Best Subwoofer for Sony STR-DH590

Best Subwoofer for Sony STR-DH590

We have done a post before regarding the best speakers to match the Sony STR-DH590. If you are interested in finding out more, you can visit the Speakers for Sony STR-DH590 article on our website. This time round we will be focusing more on subwoofers and recommending a list to you.

The Sony STR-DH590 is an ideal AV receiver for home theater enthusiasts who are on a budget. It can provide its users with plenty of excitement based on how powerful the bass performance is. But when it comes to immersion, the lack of 3D audio playbacks does hinder the enjoyment. Sony STR-DH590 also doesn’t support 8K which nowadays, most AV receivers will have this feature. As mentioned earlier, it is a good choice for listeners who don’t wish to spend too much on an AVR and probably want to set up a small HT system in their bedrooms.

It can connect up to 2 active subwoofers but do note they only count as one and so this is more like a 5.1 channel AV receiver. Having 2 powered subwoofers at your disposal would be more than enough to cover a medium-sized HT room. The question now is which type of subwoofers should you get your hands on? If you just want plain fun, we highly suggest going with ported subwoofers as they have high output and deliver deeper bass.

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To tame the bass performance of the Sony STR-DH590, you can go for sealed cabinet subwoofers. They have better control over the delivery and higher accuracy than the ported subwoofers. These also make them great for music playbacks. If you use Sony STR-DH590 AVR to listen to music quite often, you might want to consider using sealed subs instead. We have listed the best subwoofers to match your Sony STR-DH590 AVR. Their price points have been taken into account so as not to exceed this Sony AVR price tag by too much. We will also assume you are aiming to connect 2 subwoofers to your HT system.

Best Subwoofers for Sony STR-DH590

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a very highly rated ported subwoofer, this is due to its affordability and the performance you can get for the money. One of the best subwoofers to match your Sony STR-DH590. Like the Sony AVR, the Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer is for the price conscious and you can easily get 2 of them on board. The bass delivery is clean, the low-end impact is okay. They don’t have much amplifier power to work with so try not to push them too much. Still, you are getting amazing value out of the Polk Audio PSW10 subs.

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The Klipsch R-12SW is one of the best subwoofers to choose and match your Sony STR-DH590 AV receiver. It is also very highly rated by users but it is larger and has more amplifier power than the Polk Audio PSW10. R-12SW does cost a bit more as well. This 12″ ported subwoofer provides plenty of value for its owners, delivering deep bass cleanly, and can be used for music playbacks. Klipsch R-12SW tight bass delivery will slightly tame the Sony STR-DH590 low-end performance so it won’t sound too exaggerated.

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The SVS PB-1000 is one of the subwoofers listed here with the highest peak power. It has up to 720 Watts peak to be exact. This helps the PB-1000 to deliver subterranean low frequencies of down to 19Hz. Just imagine having these two 10″ ported subwoofers connected to your Sony STR-DH590 AVR. The amount of bass produced will be staggering and exciting. SVS PB-1000 is an entry-level ported subwoofer and so the price point is considered modest. The level of performance you are getting is worth every penny invested.

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If you are a big Sony fan then you should certainly purchase a Sony SACS9 for your Sony STR-DH590 AVR. Being a fan aside, the Sony SACS9 is a very popular subwoofer choice. It is modestly priced and has a punchy bass performance which suits the STR-DH590’s sonic characteristics. The bass port is located at the back of the cabinet and you can place the Sony sub nearer to the rear walls to get a more pronounced low-end reproduction. Based on its price point, it is easier to own 2 of them.

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Are you interested in sealed cabinet subwoofers? For those who are interested, you should really check out the SVS SB-1000. This is a 12″ sealed subwoofer with a peak power of up to 720 Watts. The frequency response of 24Hz to 260Hz is impressive as well and this is just an entry-level sealed subwoofer made by SVS Sound. When connected to Sony STR-DH590 AVR, its tight and agile bass delivery will provide you with more accurate low-end performance. It is ideal for STR-DH590 AVR owners who listen to a lot of music with their sound system.

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For Sony STR-DH590 users who are facing space constraints but still want to use subwoofers. The Monoprice SSW-12 will be an excellent choice for you. This is a 12″ ported subwoofer with a very low-profile cabinet design. It is so compact that you can actually slide it under your chair/sofa or even mount it on your wall, saving your precious floor space for other furniture. Furthermore, the price point of the Monoprice SSW-12 is very modest, and getting two of them at one go is quite reachable.

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To Sum It Up

The subwoofers listed here have reasonable pricing and will match well with your Sony STR-DH590 AV receiver. You can start with just one subwoofer first and see how well it performs with your HT sound system. Or you can visit your local dealer store and audition them before purchasing. Go for sealed cabinet subwoofers if the music-listening experience is more important to you than watching movies.

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