Best Speakers for Yamaha R-N602

Best Speakers for Yamaha R-N602

The Yamaha R-N602 is one of the best network stereo receivers in their price range with a plethora of features to accommodate most modern-day music listeners. It is very well-received and has garnered plenty of accolades, thanks to its exceptional sound quality. A remarkable network stereo receiver like the Yamaha R-N602 will still need matching and capable speakers to bring out its very best.

We are planning to list out the best speakers which you can get and match them with your Yamaha R-N602 receiver but first, let’s try to find out more about the R-N602. By learning more about this Yamaha stereo receiver’s strengths and finding out about their sound characteristics. We can then look for the right matching speakers for the Yamaha stereo receiver where they can complement each other.

Sound Characteristics and Important Specifications of Yamaha R-N602

The Yamaha R-N602 has that sleek and clean look which gives that classic Yamaha signature look. It is a mix of modern and vintage designs that allows it to aesthetically match with most speakers on the market. This Yamaha stereo receiver will also look great in most homes. At this price point, the Yamaha R-N602 is quite powerful, with a rated power output of 80 Watts per channel (8 Ohms) and a High Dynamic Power/Channel that goes up to 178 Watts (2 Ohms). There is even a dedicated subwoofer output for you to connect to an active sub which is great if you want more low-end oomph. The frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz with very low total harmonic distortion.

As mentioned earlier, there are loads of useful features that the Yamaha R-N602 possesses. It has a built-in Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit DAC with a USB connection for digital docking and supports playing high-resolution audio files. Then there are the wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth connection, WiFi (with Wireless Direct), Apple AirPlay, etc. Connect to music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, and more. It even has an MM Phono terminal which is good news for turntable users. Another notable feature will be the MusicCast and for critical listeners, you might be more interested in Pure Direct mode that improves sound purity and provides more clarity when it comes to subtle musical nuances.

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The transparency and balance of the Yamaha R-N602 are excellent, delivering a clean music presentation with accuracy and powerful bass performance. The low-end reproduction has the weight and impact but it is tightly controlled and does not linger. The agile and weighty bass frequency seamlessly integrates itself to the rest of the higher frequencies, which makes the overall sound reproduction sounded natural with punchy bass. There are plenty of details that are produced in spades and with clarity. Even the subtlest of musical nuances cannot escape the Yamaha R-N602.

The level of details helps define the musicians playing on the soundstage and stereo imaging is impeccable, making the separations even more highly defined. The Yamaha R-N602 is very faithful to the music source, it does not like to hide the flaws and may sound a bit analytical but never sounded clinical. Turning on the Pure Direct mode gives you an even more faithful music presentation of your favorite tunes. The clarity also improved, making this network stereo receiver even more revealing, producing intricate music details on a quiet dark background. When it comes to vinyl analog sources, the sound quality is fuller and has a hint of warmth to it.

It seems like we have ourselves an excellent all-rounder stereo receiver that can handle most music genres. The Yamaha R-N602 may not be as engaging and exciting when compared to other amps in this price range but it certainly has the insights, transparency, and powerful low-end impact, not to mention, it is loaded with features as well. The neutral sonic characteristic has a tendency to head towards brightness but never sounded shrill or harsh. If you like very accurate music presentations as close to what the artists have intended for their listeners, then the Yamaha R-N602 is absolutely suited for you. We have the information we need to start sharing with you the best speakers to match with the Yamaha R-N602 stereo network receiver.

Yamaha R-N602 Specifications

  • Power Outputs: 80 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • DAC: Burr-Brown
  • Wireless: Bluetooth Connection, MusicCast, Wi-Fi (with Wireless Direct), Apple AirPlay
  • Inputs: 5 HDMI inputs, 1 USB input, 1 MM Phono input, 4 Analog inputs, 2 Optical inputs, 2 Coaxial inputs, Ethernet
  • Outputs: Headphone output, 1 Subwoofer output, 2 Analog outputs
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 435mm x 151mm x 392mm (17.1″ × 5.9″ × 15.4″)
  • Weight: 9.8kg (21.6lbs)

Best Speakers to pair with Yamaha R-N602

The Q Acoustics Concept 20 is one of the best speakers to pair with your Yamaha R-N602. Concept 20 has garnered many awards over the years, even now this pair of bookshelf speakers are still quite sought after. The sonic characteristics of the Q Acoustics Concept 20 are quite similar to the Yamaha R-N602 which makes them a great match. The impeccable music timing and pace of the bookshelf speakers complement the Yamaha stereo receiver really well. The Yamaha R-N602 also helps to add a bit more weight to the already impressive bass performance of the Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers.

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The Monitor Audio Bronze 2 is another amazing pair of bookshelf speakers that you should check out and even pair with your Yamaha R-N602. These balanced sounding bookshelf speakers with similar sonic characteristics to the R-N602 network stereo receiver. The insights and detailed sound reproduction of the Bronze 2 are impressive, suitably match with the Yamaha R-N602 which is great for listeners who love the clarity and like to hear intricate details from their favorite music. The bass performance of the Monitor Audio Bronze is taut and agile. The overall sound reproduction of the bookshelf speakers can be quite bright so it is best to hear them out first.

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If you are looking for a pair of floor-standing speakers with a neutral sonic signature and a touch of warmth then you might want to take a look at this award-winning Wharfedale Diamond 230. Firstly, your Yamaha R-N602 has the muscles to drive them and the dynamic power to handle most music peaks. The Diamond 230 tonality and pleasing sound quality help ease the brightness a little. The highs are sweeter and the midrange is smoother. The scale of the soundstage produced by the Wharfedale Diamond 230 floor-standers is incredible, and Yamaha R-N602’s powerful bass performance matches really well with these speakers.

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If budget is not an issue, you should take a look at Spendor A1 which are musical-sounding speakers. The A1s have similar sonic characteristics with the Yamaha R-N602 but with a more neutral and smoother top end which makes it slightly more pleasing to the ears when playing at high volumes. The pacing of the Spendor A1 and control of the music delivery are class-leading, this provides a more engaging music presentation. It does not compromise on the transparency and accuracy of the music, it aims for faithful reproduction of the songs/music just like the Yamaha R-N602. At this price point, the speakers’ bass is a bit lacking though but can be easily solved by connecting an active subwoofer to the Yamaha stereo receiver.

The Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 bookshelf speakers will be an ideal choice for listeners who have a tight budget. The Diamond 9.1 is one of the most successful Wharfedale bookshelf speakers, thanks to its exceptional sound quality and value. It is a suitable match with your Yamaha R-N602 as the stand-mounters has a warm personality and a slightly laid-back music presentation which helps to ease off the harshness. Even so, the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 doesn’t let up when it comes to engaging its listeners and delivering that enjoyable music listening experience. Furthermore, the level of musical details is impressive and the bass reproduction is respectable for an entry-level bookshelf speaker.

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For subwoofers, you can go for similar brands as your speakers such as Wharfedale WH-D10 10″ subwoofer with 300 Watts Max Power for your Wharfedale Diamond series speakers. Or Q Acoustics 3060s an 8″ active subwoofer with amplifier power of 150 Watts which is matching with the Q Acoustics speakers. For more power and higher-performance active subwoofers, you can check out SVS subs. If you mainly use your sound system for home theater use, the ported cabinet SVS PB-1000 Pro 12″ subwoofer with 820 Watts Peak Power will be suitable for you. When it comes to music, a sealed cabinet subwoofer will be a better choice and you should take a look at the SVS SB-1000 Pro 12″ sub with 820 Watts Peak Power.

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To Sum It Up

The Yamaha R-N602 is a talented network stereo receiver with remarkable sonic performances, these speakers listed here are a suitable match and are some of the best on the market. We will recommend auditioning these speakers first before deciding, and do include the potential subwoofer or current one you are using during the audition. You can also do a side-by-side speaker comparison to identify the difference in sound quality and see which speaker you like to hear more.

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