Best Speakers for Cyrus i7-XR

Best Speakers for Cyrus i7-XR

The Cyrus i7-XR is a Swiss army knife of an integrated amplifier as it comes with a plethora of features. If you are ever in the market looking for a competent and high-quality amplifier, the Cyrus i7-XR should be on your list.

The price point of the Cyrus i7-XR does make it out of reach for some HiFi enthusiasts. There are also other factors to consider than just the pricing and we will be looking into the performances of this integrated amp.

The Performance of Cyrus i7-XR

As mentioned earlier, the Cyrus i7-XR comes with a wide array of features which is great as it adds more value for the buyer. One of the most important features for modern listeners would be the digital-to-analog converter and the Cyrus i7-XR has its own award-winning QXR DAC. The DAC of the Cyrus i7-XR enables the amp to be revealing and has a higher precision when it comes to music presentation.

Another amazing feature would be the phono stage and this is ideal for listeners who also like to play vinyl, it only has a Phono MM input though. For headphone users, you will be delighted to know that there is a high-quality headphone output. The Cyrus i7-XR has the company’s classic cabinet design and it is compact in size. This makes it easier to find a spot for the integrated amplifier inside a small listening room with limited space.

The Cyrus i7-XR doesn’t have much output, it is rated 52 Watts per channel into 6 Ohms. Even so, it doesn’t stop the Cyrus amp from providing us with a fantastic sonic performance. The soundstage is surprisingly wider and more spacious than expected which belies its size and power. The level of detail being revealed is astonishing as well, allowing us to hear the subtle nuances of any music being played.

Cyrus i7-XR may lack some warmth to some listeners and may even find the mids sound a bit too lean. The bass performance does sound less impactful and might not be suitable for bass-heavy soundtracks. It is however very agile and the music delivery is tightly controlled. It has a good overall balance, not to mention, a crystal-clear music presentation. We have prepared a list of the best speakers that you might be interested in matching with the Cyrus i7-XR. You can take a look at them below.

The Best Speakers for Cyrus i7-XR Integrated Amp

The KEF LS50 Meta is most certainly one of the best speakers to match the Cyrus i7-XR. The integrated amplifier has sufficient power to drive these monitors but we advise not to push it too much. KEF LS50 Meta has incredible insights and depth, coupled with the Cyrus i7-XR, you will get yourself a very high-resolution music presentation. This is ideal for listeners who want to hear details including the subtle ones without the need to strain their ears.

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For listeners who are interested in getting themselves a pair of floor-standing speakers, the Klipsch Heresy IV will be one of the best choices to go with your Cyrus i7-XR. As firstly, it is a floor-stander with very high speaker sensitivity. This is great if you like to play your music loudly. The Klipsch Heresy IV is not just about playing your music at high volume levels. It has high clarity when it comes to sonic performance. The sonic characteristics of these floor-standing speakers are quite similar to the Cyrus i7-XR integrated amplifier.

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The Q Acoustics Concept 300 is one of the best speakers to go for especially if you want to add warmth to the overall sound reproduction. They may be compact bookshelf speakers but the Concept 300 is still capable of projecting a wide spacious soundstage, complementing the Cyrus i7-XR amp. The Q Acoustics flagship stand-mounters can help to add more solidity to the delivery as well as music refinement. There is plenty of clarity too, and the stereo imaging is amazing.

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The KEF LS50 is a better choice over LS50 Meta when you have a tighter budget. It may be more affordable than its successor but the KEF LS50 is still a multi-award-winning pair of monitors, the overall sound quality is not far off. The LS50 is capable of delivering impactful bass when it needs to and without exaggeration which is great for Cyrus i7-XR. They can reveal a massive amount of music details and don’t sound overly analytical, partially thanks to KEF LS50’s energetic performance with utmost accuracy.

Are you still in search of a pair of floor-standing speakers to partner with your Cyrus i7-XR? If you say yes then please take a look at the Klipsch Cornwall IV. It has very high speaker sensitivity which is excellent for amplifiers that don’t have high power output to drive floor-standers. The overall sound reproduction of the Klipsch Cornwall IV is amazingly natural and the soundstage is incredible. The stereo imaging and separation of the Cornwall IV speakers are exceptional too. They can reveal subtle music details with crystal clear quality.

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For listeners who have a tight budget and don’t want to compromise the sound quality, the Q Acoustics Concept 20 will be an excellent choice for you and your Cyrus i7-XR. This is an award-winning bookshelf speaker with a very modest price point. These stand-mounters will help to add solidity and a touch of warmth to the overall sound reproduction, easing some of the hard edges. The sound quality is clean, and this is partially thanks to its high-quality cabinet design as well as the dedicated speaker stands made for Concept 20.

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To Sum It Up

The Cyrus i7-XR may not have really high power output, but there are still plenty of speaker choices to go for such as the ones listed here. You should select one or more loudspeakers for an audition together with your Cyrus i7-XR integrated amplifier. This way, you can listen to the audio quality yourself and find out which speakers sound the best when match with your Cyrus amp.

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