Denon RCD M39 Subwoofer

The Denon RCD M39 is a well-regarded CD receiver that has a couple of awards under its belt. A modestly priced micro-component CD receiver system with a compact design. It will easily fit into most small listening rooms or bedrooms, making it ideal for listeners who have limited space. Especially if you listen to a lot of CDs.

Denon RCD M39 doesn’t have much amplifier power and it is enough to drive bookshelf speakers which are not demanding. This CD receiver system is able to project a spacious soundstage, filling it with rich details. Even with the lack of amp power, the Denon RCD M39 is still capable of delivering an entertaining music presentation. The energy is there and it doesn’t lose control of the delivery. It does sound a bit thin at times but doesn’t sound overly harsh when pushed.

The upper registers of the RCD M39 CD receiver are amazing for the money, but the low-end delivery on the other hand has much to yearn for. This is probably why the overall sound reproduction lacks fullness and punch. The Denon RCD M39 does not have many features at its disposal. Even so, at least it has a subwoofer output for us to resolve this issue. Having a subwoofer integrated into your Denon CD receiver system to supplement the bass performance will be a good idea, especially when you listen to bass-heavy music.

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To not overwhelm the highs and mids of your Denon CD receiver and bookshelf speakers, we recommend going with a sealed cabinet subwoofer. A sealed sub is more capable of keeping pace with the music as well as the dynamics of the Denon RCD M39. For music listeners, this type of subwoofer is the way to go. Unless you are a bass fanatic and/or prefer quantity over quality, then a ported subwoofer will be a more suitable choice.

Are you interested in adding a subwoofer to your Denon RCD M39 micro-component CD receiver system? If you think yes, please check out the list of the best subwoofers to match with your Denon RCD M39 which we have prepared for you below. We have taken their price points into account when selecting them as one of the subwoofer choices.

Best Subwoofers for Denon RCD M39

The SVS SB-1000 is one of the best subwoofers to match with your Denon RCD M39. It may be an entry-level sealed subwoofer model from the company but it is still incredibly powerful. SVS SB-1000 is capable of delivering sub-bass frequencies that reach down to 24Hz. The low-end delivery is tight and articulate, keeping pace with the energy level of the Denon RCD M39 at every step. This 12″ sealed subwoofer has a peak power of 720 Watts and will be more than enough for most small listening rooms.

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Not too keen on getting a large sealed cabinet subwoofer due to lack of space? Then check out the Kanto SUB6, it is a powered subwoofer with a 6″ paper cone woofer. It has a compact design and an aesthetically modern look. The Kanto SUB6 will look great in any bedroom and more importantly keep pace with your Denon RCD M39 when it comes to sonic performance. Due to the size and build quality, the SUB6 is very agile. As expected, the low-end delivery is fast and tight. It doesn’t sound overly exaggerated too.

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The Audioengine S6 is another ideal sealed subwoofer for listeners who are facing space constraints. It is slightly more expensive than the Kanto SUB6 and can go a little bit deeper into the bass extension. Like the SUB6, the Audioengine S6 also has a 6″ woofer, not as aesthetically pleasing though. It is able to deliver tight and controlled bass which makes it a suitable subwoofer choice for your Denon RCD M39. You can easily find a spot for this small sealed subwoofer. The S6 may be small but it can still output a decent amount of bass.

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The Kanto SUB8 is right in the middle of this list when it comes to woofer size. This is an 8″ sealed subwoofer and is one of the best to go with your Denon RCD M39 CD receiver. It reaches down to 35Hz bass extension and has 150 Watts of RMS power. The bass performance of the Kanto SUB8 is articulate and the delivery is taut. Due to the larger cabinet size and more amplifier power, the SUB8 has a slightly higher bass output and can go louder than the SUB6. The Kanto SUB8 is only a bit more expensive and is worth your time to consider.

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If you are in search of a sealed cabinet subwoofer that can reach down to 20Hz bass extension. The SVS SB-1000 Pro is certainly one of the top choices to go with your Denon RCD M39. Its frequency response is between 20Hz to 270Hz (+/-3dB) which is really wide for a sealed sub at this price point. With its 12″ driver and RMS power of 325 Watts, the SVS SB-1000 Pro will be able to fill your bedroom with bass energy and presence. More importantly, the delivery of the low-frequencies is tight and controlled.

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For Denon RCD M39 owners who are facing space constraints and have a really tight budget. You might want to take a look at the BESTISAN SW65D ported subwoofer. It has a really slim profile and can fit into any room with ease. The SW65D’s price point is very affordable as well. For such a small 6.5″ ported sub, it could still dish out deep bass frequencies as low as 40Hz. There are plenty of favorable ratings about the BESTISAN SW65D and so it is worth your time to take this subwoofer into consideration.

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To Sum It Up

By connecting a subwoofer to your Denon RCD M39 CD receiver, you should notice a significant improvement in sound quality. The soundstage would have a fuller presence and the added impact gives you more excitement when listening to your favorite music. Do take some time to consider each subwoofer listed here, it would be better if you could audition a few of them first.

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