Best Subwoofers for Sony STR-DN1080

Best Subwoofer for Sony STR-DN1080

We have talked about the Best Speakers for Sony STR-DN1080 previously and if you are interested in finding out more, please visit the page. As for today’s post, we will be focusing on finding the best matching subwoofers for this exceptional Sony AV receiver. The Sony STR-DN1080 is able to deliver an accurate surround sound presentation filled with rich details and presence. Bringing our home cinematic experience to a high level of excitement.

The incredible home theater performance is partly due to how powerful and impactful the bass responses of the STR-DN1080 AVR are. It has ample midbass punch and can reach down to the subterranean levels, delivering thunderous rumbles. This Sony 7.2ch AVR does lack refinement when it comes to music playbacks though but if you solely use it for home theater purposes then it would be of no consequence. In this case, you should only look at ported subwoofers. They are made for HT systems due to higher bass output and can deliver sub-bass frequencies with authority.

Ported subwoofers tend to be large and bulky, you should find out now if you have enough space in your HT room to accommodate one. Since the Sony STR-DN1080 is a 7.2-channel AV receiver you might want to think of getting 2 subwoofers instead of 1. Having 2 powered subwoofers integrated into your home theater system will help evenly distribute the bass frequencies so that everyone in the room will hear and feel the same level of bass. You also get more headroom to spare, allowing you to push the subs further and enabling them to handle sudden peaks. The overall presence within the room also increases and builds up the excitement.

If you are planning to get your hands on 2 active subwoofers then you might want to make sure you have the budget for them. High-quality subwoofers can get rather expensive and currently if you have a limited budget, we suggest getting one sub first and then purchasing the 2nd sub in the future. This route is better than buying 2 half-decent subwoofers just to save some money. Low-quality subwoofers won’t give you that home cinematic experience you want and they might even bottom out when pushed too hard.

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We have prepared for you some of the best subwoofers to go with your Sony STR-DN1080. You might want to check them out below once you have at least set a budget. If your home theater room is small, you don’t really need to get 2 subwoofers.

The Best Subwoofers for Sony STR-DN1080 AV Receiver

The SVS PB-2000 Pro is no doubt one of the best subwoofers to match your Sony STR-DN1080 AV receiver. It has the power to handle what STR-DN1080 throws at it, up to 1500+ Watts (Peak). SVS PB-2000 Pro can deliver down to 16Hz subterranean bass level and reproduce them without losing much authority. Giving you the bass slams to rock your room whenever you are watching your favorite movies. Connect two PB-2000 Pro subs to the Sony STR-DN1080 and it should be enough for most movie demands.

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HSU Research is another expert in making subwoofers and their subs are all sanely priced too. The HSU Research VTF-15H MK2 is one of the company’s most powerful ported subwoofers. It has a whopping peak power of 2000 Watts driving its 15″ front-firing driver. The VTF-15H MK2 can deliver bass frequencies below 20Hz and will be a good match with the Sony STR-DN1080 AVR. The bass performance is amazing for the money and doesn’t sound bloated. Sub-bass responses are impactful and dynamic.

The Klipsch SPL-150SW will be an ideal choice for Sony STR-DN1080 owners who use Klipsch speakers or loudspeakers which are clean and bright sounding. This is a 15″ subwoofer with a front-firing flare port which is great as you can place it in the corner of your room, without worrying the bass reproductions might get overly pronounced due to the reinforcements from the walls. This highly-rated ported subwoofer uses a Class-D amplifier and has an RMS power of 400 Watts (800W Peak).

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If you do not have the floor space but still want a subwoofer that could deliver some serious bass performances. The SVS PC-2000 Pro will be an excellent choice for you. It has a unique cylinder cabinet design and is taller than most ported subwoofers. Even though PC-2000 Pro is slimmer but it could still produce ultra-deep bass frequencies (down to 16Hz) with prominence. This will be a worthy match with your Sony STR-DN1080 AV receiver and it will elevate your home theater experience to the next level.

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For Sony STR-DN1080 owners who are low on funds and still want a dual subwoofers setup. The Polk Audio PSW10 will be one of the better budget ported subwoofers to aim for. The Polk subwoofer is very well received by its users and has garnered tons of positive ratings, not just because it is affordable. This 10″ ported sub can deliver tight bass and has decent punch for the money. It is compact and will be quite easy to find a spot within your room. Just don’t expect Polk Audio PSW10 to go toe to toe with larger subwoofers though.

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SVS SB-2000 Pro will be an exceptional choice for Sony STR-DN1080 owners who are in search of a sealed cabinet subwoofer. This is a powerful sealed subwoofer with 550W RMS power and can hit below 20Hz bass frequencies. It may not have as high bass output as your typical ported subwoofer but the accuracy and tight delivery will give you a more articulate low-end performance. The SVS SB-2000 Pro will be great for people who use their Sony STR-DN1080 for both movies and music playbacks.

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To Conclude

Some of you may find sealed cabinet subwoofers better sounding than ported subs. You will only know when doing a side-by-side comparison. Arrange an audition now to see which type you prefer. You should bring along your favorite movies which have plenty of deep bass soundtracks or you can ask your local dealer for recommendations when testing a subwoofer. It would be best if you could test the subs in your own HT room.

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