Best Subwoofer for B&W 805 Speakers

Best Subwoofer for B&W 805

The B&W 805 is a pair of high-end bookshelf speakers with exceptional sound quality. It is a successful stand-mounter series that has garnered praise even from discerning critics. As a high-end speaker, it does come with a hefty price tag.

If you are able to own a pair of B&W 805 HiFi speakers then you’ll be in for a treat. It has amazing clarity, allowing the listeners to hear massive amounts of music details without sounding clinical. The B&W 805 has impeccable timing as well, this is due to its agile sonic performance, keeping pace with all genres of music without losing control. They are easy on the ears and also on the eyes, the tweeter design gives the 805 stand-mounter a unique look. Definitely turning heads at any party not just because of its sound quality.

The bass performance of the B&W 805 does make you yearn for more. There is a lack of subterranean low-ends that might not make them suitable for bass-heavy soundtracks. Some listeners may even find the Bower & Wilkins 805 a little too lightweight. This can be easily resolved by adding a subwoofer into the mix. To keep up with the pacing and articulate performance of the B&W 805, you should consider going for a sealed cabinet subwoofer.

A sealed subwoofer is capable of agile bass performance and provides accuracy higher than a ported subwoofer. This allows the sealed sub to keep pace with the B&W 805 and doesn’t overwhelm their upper registers. There are plenty of subwoofer models out on the market and we will be listing out some of the best to match with your B&W 805 bookshelf speakers. Since these bookshelf speakers’ are expensive, we don’t really need to take the subwoofers’ price points into consideration. Instead, the bass quality and performance will be the key factors.

Best Subwoofers for your Bower & Wilkins 805

The B&W DB1D is one of the best subwoofers to match your B&W 805. As they are made by the same reputable company, Bowers & Wilkins, they should have similar sound signatures. Allowing them to deliver a seamless overall sound reproduction. This is a high-end active subwoofer designed to partner with the 800 Series Diamond speakers. B&W DB1D has a 2000 Watts amplifier driving its 12″ drivers. As the very top subwoofer from B&W, you can be assured of the DB1D’s bass quality and definitely consider having an audition with it.

The SVS SB16-Ultra is an excellent sealed subwoofer choice for B&W 805 users who requires a sub that can perform well in a large-sized listening room. It has a 16″ bass driver powered by a 5000+ Watts (Peak) amplifier. SVS SB16-Ultra has an incredibly wide frequency response, from 16Hz to 460Hz (+/-3dB). It may be a big sealed cabinet subwoofer but the bass performance is still agile and delivers impactful low-ends when required. The SB16-Ultra will add more depth when paired with your B&W 805 speakers.

More info about the SVS SB16-Ultra subwoofer at Amazon

Rythmik Audio G25HP is a sealed cabinet subwoofer made for audiophiles and you don’t need to break the bank to be able to afford one. It has two bass drivers instead of one, and along with the company’s patented Direct Servo Technology, these allow the Rythmik Audio G25HP to be fast, agile, and articulate. Keeping up with the B&W 805 speakers without breaking a sweat while delivering deep bass frequencies of down to 14Hz. The Rythmik Audio G25HP uses an 1800 Watts (RMS) amplifier to drive it.

Are you facing space constraints or just prefer smaller subwoofers? Then the SVS 3000 Micro will be an ideal option for you and your B&W 805 stand-mounters. It has dual opposing bass drivers but each of them is only 8″. This helps to make the SVS 3000 Micro compact in size while being able to deliver agile and deep bass frequencies. The 3000 micro sealed subwoofer uses a Sledge STA-800D2 amplifier with discrete MOSFET output to give it a peak power of 2500+ Watts. SVS 3000 Micro has excellent speed and precision, making it suitable for music listening as well as a good match with the B&W 805 speakers.

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If you prefer to stick with the same HiFi brand and need a high-quality compact sealed subwoofer. The Bowers & Wilkins DB3D will be the answer and a great match for your B&W 805 bookshelf speakers. It uses a 1000 Watts Class D Hypex amplifier to drive its two Aerofoil drivers. Bowers & Wilkins DB3D has an exceptional frequency response of 10Hz to 350Hz (-3dB) which belies its size. The DB3D matches seamlessly with the B&W 805s, giving you a powerful and seamless overall sound reproduction.

SVS PB-4000 will be one of the best ported subwoofers to go for and to partner with your B&W 805 bookshelf speakers. It has a 13.5″ bass driver and is driven by an amplifier that provides a peak power output of 4200 Watts. What makes the SVS PB-4000 an amazing choice is that it has three port tuning modes and one of them is “sealed”. This allows you to switch between tuning modes for various music genres or choose the one which suits your B&W 805 speakers the most.

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In Conclusion

To play safe, you should choose sealed cabinet subwoofers made by the same company as your B&W 805 bookshelf speakers. To be even safer, you should audition these subwoofers in the comfort of your own listening room. This will give you more accurate test results and if you like what you hear, then that’s the subwoofer for you.

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