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The Chord Mojo is an award-winning DAC that has impressive sound quality and it is extremely portable. You can easily bring the Chord Mojo along on your journey without needing to make too much space for it as you can simply slot it into your pockets. To really bring out the sonic performance of the Chord Mojo, you will need the right pair of speakers to do so.

It is a DAC that can dig out a massive amount of music details and the latest version Chord Mojo 2 is as transparent. Both DAC models don’t just simply reveal everything to you, they are able to deliver this music information to its listeners in a cohesive and lively manner. The speakers you are going for must be able to produce all these music details with precision. They also need to be able to convey the energy which the Chord Mojo DAC could bring onto the table. This Chord D/A converter is more than capable to make you want to stand up and start dancing. The rhythm and dynamics you are getting will surely keep your toes tapping throughout the music listening session.

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The energetic performance of the Chord Mojo can be a bit too much at times. Listeners who prefer a more refined music presentation and calmer delivery might want to go for speakers that are smoother. The type of sonic traits you are looking for in a speaker will determine your choice. Your other requirements such as the price point of the speakers will play an important factor and so you might want to work on your budget first. You should only spend an amount that you are comfortable with.

There are two types of speakers which you can go for and they are active or passive models. If space is a luxury that you do not have, probably going with active speakers would be a better option. Active speakers come with in-built power amplifiers and this means you don’t need to purchase additional amps. This not only helps you save some money but also saves you some space, making active speakers ideal for listeners who have limited space.

When you have worked out all your requirements and you know what type of speakers you are looking for. Please check out below for a list of the best speakers that you could aim for and match them with your Chord Mojo DAC. Each speaker models have its own strengths and you should at least find a few which will fit your taste and requirements. We have considered the price points of these speakers so as to not go overboard with the choices.

The Best Speakers for Chord Mojo DAC

An award-winning pair of speakers would certainly be fitting for an award-winning DAC such as the Chord Mojo. The KEF LS50 Meta is no doubt one of the very best speakers to go for and will match well with the Chord Mojo DAC. They have exceptional transparency and clarity, these bookshelf speakers are able to deliver every single detail that is fed to them by the Mojo D/A converter. Reproducing even the subtle music details and nuances. Listeners who want rich and high-resolution sound reproduction of their favorite music/songs must really take a look at KEF LS50 Meta.

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If you like the lively performance of your Chord Mojo DAC then the Tannoy Revolution XT6F would be an ideal choice for you. These Tannoy floor-standing speakers are entertaining to listen to without compromising the music accuracy. Since they are floor-standers, the Tannoy Revolution XT6F is more adept at delivering the bass impact. They are agile as well, low frequencies are delivered tightly and they are able to keep pace with most music without stumbling. The energy of the music is masterfully delivered by the XT6F floor-standers too.

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For a warmer and smoother music presentation, the Wharfedale Diamond 225 would be an amazing choice to go for. They are bookshelf speakers with a very modest price point and have garnered many accolades over the years. Wharfedale Diamond 225 is able to deliver a soundscape and weight which belies its size. The smoothness of its music delivery ensures there is no harshness or shrillness. Enabling you to enjoy a calmer and relaxing music presentation when these Wharfedale stand-mounters are partnered with your Chord Mojo.

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Q Acoustics Concept 20 is another amazing speaker choice for the Chord Mojo DAC. This pair of bookshelf speakers have a neutral sonic character with a touch of warmth. It also helps to lower the liveliness of the Mojo DAC but doesn’t make it sound dull. The Q Acoustics Concept 20 is also a speaker that could dig out plenty of music details and has a nice bass output. It does need you to invest in Concept 20’s dedicated stands in order to get the speakers’ full potential. Including the speaker stands, the overall price point is still fairly modest.

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For active speakers, the Kanto YU4 will be one of the best choices to go with the Chord Mojo D/A converter. The YU4 active speakers use a built-in Class D amplifier with a peak power of 140 Watts. They are compact in size and will be ideal for desktop use. There is a subwoofer output for you to connect to an active sub. With a powered subwoofer, your speaker system can now use the audio signal from the Chord Mojo DAC and reproduce it in full-range sound. We do suggest going for a sealed subwoofer such as the Kanto SUB8.

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The Klipsch R-51PM is another amazing pair of active speakers to go for. When paired with a high-quality DAC such as the Chord Mojo, the overall sound quality would be improved too. R-15PM has a lively treble and impressive clarity where music details can be heard clearly. You can also connect a powered subwoofer to them, which will help increase the depth and broaden the soundstage. Going with Klipsch subwoofers would be a good idea since their subs have tight bass delivery and should blend in seamlessly with the Klipsch R-51PM speakers.

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To Sum It Up

If you are choosing passive speakers to pair with your Chord Mojo DAC, do note that the amplifier choices you make will slightly affect the overall sound quality. When adding a subwoofer into the mix, the music delivery will sound different since the sub is providing more and deeper bass output. To play safe, you should audition the speakers and other Hifi audio components together. This will help you get a more accurate test result.

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