Best Amp for Spendor A7

The Spendor A7 is an award-winning floor-standing speaker with quality building materials used to make them. They have received plenty of accolades ever since their debut and should be on your radar if you have the budget.

Like all amazing loudspeakers, they will need amplifiers to drive and make them sing. For the Spendor A7, you will need an amp that has the same level of caliber so as to release the tower speakers’ full potential. To do so, we need to find out more about A7 loudspeaker.

The Characteristics and Strengths of Spendor A7

The Spendor A7 are two-way rear-ported tower speakers and you will need ample space for them to breathe. It has a high-frequency driver (3/4″, 22mm) which is slightly smaller than the usual size. The low-frequency driver (7″, 180mm) of the Spendor A7 is within expectation for a speaker of this size and price. A7 is capable of reaching deep into the bass extension, down to 32Hz. This is why you shouldn’t place them too near to the rear walls as it will more than likely make the bass reproductions sound overly pronounced.

Spendor A7 has a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms and a speaker sensitivity of 88dB. Not really difficult to drive, but with a power handling of 25W-200W, you might want to lean on getting a high-powered amp. The cabinet design of the Spendor A7 looks traditional and straightforward which should fit most home interiors without disrupting the overall aesthetics by much. If you want the A7 to aesthetically fit well in a contemporary home, you might want to go for a satin white cabinet finish.

This pair of floor-standing speakers has a knack for revealing a massive amount of details with clarity. What’s even better is that even with so many details being revealed, the Spendor A7 doesn’t sound clinical instead this makes the music-listening experience even more exciting. This is due to their expressive nature when delivering the music, not to mention, they have great dynamics as well. The music presentation has energy and enthusiasm without jeopardizing overall accuracy.

As expected, the Spendor A7 is more than capable of delivering deep bass with weight. What’s more, the low-end delivery is not bloated but instead tight and rich. This makes it fun to listen to bass-heavy soundtracks and pop songs. The bass performance should be sufficient for most listeners and music genres. Another excellent aspect of the Spendor A7 bass reproduction is how it blends seamlessly with the higher registers. This ensures the music details are not muddled by the bass frequencies.

The overall sound reproduction of the Spendor A7 is leaning towards the warm side and fortunately not too laid-back sounding. It is not an affordable floor-standing speaker, even so, the sonic performance you are getting is worth every penny invested. And certainly deserve to be partnered with an equally good amplifier. We have listed the best amps you can choose to go for and match with your Spendor A7 speakers. You can take a look at them below.

The Best Amplifiers for Spendor A7

Rega Aethos is well within the price range of the Spendor A7 speakers and more importantly, it is equally celebrated. Like the A7 speakers, the Aethos has received many accolades and praises due to its excellent sonic performance. It can add a bit more dynamics and rhythm when matched with the Spendor A7. The agility of the Rega Aethos amp and the organization skills of the A7 floor-standing speakers will ensure smooth delivery for most music as well as having an added punch.

For the Spendor A7 users who mainly listen to digital music, the Cambridge Audio EVO 150 will be one of the best amps to go for. It has enough amplifier power to drive the Spendor A7 speakers without breaking a sweat. The Cambridge Audio EVO 150 uses an ESS Sabre DAC chip which will go well with the Spendor A7 high-quality performance. This is an agile all-in-one amp with the ability to keep pace with the expressive A7 speakers. It has a modest price point which is below what the Spendor A7 is asking.

Learn more about the Cambridge Audio EVO 150 at Amazon

The Parasound Hint 6 is another amp with loads of features that you can use for modern-day music listening. This is a powerful amplifier and with up to 180W per channel into 8 Ohms, the Hint 6 has no problem driving the Spendor A7 speakers. Furthermore, the Parasound Hint 6 is modestly priced too. With this amount of amp power, Hint 6 can really make the Spendor A7 sing. The engaging music presentation of the Parasound amp also matches well with the A7 expressive delivery.

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The Marantz PM-10 is one of the best amps for listeners who are looking for a more refined and warmer music presentation. It does cost more than the Spendor A7 and you will need a high budget for it. The large-scale presentation of the Marantz PM-10 fits well with the Spendor A7 dynamic music delivery, making the overall audio reproduction sound a bit more grandiose. It is also a capable amplifier in producing music details but without sounding analytical. The bass performance of the Marantz amp can help to slightly add more weight to the low-end delivery.

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If your budget is low, the Cambridge Audio CXA81 will be one of the best amplifiers to go with your Spendor A7 floor-standing speakers. The price point of the CXA81 is really modest. Even so, don’t let the price fool you. This is an award-winning integrated amp and is due to how good its sonic performances are. It is nimble and has excellent control on the music timing which goes really well with the energetic Spendor A7 sound characteristics.

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The Rega Elex-R will be the other best amplifier choice for Spendor A7 speaker owners who don’t have a high budget. It is a solid amp that has won many accolades over the years and at a really reasonable price point. Rega Elex-R is an enthusiastic performer and will add a bit more energy to the music delivery when partnered with the Spendor A7 tower speakers. It is an agile amplifier too, able to keep up with most music without losing its footing. The Rega Elex-R won’t be able to really drive the A7 speakers to their full potential though.

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To Conclude

There are plenty of amp choices and they have different prices. You should work out a budget which you are comfortable with. Once you have a price range, it will be easier to shortlist the amps from this list. The shortlisted amplifiers should be auditioned together with your own Spendor A7 floor-standing speakers. From there, you will be able to tell if the selected amp is the right fit for you.

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