Focal Aria 926 Amplifier

Focal Aria 926 Amplifier

The Focal 900 series has produced a number of speaker models with exceptional sound quality, such as the Focal Aria 926, a floor-standing speaker that has garnered many accolades and rave reviews over the years. It is an absolute unit that requires high-quality amplifiers to drive them so that the Focal Aria 926 can release its full potential. Are you currently looking for an amplifier to match your Focal Aria 926? Then look no further, for we are going to share with you the best amplifiers to partner with Aria 926 speakers.

We shall start with finding out more about the Focal Aria 926 speakers’ sound characteristics, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. With a better understanding of the Aria 926, it will allow us to select the right amp to match with these floor-standing speakers. So without further ado, let’s start.

Sound Characteristics and Merits of Focal Aria 926

The Focal Aria 926 is beaming with elegance, each cabinet finish looks absolutely gorgeous, this is a pair of speakers that you wouldn’t mind having in your home. Aesthetically, the Aria 926 can easily match with most amplifiers whether if it is vintage or modern design. The speaker drivers look visually pleasing as well, thanks to Flax fiber material enclosed by two thin layers of glass fiber. There is a 1 inch (25mm) Al/Mg TNF inverted dome tweeter, and below it will be the 6.5 inch (165mm) Flax midrange cone. This is followed by two 6.5 inch (165mm) Flax bass cones and right below it will be the Multiple-port Powerflow system (bass port). The Focal Aria 926 is suitable for large rooms and a recommended 9 feet (3 meters) listening distance. The front-firing port does allow users to place them nearer to the walls than the rear-firing bass port cabinets.

Focal Aria 926 has an impressive low-frequency point of 37Hz (-6dB), the frequency response is great as well, at 45Hz-28kHz (+/-3dB). They are also efficient speakers, with a sensitivity of 91.5dB which is quite high. The nominal impedance is 8 Ohms and the minimum will be 2.9 Ohms. The recommended amplifier power is 40-250 Watts. The Focal Aria 926 may have 91.5 dB speaker sensitivity but their starting recommended amp power is 40 Watts. This does show that the Aria 926 will need high-powered amps to drive them. Probably doesn’t need a subwoofer for most music genres’ playbacks.

They are lively speakers with plenty of enthusiasm with impeccable timing and punchiness when it comes to handling the music peak transients, they are class-leading. Is quite an exhilarating music listening experience, the enthusiastic music presentation still sounded natural and tonally balanced. The Focal Aria 926 is accurate and transparent too, able to dig out the subtle details of the music and produce them out in spades without sounding harsh and clinical. The instruments are convincingly rendered and have realistic sound reproduction which is simply amazing.

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The quality of the bass reproduction is impressive, the Focal Aria 926 has great control over the low-end frequency without ever losing the tightness and timing. The bass is rich with details and has that impact when required by the music score. Aria 926 is unable to really produce the subterranean level of bass (40Hz below), this is where a powered subwoofer can help. The soundstage is expansive and with satisfying depth, the stereo imaging is precise, which provides lifelike performances on stage.

The overall transparency of the Focal Aria 926 is really amazing, and it does not color the sound which provides a more faithful presentation of your favorite tunes. The midrange can be a bit warm sounding as well and the overall sound reproduction is exceptionally clean. As mentioned, a subwoofer will be a great option if you are planning to use these floorstanders for movie playbacks and/or listens to really bass-heavy music such as movie soundtracks, trance, etc. We know have what we need, and it is time to show you the best amplifiers that you can go for and pair them with your Focal Aria 926.

Focal Aria 926 Specifications

  • Speaker Type: 3-way front-firing bass port
  • Drive Units: 1 inch (25mm) Al/Mg TNF inverted dome tweeter, 6.5 inch (165mm) Flax midrange cone, and two 6.5 inch (165mm) Flax bass cones
  • Frequency Response (±3dB): 45Hz-28kHz
  • Low frequency point (-6dB): 37Hz
  • Recommended amplifier power: 40-250 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms (min. 2.9 Ohms)
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 91.5dB
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1035mm x 294mm x 371mm | 40.7″ x 11.6″ x 14.6″
  • Weight: 25kg (55lbs)

Best Amplifiers to match with Focal Aria 926

Peachtree Audio Nova300 has more than enough power to drive your Focal Aria 926 speakers with ease. With a power output of 300 Watts into 8 Ohms and the amplifier is compatible with speakers which have an impedance load of down to 2.5 Ohms. Other than the ample power output to match your Aria 926 speakers requirement, the Peachtree Audio Nova300 has that warm-sounding characteristic which does make the overall music system sound easier on the ears. There are a plethora of features as well, such as a DAC, where you can play high res audio files in pristine and clean sound quality.

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The Parasound Hint 6 from the Halo series will be another amazing amplifier that you can match with the Focal Aria 926 floor-standing speakers. This integrated amplifier uses high bias class A/AB operation for purer sonic quality and clean sound reproduction. The musicality and the high sonic performance of the Paransound Hint 6 amp are well-known. It is loaded with features as well, including a dedicated subwoofer output with crossover frequency selection, other notable features will be the high-quality ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC, a premium phono input for MM, MC, and MI, and more. It is worth it to spend some time auditioning them and have a listen.

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The Parasound power amplifiers have astounding quality too, you might want to take a look at Parasound A 21+ which also uses high bias class A/AB operation. It is a very powerful amp, that can output 300 Watts (8 Ohms) / 450 Watts (4 Ohms), at 60 amperes peak current per channel. Driving the Focal Aria 926 with ease and able to handle any music peaks/transients. Another high-performance power amplifier that is very popular with audiophiles, will be the Bryston 4B SST2. A highly recommended power amp that uses a pure dual-mono design to provide low distortions and higher dynamics.

If you prefer integrated amplifiers, the Bryston b135 cubed integrated amplifier is one of the finest amps to go for and pair with the Focal Aria 926 speakers. The musical smooth sounding quality immediately hooks you into the spacious and lush soundstage. The weight and scale of the sound reproduction with the engaging music delivery can provide listeners with hours of music listening enjoyment. The Bryston b135 does not overemphasize the sound but instead a faithful music presentation of your favorite tunes. It is their master class control over the music, and the finesse to handle each music transients confidently that what makes them sound so good. Worthy amplifier partner for your Focal Aria 926 floor-standing speakers.

For preamplifiers, the Naim NAC 202 is probably the best preamp to go for, generally, Naim amps are well-matched with Focal speakers. The Naim NAC 202 is one of them and this preamplifier complements your Focal Aria 926 with its impeccable timing and snappy attacks. If you want a larger soundstage, you might want to take a look at the higher-end Naim preamplifiers. If you are getting the Parasound power amplifiers, you might want to go for the matching Halo series preamps such as the P 6. The Parasound P 6 preamp also features an ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC and a host of other features such as subwoofer outputs.

If you plan on getting Naim preamplifiers then you most probably should go for their power amplifiers as well. A well-matched pre/power amp does wonders for your speakers. The Naim NAP 500 DR is an exquisite choice, it is accurate, tonally balanced, and neutral, a matching power amplifier for your Focal Aria 926 speakers. The Emotiva power amplifiers are also well worth your time to check them out, especially their XPA-2 Gen3 which is a 2 channel audiophile quality power amp. The Emotiva power amps are solid performers at their price range and provide lots of value to their customers.

To Sum It Up

The Focal Sub 600P will be an ideal choice as a subwoofer partner for your Aria 926 speakers. Getting a subwoofer is entirely up to you, if you want more or deeper bass reproduction then go ahead. The listed amplifiers are some of the best on the market that you can go for and definitely worth your while to hear them out. Feel free to use this list as a reference too, when searching for other brands/models that are not listed here, they will make a good comparison.

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