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The Rogue Sphinx is an amazing-sounding integrated amplifier with a modest price point and allows HiFi enthusiasts to enjoy high sound quality without breaking the bank. This is one of Rogue Audio’s most successful amplifiers and now the newer version of Sphinx (V3) sounds even better than before. Still, even though the Rogue Sphinx has good sonic performances but it does lack something which modern-day listeners would require and that is a built-in DAC.

Fortunately, we can always get an external DAC to integrate into our sound system so as to solve this issue. The question now will be which D/A converter should we go for and match it with the Rogue Sphinx integrated amp. The potential DAC should be matching with the Sphinx as well as fit your requirements. For instance, the dedicated digital-to-audio converters should have price points that will match well with the Rogue Sphinx and your budget. The type of high-resolution files you are listening to plays a big part in choosing the DAC too. If you listen to MQA audio files, then you will require a D/A converter that could decode MQA.

The Rogue Sphinx is a musical-sounding integrated amplifier and has improved with each different version. The Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 is now more articulate and the bass delivery is tighter. This enables the integrated amplifier to sound more transparent and have a clearer music delivery. It is an entertaining amp to listen to, there is a sense of energy and fun no matter which music we are listening to. The taut low-frequency delivery does have its flaw though, it is not as impactful and does lack authority in the deeper bass region.

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You can choose the DAC with certain sonic traits to overcome some of the Rogue Sphinx’s weaknesses or to slightly improve its strengths further. You might want to take some time to consider what is your sonic preference before checking out the list of DACs we have prepared for you. These DACs are some of the best you can go for and match it with your Rogue Sphinx. As mentioned, the price points of these listed D/A converters would not exceed the cost of the Rogue Audio Sphinx V3.

The Best DAC for Rogue Sphinxq

The Schiit Audio Bifrost 2 is one of the best DACs to partner up with the Rogue Sphinx integrated amplifier. This is a good choice for listeners who want to add a bit of warmth to the overall sound reproduction. Another strength of the Bifrost 2 is its innate ability to reveal more low-end details. It may not have the most affordable price point but the amount of sonic performance you are getting, makes the Schiit Audio Bifrost 2 asking price justifiable. There are plenty of subtle nuances that can be heard in the midrange as well.

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The Chord Electronics Mojo 2 is like the Rogue Sphinx which has undergone upgrades and now the newer version has better performance over its predecessor, not to mention, that this Chord DAC has improved sound quality as well. Chord Electronics Mojo 2 is no doubt one of the best DACs to match the Rogue Audio Sphinx. It has won many accolades ever since its debut, When compared to the older Chord DAC, the Mojo 2 has higher transparency but still sounds engaging without being overanalytical.

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The Topping D90 is another desktop DAC to look at and possesses exceptional sonic performance for the money. It is a definite worthy match with your Rogue Sphinx amp. The soundstage projected by the Topping D90 is wide, spacious, and has ample depth. Musical details filled the open stage and don’t lose focus or sound muddle. This Topping has precise stereo imaging and really good separation, highly defining each musician on the stage. The Rogue Audio Sphinx also adds more energy to the overall music delivery.

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For listeners who are looking for DAC that could render MQA, the FiiO K9Pro is an excellent choice to go for. The K9Pro uses dual ES9038PRO and supports up to 384kHz. Other than enabling its users to listen to master-level sound quality audio files, the DAC also decodes native DSD256. The FiiO K9Pro also supports a high-quality Bluetooth connection between the D/A converter and your mobile devices. This makes it easier to listen to music wirelessly while using your Rogue Sphinx as an integrated amplifier.

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The iFi Zen DAC V2 is another award-winning D/A converter and will be a fitting match for your Rogue Sphinx. This iFi D/A converter will help to add more insight and delivers a higher resolution music presentation. The wide dynamics of the iFi Zen DAC V2 and the engaging delivery of the Rogue Sphinx ensure a fun and highly detailed music listening session without sounding clinical. The Zen DAC V2’s True Bass feature will help make the low frequencies sound more pronounced and will complement the Sphinx amp well.

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Schiit Modi 3+ is an ideal choice for Rogue Sphinx users who have a tight budget or simply don’t wish to spend too much on a D/A converter. The Schiit Modi 3+ may be affordable and considered a budget DAC but it is one of the highest-rated DAC on the market. Its taut bass delivery matches well with the Rogue Audio Sphinx’s articulate sonic performance. Like the Sphinx integrated amp, the Schiit Modi 3+ is a DAC that is entertaining to listen to as well. If you are in search of a good entry-level D/A converter, this is certainly the one for you.

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In Conclusion

We highly suggest auditioning the DACs before making the purchase. There’s no need to test all of them, you can simply choose the ones that fit your budget or preference. It would be better if you could audition the sound quality of the selected D/A converters using your own Rogue Sphinx amp and speakers, as this will give you an accurate test result.

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