Speakers for Yamaha RX-V675

Speakers for Yamaha RX-V675

The Yamaha RX-V675 is the worthy successor of the highly revered RX-V673 AV receiver. Sharing the same ideology of providing their users with as much value as possible at an affordable price and with high sound quality to boot. The Yamaha RX-V675 AVR does it well and better than its predecessor but not without the support of matching speakers with equally remarkable sonic qualities.

We can’t just simply grab any speakers off the shelves, as they need to match with the Yamaha AV receiver’s sonic characteristics which we need to find out more about them. Learning more about the strengths and limitations of the Yamaha RX-V675 is also important. Once we have a better understanding of the RX-V675 AVR, we will then be able to list out the best speakers to match it.

Sonic Characteristics and Important Specifications of Yamaha RX-V675

When compared to the latest Yamaha AVR models, the RX-V675 does lose out when it comes to aesthetic design. It doesn’t look as sleek and modern as the newer models but still, sound quality is always more important than having good looks. It is a 7.2 channel AV receiver with quite a lot of muscles at this price point, rated with a power output of 90 Watts into 8 Ohms (2 channels driven), and can go up to 150 Watts into 8 Ohms (1 channel driven). It is unable to process the latest 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, etc. Even so, with a 7.2 surround speaker setup and using a lossless audio format such as Dolby TrueHD can still provide quite a cinematic immersion though.

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The Yamaha RX-V675 is a 4K AV receiver with 3D video support. There is also a built-in Burr-Brown D/A converter (192kHz/24-bit) which allows you to listen to some high-resolution audio file types (FLAC and WAV). There are also other notable features such as a built-in Apple AirPlay and DLNA support. You will need to get an additional adaptor if you want to use Bluetooth connectivity which is quite a bummer. Yamaha RX-V675 can connect up to 2 active subwoofers and you can use their YPAO Reflected Sound Control to automatically optimize the speakers in your home theater room.

The low-frequency performance of the Yamaha RX-V675 is really impressive, the full-bodied bass reproduction has weight and punches hard. The deep bass delivery has plenty of slam which makes most movie action scenes impactful, leading you to brace yourself at every inevitable explosion. We can feel that the RX-V675 is working hard to impress. The midbass delivery is solid and heavy but does slightly interfere with the midrange reproduction. All in all, the overall bass performance provide the presence, tension, and impacts that gave us an exhilarating movie experience.

There are also plenty of details that come along with the powerful low-end delivery, not to mention, the accuracy and precision of the surround sound effects. The sound field is large as well filled with rich details and the accurately executed sound effects further engage you, immersing you into the movie. When it comes to music, we will prefer the Pure Direct mode which gives us higher sonic purity, and the overall sound reproduction has more clarity as well. With this mode activated, the Yamaha RX-V675 sounds slightly more refined and transparent, not to mention, the vocals sounded more natural.

Yamaha RX-V675 is made to entertain you and deliver an exciting home cinematic experience. Just connect to two high-quality active subwoofers, sit back and enjoy the show. The overall sound quality of the Yamaha RX-V675 has hefty bass performance and treble can be quite bright but never sounded shrill or cringe. For home theater performance, this Yamaha AV receiver is ideal but for critical music listening, you might need to look elsewhere. We now have the important details we need to start sharing with you the best speakers to match with the Yamaha RX-V675 AV receiver.

Yamaha RX-V675 Specifications

  • Power Outputs: 90 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms with 2 channels driven, 150 Watts into 8 Ohms with 1 channel driven
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • DAC: Burr-Brown
  • Wireless: Apple AirPlay
  • Inputs: 6 HDMI inputs, 1 USB input, 4 Analog inputs, 2 Optical inputs, 2 Coaxial inputs
  • Outputs: Headphone output, 2 Subwoofer outputs, 1 HDMI ARC, 1 Analog output
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 435mm x 171mm x 364mm (17.1″ × 6.7″ × 14.3″)
  • Weight: 10kg (22.1lbs)

Best Speakers to pair with Yamaha RX-V675

The Q Acoustics 3000i 5.1 home theater speaker package will be an amazing choice to partner with the Yamaha RX-V675 AV receiver. The award-winning Q Acoustics 3010i bookshelf speakers are used as the front main left and right channel as well as surround channel speakers. The matching Q Acoustics 3090ci will be the center channel speaker of the package and coupled with the matching Q Acoustics 3060s active subwoofer. With all these combined, you got yourself a high-quality home theater speaker package which by itself has garnered plenty of praises and accolades. The sonic characteristics of the Q Acoustics speakers are well-matched with the Yamaha RX-V675 too.

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For a warmer sounding system, you will need speakers with warm-sounding characteristics, the Wharfedale Diamond 220 stand-mounters are ideal choices for this. For a compact-sized bookshelf speaker, the Diamond 220 has quite an impressive low-end reproduction, and with the Yamaha RX-V675 bass control, these bookshelf speakers will be punchy performers. The highs are sweet and pleasing to the ears with a detailed smooth midrange reproduction. You can use the Wharfedale Diamond 220 as both the front main channels and as surround speakers. For the center channel, you can go with the Wharfedale Diamond 220c.

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If you are not really bothered by the bright-sounding nature of speakers but more focus on how good is the bass performance of your sound system then you might want to check out SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 package. SVS is famous for its high-quality active subwoofers. In this package, there is a powerful sealed-cabinet 12″ subwoofer called SVS SB-1000 with 700 watts of peak power. The SB-1000 subwoofers are solid performers and are great for both HT and music use. The matching SVS Prime Satellite speakers reproduce the higher frequencies with clarity and precision. We will recommend listening to the speakers first and see if you like what you hear.

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The Dali Zensor 1 5.1 is an award-winning home cinema speaker package that is an ideal choice for listeners who love fast and articulate sound reproduction. The speed and confidence in the sound delivery make the overall performance very lively. When the actions start to happen, you will be hanging on the edge of your seat as a massive amount of details are been produced with speed and clarity. The powerful low-end of the Yamaha RX-V675 improves the overall bass performance, providing a fuller bass quality with a weightier kick. The overall sound reproduction can be too bright for some and it is wise to hear them out first.

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KEF Q150 will be another amazing bookshelf speaker to go for and match it with your Yamaha RX-V675 AV receiver. The Q150s are talented all-rounders that can be used as front mains and/or surround channel speakers. Their sonic characteristics make them great for both music and HT use. The Yamaha RX-V675 complements the speakers with its insights and transparency. The Uni-Q driver of the KEF Q150 provides a cohesive and natural midrange reproduction which helps to improve the overall mids that the RX-V675 does lack. For the center channel speaker, the KEF Q250c will be the matching choice. The overall sonic character of the KEF Q150 is more neutral than bright.

More Information at Amazon – KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

More Information at Amazon – KEF Q250c

A home theater system won’t be complete without a powerful and high-performance active subwoofer. To really utilize the bass performance of the Yamaha RX-V675, we will suggest going with top subwoofer brands such as SVS, Rythmik Audio, and HSU Research. Firstly, their subwoofers are all solid-performers and secondly, they are all sanely priced which makes them affordable, not to mention, value for money. For bass fanatics and home theater enthusiasts, ported cabinet subwoofers will be the way to go and you should check out SVS PB-1000 Pro. If your HT room is mid-to-large size, you can go for 2 active subs or a more powerful single subwoofer like the SVS PB-2000 Pro.

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To Conclude

You can choose to get floor-standing speakers as your front main left and right channel but the Yamaha RX-V675 may not be able to really drive them well especially if there are 5 more speakers which the AVR needs to focus on. The subwoofer integration is a must for this Yamaha AV receiver so to prevent the amplifier from clipping at high volume. These speakers are some of the best and are worthy of your time to audition them. Do hear them out first before making a decision.

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