Details of Rockville Apm6b at Amazon

More Details of Rockville Apm10b at Amazon

The Rockville Rock Everywhere is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a plethora of features and it is highly rated as well. This is partly due to how affordable Rockville Rock Everywhere is, the price point will fit most listeners’ budgets. The sound reproduction is larger and louder than expected which belies its size. It has a long battery life where it will last for 27 hours of playback at a 50% volume level. The frequency response is equally impressive for a portable speaker and it is 80Hz-20kHz. Overall sound quality is quite clean when playing at high volume. We suggest linking to another Rockville Rock Everywhere speaker via True Wireless Stereo, the sound quality is better this way and this doesn’t cost a lot to achieve.

More Details of Rockville Rock Everywhere at Amazon

PA speakers are one of Rockville’s more popular audio products and the Rockville RPG122K proves just that. This is a pair of powered PA speakers with very high ratings given by satisfied owners. The Rockville RPG122K has a peak power of up to 1000 Watts and comes with plenty of features. It has Bluetooth built-in which enables you to wirelessly play your favorite tunes. There is a wired microphone included together with the Rockville 12″ PA speakers, providing us with even more value. They can produce very loud sound with clarity and the bass responses are good for the price. Depending on your usage and event, you may or may not require a subwoofer to supplement the bass performances.

More Details of Rockville RPG122K at Amazon

Provides Plenty of Value

This is the impression that the Rockville speakers gave us, they are always sanely priced and have ample level of sonic performances to boot. If you are having budget constraints or just don’t want to spend too much on speakers, you should definitely take a look at the audio products manufactured by Rockville. They have been around for years and we believe they will still be for many more years to come. There will always be a demand for audio speakers which provides plenty of value and at a modest price.

To Conclude

Since Rockville manufactures a wide range of audio products, there are bound to have some speaker models to have durability issues. We do suggest checking out the customers’ reviews first before making the purchase. Fortunately, such negative cases are few and usually have more positive ratings backing a specific Rockville speaker.

It is really hard to deny how affordable the Rockville audio products can get, just take a look at their Rockville BluTube 70 Watts tube amplifier. It is both very modestly priced and well-received, certainly worth the time to audition if you are looking for bang for the buck tube amplifiers. They also make affordable soundbars such as the Rockville ROCKBAR. It has up to 400 Watts of peak power and comes with a wireless subwoofer.

There are so many Rockville products to talk about and to name them all would take forever to do so. For instance, they even produce Marine speakers which might interest some of you. If you found something you like at Rockville, it will be best to audition the speakers before making your final decision. If this is your first time coming across the Rockville brand, you should definitely take some time to have a look at their audio products since they are affordable and of good quality.

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