Amp for Spendor A4

Amp for Spendor A4

There is no doubt that the Spendor A4 is one of the best compact floor-standing speakers within its price range. The cabinet size makes them ideal for listeners who have limited space in their room but you will still need space for them to breathe though.

All good loudspeakers will require amps of the same caliber that can unleash their potential. Before we start revealing which amplifiers to go for, let us start by learning more about the Spendor A4 tower speakers.

The Merits of Spendor A4

The front of the Spendor A4 cabinet is just large enough to hold a 7″ (180mm) EP77 Polymer Cone Woofer. There is absolutely no more space left on the side of the low-frequency driver. And due to this, it makes the Spendor A4 compact. Above the woofer will be a 1″ (22mm) Soft Dome Tweeter. There is a rear-firing bass port and you might want to place the A4 floor-standing speakers away from the back walls. If not, the bass reproduction may sound too pronounced and ruin the overall balance.

It is impressive that a floor-standing speaker of this size can reach deep into the bass extension. To be more exact, the Spendor A4 has a frequency response of 34Hz to 25kHz (+/-3dB). The recommended amplifier power for the Spendor A4 will be between 25W to 150W. Its speaker sensitivity is only 86dB which is low for a floor-standing speaker. This also means you will need to have high amplifier power to really make them sing loudly.

The Spendor A4 are agile and nimble tower speakers, their compact size probably helped. Spendor A4’s swiftness creates a fantastic sound reproduction full of expressions. This makes their music delivery entertaining without being inaccurate. The stereo imaging and separation are superb, allowing us to identify each musician on the soundstage. It is truly an engaging listen and the music presentation sounds natural as well.

The bass performance is tight and does have enough impact for a floor-standing speaker of its size. More importantly, the low-end delivery of the Spendor A4 blends in seamlessly with the upper registers, giving us a well-balanced music presentation. There are plenty of music details revealed by the A4 tower speakers too. We have prepared a list of the best amps that you can choose and match with your Spendor A4 floor-standing speakers. You can take a look at them in the next section.

Best Amps for Spendor A4

The Rega Elex-R is one of the best amplifiers to match your Spendor A4 floor-standing speakers. Not only does it have the amplifier power to drive the Spendor A4 speakers but it also has the speed to keep up with them. Like the award-winning A4 speakers, the Rega Elex-R has received multiple accolades over the years as well. The Rega amplifier’s articulation when it comes to music presentation will go really well with the Spendor A4 speakers’ expressiveness. Furthermore, the Elex-R is not really expensive to get your hands on.

More details about the Rega Elex-R amp on Amazon

The Cambridge Audio EVO 150 is an exceptional choice for modern-day listeners. If you like to use your Spendor A4 speakers to listen to high-res audio files then the Cambridge Audio EVO 150 should definitely be under your radar. This all-in-one amplifier has no problem driving the Spendor A4 floor-standing speakers. Cambridge Audio EVO 150 has a clear-sounding music delivery with articulation to keep it entertaining. The Spendor A4 speakers’ hint of warmth helps to ease the edges and make the music presentation sound fuller.

More details about the Cambridge Audio EVO 150 amp on Amazon

For listeners who have a high budget, you might want to check out the Marantz PM-10. The compact size of the Spendor A4 does make their music presentation sound a bit smaller than larger speakers. Marantz PM-10 has an innate ability to project a spacious soundstage which also goes well with the A4 stereo imaging capabilities. The warmth of the PM-10 amp makes the overall audio reproduction sound fuller and rounder. Music details are still clear to hear.

More details about the Marantz PM-10 amp on Amazon

The NAD D 3045 is one of the best amps to go for if you have really limited room space. This is one of the rare amplifiers that you can place upright. Due to this, the NAD D 3045 doesn’t take up much surface space while still being able to drive the Spendor A4 speakers. It has a modest price tag which most listeners won’t find expensive. The music presentation of the hybrid amplifier may sound a bit dull but Spendor A4 is able to make the delivery sound more exciting because of its sonic nature.

More details about the NAD D 3045 amp on Amazon

The Cambridge Audio CXA81 is another award-winning amplifier that you might want to consider matching with your Spendor A4 speakers. This Cambridge integrated amp has a bold music presentation and helps to add a bit more excitement to the already energetic delivery of the A4. It also makes the overall music presentation sound slightly leaner, this is great for listeners who find their Spendor A4 speakers a bit warm sounding. Cambridge Audio CXA81 is an agile amp and it can keep up with the A4 floor-standing speakers with ease.

More details about the Cambridge Audio CXA81 amp on Amazon

If you need a lot of features but don’t wish to spend too much on an amp. The Denon PMA-900HNE will be an excellent amplifier option to consider. It is packed with tons of features such as MC & MM Phono Equalizer, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Built-in HEOS, and more. Denon PMA-900HNE is sufficiently powerful enough to drive the Spendor A4 speakers, Still, you shouldn’t push the amp too hard though. There is a subwoofer pre-out and you can use it to connect to an active sub which can deliver subterranean bass frequencies.

More details about the Denon PMA-900HNE amp on Amazon

To Sum It Up

These are some of the best amps that you can consider and match to your Spendor A4 speakers. Simply shortlist a few of them and arrange an audition so as to have a listen. You might want to use your own Spendor A4 speakers for the amp auditioning. This is because you will be able to get more accurate test results and help to determine which amp sounds the best when integrated with your Spendor A4 floor-standing speakers.

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