Best Subwoofers for Elac B6

Best Subwoofer for Elac B6

The Elac B6 is a pair of talented bookshelf speakers and for the price they are asking, it is difficult to nitpick them. They can do fine on their own as stereo speakers but you can’t expect the same level of sound quality as speakers which costs more than them.

Elac B6 are ideal speaker choices for your home theater system whether as a pair of front L/R channels or as rear surround speakers. They produce a decent level of detail and establish a soundstage that belies their size. The overall sound reproduction does lack weight and body, making their delivery less impactful even though the Elac B6 can be quite enthusiastic in its music presentation at times. This is expected from a bookshelf speaker, especially from one within this price range.

To improve the situation, you can choose to integrate a subwoofer into the mix. An active subwoofer can help supplement the bass performance of your sound system. For instance, the Elac B6 lacks low-end authority and subterranean bass reproduction. A high-performance subwoofer can deliver a bolder and more pronounced low-end impact while producing missing sub-bass frequencies. The more powerful the subwoofer is, the higher it might cost you, and you might want to work out a budget that you are comfortable spending.

Another requirement to think about will be the type of subwoofer to go for. Should you aim for a sealed cabinet model or ported subwoofer? In general, a sealed subwoofer has tighter low-end delivery and higher bass accuracy. A ported subwoofer has higher bass outputs and sounds more exciting than a sealed subwoofer. If you are focusing on setting up a home theater system with your Elac B6, you should consider getting yourself a ported subwoofer since it is more suitable for movie playbacks.

There are other things to consider such as the available floor space, how big your listening room is, and others. These will affect your choice of the subwoofer as well. We have prepared a list of the best subwoofers to match your Elac B6 bookshelf speakers below, please take your time to review them.

The Best Subwoofers for your Elac B6 speakers

The SVS PB-1000 is probably the very best ported subwoofer choice to go for. It may be an entry-level subwoofer but it can deliver down to 19Hz bass extension, deeper than the Elac B6 can ever reach. SVS PB-1000 has an RMS power of 300 Watts and can go up to 720 Watts peak. This ported subwoofer is great for movie playbacks, producing floor-rumbling sub-bass and adding more weight to the overall sound reproduction. The bass reproduction of the PB-1000 sub doesn’t sound bloated too.

More information about the SVS PB-1000 subwoofer at Amazon

For Elac B6 owners who have a tight budget, you might want to go for Elac SUB1010. It might not be as powerful as the above SVS PB-1000 but it sure cost less than the latter. The price point of the Elac SUB1010 should accommodate most listeners’ budgets. It has a rear-firing bass port, and placing the SUB1010 at the corner of your room will help make the bass reproductions more pronounced. This is a very highly rated 10″ ported subwoofer, and since it is from the same company as the Elac B6, we can expect similar sound signatures.

More information about the Elac SUB1010 at Amazon

The Polk Audio PSW10 is another 10″ ported subwoofer with a very modest price point. It is even more highly rated than the Elac SUB1010 subwoofer. This is partly due to its low price and the level of bass performance you can get from the Polk Audio subwoofer. There are thousands of praise coming from the satisfied owners of PSW10, some even said that the subwoofer can compete with those which cost more. It does lack the impact of a more powerful subwoofer though. It is an ideal budget subwoofer choice for your Elac B6 speakers.

More information about the Polk Audio PSW10 at Amazon

If you are looking for a larger bass driver than the above mentioned subwoofers, then please check out the SVS PB-1000 Pro. It has a 12″ bass driver and more amplifier power than its predecessor which is the PB-1000. The SVS PB-1000 Pro can dig deeper as well, down to 17Hz to be exact. When this ported subwoofer is supplementing the bass of your sound system, your Elac B6 will sound like floor-standing speakers. Another unique feature of the SVS PB-1000 Pro is that it can switch between “Standard” and “Sealed” modes.

More details of SVS PB-1000 Pro can be found on Amazon

The Klipsch R-12SW is one of the best subwoofers and is an excellent choice for Elac B6 users who are looking for a 12″ ported subwoofer. It may not have the same level of bass performance as the SVS PB-1000 Pro but the asking price of the R-12SW will justify it. This Klipsch ported sub doesn’t sound overly exaggerated and its clean subterranean bass performance will work well together with the slightly thin-sounding Elac B6 bookshelf speakers.

More details of Klipsch R-12SW can be found on Amazon

Are you eyeing for a high-quality sealed subwoofer without breaking the bank? The SVS SB-1000 will be an exceptional choice for you and your Elac B6 speakers. It is an entry-level sealed subwoofer with a 12″ bass driver and has a frequency response of 24Hz to 260Hz. The specs alone are pretty impressive for an entry-level sealed subwoofer. SVS SB-1000 has the agility and speed to keep up with the Elac B6 bookshelf speakers’ pacing. This is a great starting subwoofer for HiFi enthusiasts as well.

More details of SVS SB-1000 can be found on Amazon

To Conclude

If you are setting up a home theater system together with your Elac B6 speakers, it will be wise to pair them with a subwoofer. Without a subwoofer supplementing the bass, your home cinematic experience won’t be as exciting with just the Elac B6 alone. The listed subwoofers are all worth your time to explore and consider, do shortlist a few and audition them. Through the auditioning process, you can tell which subwoofer will match well with your bookshelf speakers.

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