Amplifier for Fyne Audio F500SP

Amplifier for Fyne Audio F500SP

The SP in Fyne Audio F500SP means Special Production, it is built in the UK and is an upgraded version of their F500 model. It is a pair of stand-mounters that is well-praised by a few critics and does deserve your attention.

Listeners who have a tight budget should probably look elsewhere but the price point of Fyne Audio F500SP is still considered modest. If you already own a pair and are searching for a matching amplifier then please continue to read on.

The Strengths of Fyne Audio F500SP Bookshelf Speakers

Fyne Audio F500SP looks amazing, especially without the speaker grill. At first glance, you will notice it has only a single speaker driver. Look closely and you will see it has a 1″ (25mm) tweeter at the center of the 6″ (150mm) midrange/bass cone. The Fyne Audio F500SP also comes with a bass port and it is downward-firing. This means you could place them closer to the walls than those bookshelf speakers which have rear-firing bass ports.

How much nearer to the back wall will depend on your sound preference. Even though, the Fyne Audio F500SP stand-mounters look quite compact, they can actually dig deep into the bass extension. The frequency response (-6dB) of the F500SP is 42Hz to 34kHz, this is really impressive for a bookshelf speaker of this size. The speaker sensitivity is at 90dB which is good. It requires amplifier power of between 30W to 120W (8 Ohms). This shows the Fyne Audio F500SP is not difficult to drive.

The Fyne Audio F500SP sounds as good as it looks, the stereo imaging is accurate and tight. The stereo separation allows us to differentiate each musician on stage. Fyne Audio F500SP is capable of projecting a large soundstage that belies its size and this adds to the thrill of listening to our favorite music. Bass performance is certainly impressive as it has the punch and you might sometimes think you are listening to a pair of small floor-standing speakers.

Like all speakers, the Fyne Audio F500SP does have a few flaws of its own. The dynamic handling seems to be lacking and this does make some songs lose its impact. For listeners who like bass-heavy soundtracks, the Fyne Audio F500SP would be one of the ideal choices if you are only looking at stand-mounters. It is also great for small listening rooms with space constraints. We have prepared some of the best amplifiers which you can choose to match your Fyne Audio F500SP speakers. Do take your time to consider each of them.

Best Amplifiers for Fyne Audio F500SP

The Cambridge Audio Azur 851A is one of the best amplifiers for your Fyne Audio F500SP. This integrated amplifier can drive the F500SP with ease. More importantly, it also has the sonic characteristic to present the music in a bold way and this complements well with the Fyne Audio bookshelf speakers. It helps to build up a more powerful music presentation. Cambridge Audio Azur 851A has amazing bass performance too and can make full use of the Fyne Audio F500SP deep low-end delivery.

Find more details about the Cambridge Audio Azur 851A at Amazon

The Yamaha A-S1200 is an amplifier that will no doubt drive the Fyne Audio F500SP stand-mounters without breaking a sweat. Using its High Dynamic Power, the A-S1200 could reach up to 220W into 2 Ohms for a short period of time. This Yamaha integrated amp is able to add a bit more clarity to the overall sound reproduction, allowing listeners to hear more subtle details. Yamaha A-S1200 also gives more control over the music delivery and helps the Fyne Audio F500SP loudspeakers to sound more organized.

Find more details about the Yamaha A-S1200 at Amazon

Marantz PM8006 is one of the best amplifiers to partner up with your Fyne Audio F500SP stand-mounters. It is an excellent amp choice if you want to add a touch of warmth to the overall sound reproduction. The PM8006 makes the music presentation sound a bit rounder without compromising clarity. The Fyne Audio F500SP deep bass delivery will help to put more weight into the lower end of the sound spectrum. Marantz PM8006’s price point is modest as well and will be worthy of your consideration.

Find more details about the Marantz PM8006 at Amazon

If you are planning to set up a desktop sound system then you might want to check out the NAD D 3045. This is a very compact integrated amplifier and you can easily find it a spot on your desk. The NAD D 3045 may be small but it is still able to drive your Fyne Audio F500SP bookshelf speakers. This integrated amplifier has loads of features such as a DAC that supports MQA and DSD. It also has a Moving Magnet Phono preamp. For Fyne Audio F500SP users who want more bass, you can always connect an active sub to the D 3045.

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The Cambridge Audio CXA81 is another exceptional integrated amplifier for the money and will be a good match with your Fyne Audio F500SP bookshelf speakers. Like the F500SP speakers, the CXA81 amp has a punchy music presentation. More importantly, it has better dynamic handling and knows how to deliver the impact. Cambridge Audio CXA81 is an award-winning energetic performer and the sonic attributes it has would be a good addition.

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Low on budget or simply don’t want to spend too much on an amplifier. Perhaps the Denon PMA-800NE will be an ideal choice for you and your Fyne Audio F500SP stand-mounters. This is an integrated amplifier packed with features and has sufficient power to drive the F500SP. It has a neutral sound characteristic leaning towards warmth. The midrange is well-rounded and the highs are not piercing. Denon PMA-800NE’s Pure Analog feature is good for vinyl listeners.

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In Conclusion

Due to how easily the Fyne Audio F500SP can be driven, there are many amplifiers to choose from. You can use this list as a reference when searching for other amplifier brands or models. Do remember to audition the amplifiers together with your Fyne Audio F500SP speakers first before making your final decision.

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