AVR for Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1

AVR for Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1

The Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 defies traditional design and gave us a unique spherical speaker which looks modern and eye-catching. As the model name suggests, this is a 5.1 home theater speaker system and will require an AVR to drive them. If you are currently on the lookout for one then please continue to read on.

We will be planning to list out the best AVRs which you can go for but in order to find matching models, we need to learn more about the Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 HT system. And so without further ado, let us start.

More about Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1

We already know the Cabasse EOLE 4 is a 5.1 home theater system and so we don’t really need to go for AV receivers with too many channels. Going with a 7-channel AVR will be ideal since it usually has higher amplifier power output than a 5.1 AV receiver. The additional 2 channels will allow you to upgrade to 7.1 surround sound presentation in the future. We highly suggest going with the same Cabasse Satellite Eole 4 if you are going to add more speakers in the future. Using the same speaker models will provide a more seamless overall sound reproduction.

The Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 uses spherical satellite speakers and they tend to be quite power-hungry but fortunately, the speaker sensitivity of this HT pack is high, at 90dB (1W/1M) to be exact. Looking at the Cabasse Satellite Eole 4 peak power handling of 490 Watts, this does somewhat indicates that giving them more amplifier power would be a good idea. Or at least driving them with at least 70 Watts per channel. The Cabasse Lipari 21 subwoofer which comes together with the 5.1 HT pack has its own active amplifier and has a peak power of 400 Watts.

It is impressive how open and spacious the soundstage is, the Cabasse satellite speakers are able to project sound that belies their size. There is an impressive clarity in the upper registers, providing us with plenty of details and accurate sound effects. They don’t sound harsh when pushed which is great but the bass reproductions of these round satellite speakers are lacking and that is expected. The Cabasse Lipari 21 subwoofer is able to add body to the overall sound reproduction and deliver deep bass frequencies without sounding bloated. The bass responses may be tight but it does lack the punch at times.

Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 HT system sounds fuller than expected, this is partly due to the seamless performance coming from the Lipari 21 sub. This is one of the main advantages of using loudspeakers made by the same company and from the same series. The Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 is an all-rounder and will be good for both music and movie playbacks. It does make it easier to match with different AVR brands, as long there is enough power to drive the Cabasse EOLE 4 satellite speakers. You can take a look at the matching AV receivers below and choose the one which you like the most.

5 Best AVRs for the Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1

The Denon AVR-X1700H is one of the best AVRs to match your Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 HT system. This is a 7.2 channel AV receiver and it supports up to 8K/60Hz video resolution. It is an all-rounded AVR and its neutral with a pinch of warmth sound quality will suit the EOLE 4 speakers well. The power output is at 80 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms with 2 channels driven. It would be enough to drive the Cabasse EOLE 4 satellite speakers but it is a must to use an active subwoofer such as the Cabasse Lipari 21 sub.

More Details of Denon AVR-X1700H

The Marantz SR5015 will be a solid AVR choice, especially for users who listen to a lot of music. The SR5015 has that warmth in its overall sound reproductions and makes the music presentation even more full-bodied when matched with the Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1. This is a 7.2 channel 8K AVR with enough power to drive the Cabasse EOLE 4 speakers. The SR5015 AVR is tuned by Marantz sound masters and this ensures the AV receiver is musical sounding from any audio source. If you use a turntable, then you should certainly check out this Marantz AVR.

More Details of Marantz SR5015

Yamaha RX-A4A is another AVR that has sufficient power to drive the Cabasse EOLE 4 satellite speakers with ease. The Yamaha RX-A4A has impressive clarity and would help add more details without disrupting the precision. Its low-end reproduction is pretty authoritative and will help to add more prominence when delivering sub-bass via the Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1. This is a 7.2 channel AVR and it is also ideal for music playbacks. It supports 3D sound formats such as Dolby Atmos but you will need more additional speakers though.

More Details of Yamaha RX-A4A

The Sony STR-DN1080 is ideal for Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 users who watch a lot of movies. This 7.2-channel AV receiver knows how to bring the excitement out of the movie and engages you with thunderous bass responses. It may not be able to support the latest 8K video resolution but this Sony AVR is still capable of decoding Dolby Atmos and DTS: X 3D sound formats. Sony STR-DN1080 would add more energy to the higher registers and make the Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 HT system sound more lively.

More Details of Sony STR-DN1080

If you have a tight budget, you might want to check out the Denon AVR-S540BT. It is an affordably priced 5.2 channel AV receiver and supports 4K UHD resolution. The AVR-S540BT has just the right amount of amplifier power to drive the Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 system. We suggest not to crank up the volume by too much though. The sound signature is similar to Denon AVR-X1700H and it is a talented all-rounder as well. For an AV receiver at this price point, we can’t really nitpick the Denon AVR-S540BT.

More Details of Denon AVR-S540BT

In Conclusion

You can select the AV receiver based on your usage and/or other requirements such as your budget. Once you have selected an AVR, you might want to arrange for an audition to hear them out and see if you like the sound when partnered with your Cabasse EOLE 4 5.1 sound system. You can add another subwoofer if you find the bass performance is still lacking. For this case, you will need an AVR which has dual subwoofer outputs. You can stick with Cabasse Lipari 21 but we do recommend choosing a larger subwoofer that could deliver deeper low-ends and have higher bass outputs. You might want to check out SVS PB-1000 Pro.

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