Best Speakers for Benchmark AHB2

Best Speakers for Benchmark AHB2

The Benchmark AHB2 is a highly-rated stereo power amplifier and it is well-received by its users. Even critics find the Benchmark AHB2 amp amazing and have a lot of positive remarks about it. The price tag is on the hefty side though and you will need matching speakers in order for each of them to shine. Before we start sharing a list of the best speakers to go for, let’s find out more about the Benchmark AHB2 power amplifier.

What are the Strengths of the Benchmark AHB2

The power output of the Benchmark AHB2 is really good and it is as expected for an amplifier at this price point. It has 100W per channel into 8 Ohms with both channels driven and can go higher to 240W per channel into 3 Ohms. This enables the AHB2 to drive plenty of speakers without breaking a sweat. You can bridged mono the amplifier and it will output 480W into 6 Ohms. Go for another Benchmark AHB2 and you got yourself an incredible mono amplifier setup that can drive demanding speakers.

The soundstage of the Benchmark AHB2 is impressive, it has precision and the imaging is well-focused. It does a good job separating the musicians, allowing each of them to stand out and we are able to detect where they are with ease. This is also partly due to how clean the Benchmark AHB2 sounds, this stereo amplifier has ultra-low distortion, giving us an almost silent background. It has tight control over the bass delivery and doesn’t ever sound bloated. The bass performance is articulate and dynamic, not to mention, rich as well.

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The agile bass performance matches really well with the upper registers, together they deliver a natural-sounding music presentation. There is a hint of warmth but ultimately the Benchmark AHB2 is more neutral than warm. It can reveal plenty of details without sounding clinical and it doesn’t sound cringe when pushed. Overall, this is an excellent power amplifier for music listening. You should certainly find speakers of the same caliber as the Benchmark AHB2 amplifier and here’s a list for you to check out.

These are the Best Speakers for Benchmark AHB2

The KEF LS50 Meta is one of the best speakers to match your Benchmark AHB2. This is a pair of bookshelf speakers that have won multiple awards ever since its debut. The Benchmark AHB2 is more than capable of driving these amazing speakers and unlocking their full potential. By matching the KEF LS50 Meta to the AHB2, the overall sound reproduction has more details. The neutrality and accuracy of the Benchmark power amp don’t interfere with the sound characteristics of the LS 50 Meta by much and don’t make them sound clinical either.

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The Klipsch Heresy IV is another pair of award-winning speakers which will fit well with the Benchmark AHB2 stereo amplifier. The Benchmark amp has absolutely no problem driving these Klipsch Heresy IV to high volume levels as these speakers have high sensitivity. More importantly, the midrange clarity is even clearer, allowing us to hear the subtle nuances. Benchmark AHB2 is able to effortlessly deliver Klipsch Heresy IV deep bass reproduction, giving it enough punch and fast enough to pull back the weight when called for.

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The Dali Oberon 5 is a pair of outstanding tower speakers with a modest price tag. It is a great choice for listeners who just want to be entertained whenever they listen to their favorite music. They have amazing dynamic rhythms and don’t compromise the accuracy, this is what makes them special as they are fun to listen to but don’t sound overly exaggerated. The clean amplifier power of the Benchmark AHB2 ensures it doesn’t cloud the revealing nature of the Oberon 5 tower speakers.

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KEF Reference 3 Meta is one of the best floor-standing speakers to go for and match with your Benchmark AHB2 power amp. The exceptional transparency of these KEF tower speakers will go well together with the AHB2, as the amplifier has a clean and almost silent background. A massive amount of details are been produced including subtle ones. The overall performance is tight and weighty, the low-ends have authority without trying to impress the listeners. The midrange reproduction is simply superb.

Q Acoustics Concept 500 is definitely one of the top speaker choices and is an ideal choice for listeners who like powerful and deep bass reproduction. With the help of the Benchmark AHB2 power amplifier, the Concept 500 can deliver deep bass frequencies with authority but without losing control and overstaying their welcome. The AHB2 also ensures the overall sound reproduction still remains transparent and produces plenty of music details. They are also agile enough to handle complex music passages.

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The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi is an exceptional match with the Benchmark AHB2. This is a pair of clean-sounding floor-standing speakers with a knack to excite their listeners. The soundstage projected by the Motion 60XTi is wide and has ample depth, it is filled with rich details as well. It has excellent stereo imaging and the separation is equally impressive. MartinLogan Motion 60XTi’s bass performance is even more articulate with the Benchmark AHB2 stereo power amplifier driving them.

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In Conclusion

The Benchmark AHB2 has very low distortion and can match well with most speaker models. It will be wise to audition the speakers which you are interested in. By using your own ears, you will be able to tell whether you like the sound quality or not. If it is possible, auditioning the speakers together with your own Benchmark AHB2 amp will be an even better idea.

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