Genelec 8020 Subwoofer

For more than a decade, the Genelec 8020 series has been providing both professionals and discerning audiophiles with exceptional studio-quality performance. This is one of the top high-end compact nearfield studio monitors where the latest iteration to date is the 8020D which provides higher SPL to its users more efficiently. The size of the Genelec mini-monitors also makes them ideal for studios with tight spaces but this comes at a cost, sonically that is.

Smaller studio monitors are unable to produce very deep bass frequencies and this may affect the accuracy of your work. Missing low-ends can be a letdown for bass fanatics as well. This is where an active subwoofer comes into play as it will help to supplement the bass performance of the Genelec 8020 while producing subsonic low ends that the mini-monitors are unable to efficiently deliver. With a better understanding of both Genelec 8020 studio monitors and your subwoofer requirements, we can then find the right sub for the job.

Sonic Characteristics of the Genelec 8020 and Your Subwoofer Requirements

The compact mini-monitors have only a 4″ (105mm) bass driver with a rear-firing reflex port to further supports its low-frequency output. Above the bass driver will be the 0.75″ (19mm) treble unit and each driver is powered with 50 Watts of Class D amplifier power. The frequency response of the Genelec 8020 is 56Hz-25kHz (-6dB) which is really good for a monitor of this size but it does indicate the 8020 is unable to deliver subsonic bass frequencies prominently. The SPL of the studio monitor is equally impressive, it is at 100dB and this is certainly loud enough for nearfield listening.

The bass performance of the Genelec 8020 may not be as impactful and punchy as other larger studio monitors but the accuracy of the low-end reproductions is superb. Since it is small, the agility of the bass delivery is nimble, tight, and fast. More importantly, the tightly delivered low frequencies do not overwhelm or overshadow the upper registers. It is flat and surprisingly, digs deeper into the bass extension than expected. If you are looking for tight and precise low-end performance in a small package, the Genelec 8020 is definitely one of the top studio monitor choices at this price range.

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Its treble unit is considered small when compared to some other mini-monitors with similar prices. Fortunately, the high frequencies are been produced with pristine clear sound quality and are full of details. The provided Iso-Pod stand helps in improving the sonic performance of the Genelec 8020 by decoupling the mini-monitor from the supporting surface. This will reduce unwanted vibrations and resonance. These are very revealing and transparent studio monitors, providing us with a faithful music presentation where it tells us everything about the music including the bad parts.

Genelec 8020 honest music delivery is crucial for professionals who want to complete their works with precision. They will be suitable for analytical audio enthusiasts as well and for those who want to hear as many music details as possible. This is why going with studio subwoofers will be an ideal requirement. Other requirements to consider will be the price points of the subwoofers and they will largely be depended on your budget. You might want to work on your budget first as this will help to filter out subs that are above the price you are comfortable with. If you are sharing with a colleague or a loved one, you might want to discuss with them on how to split the cost and get their subwoofer requirements too.

Space is needed to place the potential subwoofer, you may require a compact size active sub if you are running out of it. A compact subwoofer will probably be more suitable for mini-monitors such as the Genelec 8020 and for nearfield listening, you usually don’t really need a large-sized subwoofer. Unless you need the sub to deliver subterranean bass frequencies down to 20Hz, usually a larger and more powerful sub is required. Do add in more subwoofer requirements of your own and once you are done with the checklist, you can start checking out the list of the best subwoofers to match with your Genelec 8020 studio monitors.

Genelec 8020D Specifications

  • Type: 2-Way (Rear-firing bass port)
  • Frequency Response: 56Hz-25kHz (-6dB)
  • Drivers: 0.75″ (19mm) Metal Dome Tweeter, 4″ (105mm) Bass Driver
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 148mm x 242mm x 142mm | 5.8″ x 9.5″ x 5.6″
  • Weight: 3.2kg (7.1lbs)

Best Subwoofers to pair with Genelec 8020

Genelec 7040A is probably the best studio subwoofer to pair up with your Genelec 8020 mini-monitors. It is a very compact studio subwoofer, well-suited for small listening rooms and studios with tight spaces. More importantly, this 6.5″ (165mm) Genelec 7040A studio subwoofer is specially made for both 8010 and 8020 monitors. Giving us a seamless full-range sound reproduction and very accurate deep low ends delivery. The 7040A may be small and slim but it is still capable of producing subsonic low frequencies of down to 30Hz bass extension which belies its size.

The Yamaha HS8S is another exemplary studio subwoofer to go for and it has a modest price tag as well. Yamaha HS8S is an 8″ (200mm) down-firing subwoofer with up to 150 Watts of amplifier power and it is capable of radiating precise bass frequencies omnidirectionally. Furthermore, the compact HS8S is able to deliver subsonic bass frequencies of down to 22Hz which is really impressive for its size and price. This down-firing studio subwoofer will be a suitable match with the Genelec 8020 monitors due to their taut bass delivery and accurate low-frequency reproductions.

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The JBL LSR310S is a high-quality studio subwoofer made for recording and broadcast, it is certainly a suitable match for the Genelec 8020 studio monitors. This is also a down-firing subwoofer with a 10″ (250mm) low-frequency driver. It has up to 200 Watts of Class D amplifier power and can hit below 30Hz bass extension. JBL LSR310S can go really loud and delivers exceptional bass performance. It has taut delivery and clean bass reproduction. The precision and agility of the studio subwoofer bass response are well-matched with the Genelec 8020 monitors.

More Details at Amazon – JBL LSR310S 10″ Studio Subwoofer

Sticking with the same Genelec brand, the 7050C is an excellent studio subwoofer for professionals and more importantly for the Genelec 8020. Since they are designed by the same company, they should have very similar sound signatures which will allow them to integrate with each other seamlessly. The Genelec 7050C provides a very deep and taut bass delivery rich with details. The low-ends are well-textured too, giving us a highly detailed and precise full-range sound reproduction that we can trust. The 7050C professional sub is also compact in size and will suit the Genelec 8020 really well.

For those who have really tight budgets, the PreSonus Eris Sub 8 is one of the best budget studio subwoofers to go for and pair with your Genelec 8020 studio monitors. It may be very affordable but it is still made for professionals. PreSonus Eris Sub 8 has a peak power of up to 100 Watts which is considered quite a lot for a budget studio sub. It is a compact 8″ (200mm) subwoofer with a wide frequency response of 30Hz to 200Hz. The overall bass performance of the Eris Sub 8 is honest and accurate, not to mention, it is nimble too. It may not have enough impact to satisfy bass fanatics though.

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The Mackie CR8S-XBT 8 is another exemplary choice for listeners who do not wish to spend much on a powered subwoofer. This is a highly rated professional subwoofer that will match well with the Genelec 8020 studio monitors and it is affordably priced too. It has an 8″ (200mm) woofer and up to 200 Watts of power. Mackie CR8S-XBT 8 even has a Bluetooth connection, providing even more value to its users. It can deliver tight low-ends without exaggeration and give us a precise bass performance that professionals can use for their audio mix and mastering. The CR8S-XBT 8 is also ideal for casual music listeners.

More Info at Amazon – Mackie CR-X Series CR8S-XBT Multimedia Subwoofer

To Sum It Up

We will recommend auditioning the Genelec studio subwoofers first if you have the budget since they will match really well with the Genelec 8020 mini-monitors. They are also compact in size and will fit nicely into most studio rooms. You can also audition 1 or 2 more studio subwoofers from this list to further compare the difference and see if the Genelec subs sound better. We will also suggest having the auditions at your own studio as this will provide a more accurate test result of the potential subwoofer you are planning to get.

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