Best Speakers for Devialet 220 Pro

Best Speakers for Devialet 220 Pro

The Devialet 220 Pro is a high-end integrated amplifier with astounding sound quality and is for listeners with deep pockets. Its price point easily reaches five digits and shies away people with lesser budgets. If you are one of the proud owners of the Devialet 220 Pro, please stick around as we will be sharing with you the best speakers to match this wonderful amp.

No matter how good the integrated amplifier is, without a pair of matching speakers of a similar caliber, they won’t be able to bring out the best of each other. To do so, let us learn more about the Devialet 220 Pro.

The Strengths of Devialet 220 Pro

Aesthetically, the Devialet 220 Pro looks beautiful and modern, the type of integrated amp which will capture people’s attention. A visually pleasing amplifier that will look amazing in any listening room. It has 220 Watts RMS power per channel (under 6 Ohms) and is powerful enough to drive most loudspeakers. This is great as the power output of the Devialet 220 Pro does give us more speaker choices to select.

Listeners who like to listen to high-resolution digital music will be delighted to know there is a built-in DAC. If you prefer to play your turntable, there is a phono stage (MM/MC) for you to use. It is a pity there is no headphone output though, but since we are focusing on matching speakers, this is not really a concern for us. Not to mention, there are a plethora of features to look forward to.

The Devialet 220 Pro delivers music with accuracy and doesn’t over-exaggerate which gives us a faithful presentation of the audio source. The music presentation is highly detailed and doesn’t sound cringe when you push it. This is terrific as you can listen to your music for hours without fearing the dreaded listener’s fatigue. The bass performance of the Devialet 220 Pro is tight and dynamic, the articulate low-ends kept pace with the higher registers without issues.

The overall sound reproduction is exceptionally clean and even at high volume levels, you can hardly hear any noises. It has precise music delivery and the stereo imaging is superb. The bass performance of the Devialet 220 Pro might lose its articulation and precision when pushed too hard though. It is time for us to share with you the list of the best speakers to match your Devialet 220 Pro integrated amplifier. Please work out a budget first, an amount you are comfortable using. Your room size and space will influence your choice too.

Best Speakers to partner with your Devialet 220 Pro

The KEF Reference 1 is one of the best speakers to match the Devialet 220 Pro integrated amplifier. This is an award-winning bookshelf speaker and will be prudent to use its dedicated speaker stand. Aesthetically, the KEF Reference 1 looks amazing together with the Devialet 220 Pro. The bookshelf speakers are capable of revealing a massive amount of music details with accuracy. Furthermore, the Reference 1 stand-mounters are able to add a bit more punch to the bass reproduction without affecting the articulation.

More Details of KEF Reference 1 speaker at Amazon

The Q Acoustics Concept 300 is another pair of bookshelf speakers that will require using its own dedicated speaker stands. Devialet 220 Pro will be able to drive the Concept 300s with ease and bring out the best in them. This is an ideal choice for listeners who want to add more warmth to the overall sound reproduction. It also helps to expand the soundstage, providing a large music presentation that belies the size of the Q Acoustics Concept 300 bookshelf speakers. The midrange reproduction sounds fuller when using these stand-mounters.

More Details of Q Acoustics Concept 300 bookshelf speakers at Amazon

The Dynaudio Special Forty is an excellent speaker choice to partner up with your Devialet 220 Pro. As the bookshelf speakers work really well with the 220 Pro when the amplifier’s SAM feature is activated. The overall bass performance of the Dynaudio Special Forty is well-controlled and tight, allowing you to push them when matched with your Devialet amplifier. Moreover, the Dynaudio Special Forty’s agile and bold music delivery will add more excitement when listening to your favorite music.

More Details of Dynaudio Special Forty bookshelf speakers at Amazon

If you are looking for a pair of floor-standing speakers to match your Devialet 220 Pro, you might want to consider the Klipsch La Scala AL5. This is an exceptional choice for listeners who want to add a bit of brightness without worrying it would sound too shrill when pushed. This version of Klipsch La Scala is smoother and more refined, not to mention, it is incredibly powerful too. The soundstage is huge and spacious, deep bass reproductions have authority and the music presentation is rich with details.

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Don’t have a large budget and prefer a more affordable pair of floor-standing speakers? Check out the Electromotion ESL X, it is a hybrid speaker where it combines an electrostatic transducer with two 8″ woofers. The Electromotion ESL X sounds better with the Devialet 220 Pro’s SAM activated. Making the hybrid speakers sound more powerful and emotionally charged, without losing their grip on the music delivery. If you like impactful bass performance, you should certainly audition for the Electromotion ESL X hybrid floor-standers.

More Details of Electromotion ESL X hybrid speakers at Amazon

The KEF Reference 5 is one of the best floor-standing speakers to go with your Devialet 220 Pro integrated amp. This pair of KEF floor-standers looks stunningly beautiful, making them aesthetically matching with the 220 Pro integrated amplifier. KEF Reference 5 is capable of pulling you into the music and enveloping you with sweet sounds. The Devialet 220 Pro helps to add a bit more neutrality without making the music presentation sound brighter. The bass performance of the Reference 5 is impactful and accurate, making drum instruments come alive.

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In Conclusion

These speakers are some of the very finest to match your Devialet 220 Pro high-end integrated amplifier. As mentioned earlier, you should work out your budget and find out how much available room space you have currently. These will help filter out speakers which don’t fit your requirements. You might want to audition the remaining speakers together with your Devialet 220 Pro before making your final decision.

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